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Weichi Song glanced at Jiang Yucheng strangely and slightly knitted his brows. At this time, why did he suddenly mention Liuyues fiancé Besides, not to mention that Chu Liuyues situation hasnt been investigated clearly, her fiancé isnt even in Xi Ling.

If something really has happened to her, how can we inform him

“Havent yet.” Weichi Song looked nonchalant.

“Why did you suddenly bring him up”

Jiang Yucheng sized up his expression and knew that he was doubtful, so he said, “Its all a coincidence.

I had a chance to meet with that person back then and heard that hes a prince from Country Yao Chen.

When they were at Country Yao Chen, they already had a marriage agreement.

However, that persons body doesnt seem to be very good… I was just thinking that if he suddenly finds out about what happened here, Im afraid he wouldnt be able to take it…”

“I didnt expect you to understand this so much, Eldest Young Master Jiang.

You know this even more than me,” said Weichi Song as if unintentionally.

Jiang Yuchengs expression stiffened. Its indeed a little weird for me to know this considering my current status.

“Oh, Old Song, dont misunderstand.

I dont have any other intentions.

You also know that Chu Liuyue has been in the limelight in Xi Ling City, so there will definitely be people who are very curious about her everything.

Im not an exception either.” To this, Jiang Yucheng admitted it generously and swiftly.

There wasnt much consequence to doing so.

Someone who was very outstanding even in terms of the entire Xi Ling would definitely attract quite a few peoples attention.

If Jiang Yucheng said that he didnt know anything about her, that would be weird.

“As for her fiancé, I coincidentally met him, so I casually asked about him.

Old Song, you wouldnt mind this, right”

Weichi Song looked calm.

“You naturally have your own reasons for doing what you want, Eldest Young Master Jiang.”

This stifled Jiang Yucheng as if someone was mocking him, but he still held it in.

“Lets not talk about these things anymore.

Well talk again when we find them.” After not being able to dig out any useful information from Weichi Songs side, Jiang Yucheng swiftly decided not to ask further.

Weichi Song is an old fox, and he isnt easy to deal with.

As for Chu Liuyues so-called fiancé… Hes just a sick person; there is no need to care about him.

When we meet again the next time, I can just directly take care of him.

This small intervention stopped at this point.

The few of them continued walking into the forest, but after another hour, they still couldnt find anyones traces.

Jian Shuye knitted his brows and looked at the wilted tree in front of him.

“Wait a minute.

Werent we here before”

Weichi Song said, “You can tell too”

Jian Shuye nodded and surveyed his surroundings.

“We seem to be walking in circles during this past hour.

No wonder we cant find anything.”

Jiang Yuzhi was dazed.

“We came here before Are the two of you certain of this”

Jian Shuye grunted slightly and raised his chin.

“I specifically took a closer look at the pattern on that tree bark earlier so that I could confirm we came back again!”

Xiahou Rong shockingly said, “This means that… were lost”

The few of them fell silent.

The current situation was clearer than ever.

It was fine if one person saw it wrongly, but since both Jian Shuye and Weichi Song said that, there shouldnt be a problem.

Even Song Luan knitted his brows tightly.

Jiang Yucheng also scrutinized his surroundings and had a confused expression.

“Thats strange.

When we came here previously, this situation didnt happen before…”

They originally thought that the most dangerous part of the Mystic Forest was the mist and the roots, but they didnt expect to meet with such troubles.

“Someone seems to have set up a Xuan formation here, but they also used some strange skills to stop anyone from coming in,” muttered Jian Shuye as he looked at Weichi Song.

“Old Song,, youre the one who knows this the best amongst all of us here.

Can you see through anything”

Weichi Song specialized as a heavenly doctor, but he understood such weird and strange knick-knacks quite a bit.

The few of them looked at him.

Weichi Song kept quiet for a moment and shook his head.

“The other party is very well-versed in this, and his set-up is very tight.

I cant break it either.”

Hearing him say this, the few of them were dazed.

Jian Shuye couldnt conceal his disappointment.

“In that case… Wont we be trapped here the whole time Whats going to happen to the kids”

Weichi Song turned around and pointed in a direction.

“That was the direction we came from.

As long as we walk toward there, we can leave this place.

However, Im afraid… itll be extremely difficult to enter…”

Jiang Yuchengs gaze suddenly faltered.

“Could this be set up by Qin Yi and the rest”

“Who is Qin Yi” asked Xiahou Rong.

The aristocratic families didnt send people over, so they didnt quite understand the things that happened here.

Jiang Yucheng briefly explained.

Weichi Song looked down in deep thought and didnt say a word.

Jian Shuye strangely said, “If its really them, why would they do so Previously, Zhu Hong and the rest said Qin Yi treated the kids quite well…”

“You can know someones face but not their hearts,” Song Luan interrupted him and mocked.

“If hes really a decent person, why would he stay in the Dahuang Swamp for so long for no rhyme or reason Besides, Chu Liuyue stole the Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant that they had been guarding the whole time.

They might hold a grudge, so they could do anything!”

Jian Shuye glanced at him in frustration. This Song Luan really has nothing better to say! Hes afraid that someone else would be better than him! His own disciples suffered greatly, and he wants everyone to be the same!

Weichi Song suddenly said, “Since the other party doesnt want us to enter, then we should leave for Mirror Lake first.”

Jiang Yucheng was hesitant and had something to say.

But since even Weichi Song didnt plan to continue staying here, he had no position to say anything.

The few of them quickly returned on the same path.

After walking quite a far distance, Weichi Song finally heaved a sigh of relief in his heart and turned back to take a look with a deep gaze. So that person came back… Im afraid Jiang Yucheng wouldnt even imagine it in his dreams, right


A nail-sized chip fell down from the crystal again.

At this point, more than half of the crystal—originally the size of two palms—had already been absorbed, leaving the piece in the center.

The Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed was enveloped within it, leaving a thin layer of shell on the outside.

It looked as if it would drop with one knock.

Of course, the force was too formidable.

After Chu Liuyue swallowed the force, she might not be able to convert all of it to her own force.

Hence, she stored most of it in the water droplet.

Even if so, Chu Liuyues abilities still improved by quite a bit.

In the space, she finally touched the barrier to a peak stage-five warrior in one-odd year.

Chu Liuyue melted and absorbed that chip.

She had done this series of actions countless times, and it was as smooth as water.

Then, she looked at the opposite end. If I just remove one more chip, the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed will be exposed.

The Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed seemed to notice this and started to become anxious.

The surrounding space seemed to shake vaguely.

A thought popped up in Chu Liuyues mind.


A crack appeared, and an immense, ancient aura exploded from within!


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