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The invalid Chu Liuyue from the Chu family had gone crazy!

Everyone in the whole of Imperial City was discussing this incident overnight.

“My cousins third uncle works at the Chu family; he personally witnessed the people from Zhen Bao Pavilion respectfully delivering half a years worth of herbs.

Also, they clearly said that it was for Chu Liuyue! Dont you think this is creepy”

“It cant be… Everyone knows that Chu Liuyue is naturally an invalid.

How can she be related to Zhen Bao Pavilion It should be worth quite a bit of money for Zhen Bao Pavilion to give half a years worth of herbs, right Can she even afford it”

“Thats why I said that she went crazy! Zhen Bao Pavilion never makes a losing deal.

Where do you think she got her money from Could it be… from the Crown Prince”


“Hah! The Crown Prince has never mentioned Chu Liuyue in so many years.

Why would he do such a thing He definitely wasnt the one who gave Chu Liuyue the money.

She even bought herbs… Does she really think she can transform herself from an invalid to a talent just with all those herbs”


Everyone in Imperial City was filled with sarcasm and was waiting to see Chu Liuyues farce.

In the Crown Princes mansion…

In the study, a man wearing a dark purple robe was reading the documents on the table.

He looked like he was in his early twenties; his features were sharp, and he was very handsome.

His every move and action further brought out his distinguished aura.

This person was none other than Country Yao Chens respected Crown Prince—Rong Jin.

“Prince, there seems to be a problem with the Chu family…” The Crown Princes personal bodyguard—Song Yuan—carefully spoke.

Rong Jin looked up.

“What can happen to the Chu family Could it be Minmin…” Rong Jin realized something upon seeing Song Yuans strange expression and squinted his eyes.

“Say it.

What exactly happened”

Song Yuan hurriedly reported the happenings between Chu Liuyue and Zhen Bao Pavilion to him in detail.

“I-I… have no idea where Big Chu Missy got all those silver taels from to afford so many herbs from Zhen Bao Pavilion.”

All the herbs were contained in jade boxes and delivered over, so outsiders would not even know their contents.

Even so, one could just randomly guess and know that the items inside would add up to an astronomical figure.

Rong Jin knitted his brows and said in a frustrated tone, “What the heck is she doing”

If it was not for that marriage agreement, why would he even care about that invalid All these years, Chu Liuyue had not only been the Chu familys humiliation, but she was also a stain in his life that he could not get rid of.

He felt disgusted once he thought about it.

Uncertain, Song Yuan said, “Prince, although Chu Ning has lost favor in recent years, he was once pretty powerful.

Its not impossible for him to have some savings.

The point is, why would they buy so many herbs Perhaps…”

“Hmph, shes just trying to solve her natural invalidity!”

There was still a month left until the agreed engagement period on that marriage agreement.

Was she still hallucinating and thinking of climbing her way up the ladder

“Ridiculous! In the entire Country Yao Chen, nobody could solve the problem of a lacking Yuan meridian.

If they really had a solution, she would not have ended up in this state.

Shes not worth mentioning.

This is just a farce.

The palace will break off the marriage agreement with her sooner or later.

In the meantime, the more important thing is… is Rong Xiu coming back”

Once Rong Xiu was mentioned, Song Yuans expression changed, and he said softly, “Yes.

Theyll be reaching the Imperial City today.

According to what I found out, Seventh Prince only brought two entourages with him, and theyre coming back in simplicity.”

Rong Jin chuckled.

“At least he knows his place.”

As Rong Xiu was naturally weak, he was different from the other princes.

He was often taken to Mingyue Tianshan, which was miles away, to nurse himself back to health.

He had only come back twice in so many years.

It had already been three years since he had come back last time.

Most of the people did not even take the Seventh Prince seriously; some didnt even remember his existence, but not Rong Jin, the Crown Prince.

He was very alert about Rong Xius current return and had even sent people to follow him in secret.

“Tell the subordinates to be more alert.

If theres anything amiss, immediately report it to me!”

“Will do!” Even though Song Yuan did not know why the Crown Prince cared so much about the Seventh Prince, who was weak and powerless, he still immediately answered him.


Prince, a level five fiend has just arrived at the hunting ground.

When would you like to go and take a look”

After thinking for a while, a dim spark flashed across Rong Jins eyes.

“Itll be my birthday very soon.

This year, Ill hold my birthday feast at the hunting ground.”


“Will do!”

In the Chu family…

Half a years worth of valuable herbs was ostentatiously delivered to Chu Liuyue and her fathers yard.

Chu Ning went out and had not returned yet, so Chu Liuyue brought the herbs bit by bit into the house alone.

Very quickly, she discovered that the originally quiet and isolated yard had quite a few pairs of spying eyes.

Chu Liuyue was very calm; she acted as if she did not know anything.

Sometimes she would even open a jade box and check the herbs quality.

Zhen Bao Pavilion was indeed very meticulous toward her and had sent herbs of good quality.

This was very helpful for her to get her Yuan meridian back.

At this time, hurried footsteps sounds could be heard from outside the yard as a man loudly yelled, “Hurry! Capture Chu Liuyue!”

Chu Liuyue sneered in her heart. They finally came. She looked up and saw that a bunch of people had already kicked open the door and rushed in.

The man leading the pack looked ferocious, and there were more than ten strong and muscular men behind him.

They looked like they were going to start a fight.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes and finally recognized the man—Chu Liansheng.

This person was Chu Xianmins trusted assistant.

He was one of the culprits who had previously planned to kill the original Chu Liuyue.

What a coincidence.

I was just about to look for him, but he came and offered himself first instead. 

In no time, two men rushed toward Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyues gaze was as sharp as a knife as she yelled loudly, “How dare you! Who gave you the right to trespass into my place” Her questioning tone was strong and powerful, which immediately stunned everyone at the scene, causing them to stop their movements subconsciously.

Chu Liansheng was also taken aback, but he immediately reacted over and said sarcastically, “Hah, Chu Liuyue, why do you think were here Dont you know How can you afford such valuable herbs from Zhen Bao Pavilion Your money must have come from doing illicit deeds! I advise you to be more honest.

Obediently hand your things over and leave with us.

If not, dont blame me for not being polite.”

Upon hearing that, Chu Liuyue surveyed her surroundings and put down the items in her hands.

“Oh Then what if I refuse”

Chu Liansheng was shocked and sneered afterward.

“What right do you have to say no” He sized Chu Liuyue up, his eyes filled with contempt.

“Its already very humiliating for an invalid to freeload off the Chu family for so many years.

Now, youve used some disgraceful methods to buy all these items! Chu Liuyue, even if you dont want your reputation, the Chu family still wants ours!”

Chu Liuyue looked at him calmly and walked forward.

It seemed like she was going to give up without a fight.

Chu Liansheng got increasingly cocky and glanced at the people around him.

“Hurry up and confiscate the items! All of the items here are important evidence; none of them…”


The sound of a loud smack cut across the air.

The yard fell into deep silence.

Chu Liuyue actually hit Chu Liansheng!

Everyone knew that he was Third Missy—Chu Xianmins trusted assistant.

Anyone who saw him would normally give him some face.

However, Chu Liuyue had completely lost her mind and even dared to hit him.

“You! How dare you hit me” Chu Liansheng was shocked beyond words.

The fiery pain on his face ignited his rage.

“You must be tired of living!” As he was talking, he subconsciously raised his hand and swung it toward Chu Liuyue.

However, his hand could not land; his wrist was caught by Chu Liuyue instead.

Then, she retaliated and gave him a second fierce slap.


This time, she made Chu Lianshengs entire mouth bloody.


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