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Song Luan rode on the sword and went across the air above the Mirror Lake.

Lowering his head, he saw large pieces of floating ice glistening due to the reflection of the cold light.

Looking from here, he could then tell that the ice pieces were crowding around with the Dancing Lotus as the center, and they gradually spread toward the outside.

The closer he was to the Dancing Lotus, the thicker and tidier the ice layers were.

Likewise, the further he was, the more fragmented the ice layers were.

Reaching the bank where the two places intersected, only a few tiny pieces of floating ice were left.

That so-called ice bridge didnt actually connect the two ends, but it was still comparatively closer to the center.

Hence, the ice layers that spread to the outside reached this place first.

At first glance, it indeed looked like an ice bridge.

But at the position near to the bank, there was actually a short distance that didnt have floating ice.

The water glistened, and it looked peaceful and clear.

Song Luan walked forward meticulously.

Anyway, he wouldnt walk over no matter if that ice bridge was connected or not.

He wouldnt even get close to it.

He had heard whatever Jiang Yucheng said clearly!

Who knows how the floating pieces of ice appeared Some danger might be lurking underneath!

In this manner, he controlled his longsword and flew across the lake as he went closer to the Dancing Lotus in the center bit by bit.

Seeing Song Luan go over, Jiang Yucheng looked at the remaining few people.

“That Dancing Lotus is weird.

If the few of us work together, the chances of success might be higher.”

The scene of Elder Qiuxi being dragged underneath the ice layer was still fresh in their minds.

Jiang Yucheng didnt dare to guarantee that Song Luan could do better than Elder Qiuxi alone.

Xiahou Rong nodded.

“Thats true; well be stronger with numbers.

Lets work together, and we can take care of each other as well.”

After saying that, he went on his toes and went forward.

Jian Shuye glanced at Weichi Song.

The two of them exchanged a gaze and moved out in unison.

Song Luan had heard their conversation clearly and couldnt help but turn around to take a look.

Seeing the few of them catching up with him, his heart that hung high finally landed.

No matter what, they would be more confident with more people.

Jiang Yucheng was at the back and also followed over.

He originally didnt want to do this as he had personally witnessed how horrific this Mirror Lake could be.

Besides, he hadnt even completely recovered.

The few wounds on his body seemed to be recovering much slower than before for some reason.

If it were in the past, it would recover much earlier, and he wouldnt need to worry about it.

But his health fluctuated now, and he didnt know if it was because of the root…

However, the few seniors had already taken action, so he couldnt just watch on from the side.

The few of them gradually got closer and finally formed a circle with the Dancing Lotus in the center.

It was currently noon, and the sun hung high in the sky as the bright and dazzling sunlight shone on the ice, reflecting a bright light.

However, the few of them didnt cover their eyes as they stared at the Dancing Lotus in front of them closely.

That palm-sized flower had a total of five petals.

Every petal was a translucent pinkish-white color, and they looked very intricate like crystals.

There was also a thin layer of frost on the petals, making them look very cold and elegant.

“So this is the Dancing Lotus…” Song Luan couldnt help but mutter. This is a premium herb that only appeared in rumors! It only appears once in a hundred years!

He licked his slightly cracked lips as greed and desire flashed across his eyes.

He kicked his toes as he flipped over his longsword and held it tightly.

It seemed like he planned on directly cutting it with the sword.

Jiang Yucheng said, “Hold on!”

Song Luan was dazed.

“Whats the matter”

Jiang Yucheng looked at the sword in Song Luans hands and knitted his brows.

“Back then, its because Elder Qiuxi used a sword.


They were standing outside at that time, and it was close to nighttime, so they couldnt see what happened clearly.

However, he clearly remembered that Elder Qiuxi was indeed dragged down after he used a sword.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

Song Luans heart skipped a beat as he hurriedly retracted his sword.

He then stared at the Dancing Lotus in shock.

“This thing is actually so strange If I cant even use a sword, then how are we going to obtain it We cant use our hands, right”

Isnt that even more dangerous

Jiang Yucheng looked at Jian Shuye and Weichi Song.

“What do the two of you think”

Both of them were heavenly doctors.

Logically speaking, they would understand this better.

Weichi Song looked at the Dancing Lotus and lightly sighed.

“Actually, you can say that its simple to retrieve this Dancing Lotus but hard at the same time.

The Dancing Lotus only blooms for five years once every 500 years.

If nobody picks it in these five years, it will turn into a seed once again and restart the 500-year cycle.

Hence, its most convenient to pluck it when its flowering, and its medicinal effects are the best.”

“However, the Dancing Lotus is a very rare treasure, and its different from other premium herbs.

There normally arent any high-level fiends to guard it, which causes its own defense and combat power to be extremely strong.

If one wants to pluck it safely, one has to use their fresh blood to attract it.”

Jiang Yucheng knitted his brows.

“Use fresh blood to attract it What does this mean”

“The smell of the fresh blood will cause the Dancing Lotus to hibernate temporarily.

As long as one smears blood on it, they can lower its danger to the minimum.”

Song Luan interrupted, “This doesnt seem very hard”

Jian Shuye chuckled.

“Theres nothing hard about it, but it requires the cultivator to be at least a stage-eight warrior.

Since you made it sound so easy, why dont you do it”

This mocking tone upset Song Luan. No matter what, Im also a peak stage-eight warrior! How could I not even make a tiny little Dancing Lotus retract

“How difficult can it be!” He clenched his teeth and slashed a line on his palm.

Red blood instantly flowed out and caused his entire palm to turn red.

Then, he took a deep breath in and stretched out his hand again.

The Dancing Lotus swayed with the wind and didnt show any strange behavior.

Song Luan felt slightly at ease and was about to hold the Dancing Lotuss stem.

Suddenly, a sound pierced through the air.


The sound was sharp, and the winds howled.

It went straight for Song Luans brows.

Song Luan was stunned as he immediately moved back and whipped out his sword.


The sound of two sharp objects hitting each other was heard.

Song Luan felt something harshly strike his blade, and it felt as heavy as a ton.

His entire arm was about to be shocked until it was numb.

Song Luan staggered two steps back before he managed to stabilize himself with much difficulty.

He looked over in shock and anger after that, but he saw a palm-sized ice piece crack from the middle before dropping into the lake.

He lowered his head and saw that a piece was missing from the ice layer not far away.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the scene unfold. One can just casually use a chipped piece of ice to block Song Luans attack and even take the upper hand… This shows how formidable the other party is!

Song Luans heart trembled slightly.

“Who is it!”

Then, the empty space faraway started to shake.

A large and muscular black figure stepped out from within.

His voice was deep and low as if the wind blew past a string instrument.

It was also high and mighty.

“Sorry, that is my wifes flower.”


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