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When Chu Liuyue spoke of the past incidents, she had been very calm even though those people and those incidents were like the sharpest blades that left the deepest and most painful scars on her.

But thinking about it now, she could already face it calmly.

Her tone was peaceful, and her expression was nonchalant as if she were narrating another persons story.

But when Shangguan Jing said that sentence, Chu Liuyues nose turned sour at that moment, and tears welled up in her eyes.

Those memories filled with pain could no longer affect her.

She thought that her heart had become as hard as a diamond, but she didnt expect to break down so easily with one mere sentence from her ancestor.

Even though her ancestor had no physical body and Chu Liuyue couldnt even feel his caressing movement, she instantly felt that she was being comforted.

The high walls of defense she had built around her heart had a small crack, allowing countless suppressed emotions to rush out like floodwater.

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes, and a boiling hot tear silently landed.

Then, she lifted her head and smiled at her ancestor.

“Your one sentence is already sufficient for me, Ancestor.”

Shangguan Jing looked at the young lady in front, and his eyes were filled with pain and pity.

When he saw Chu Liuyue execute the Lingxiao Palms third stage, countless guesses had flashed across his mind.

However, he never expected her experience to be so tough and absurd.

He sighed deeply and shook his head, a tinge of anger flashing across his face.

“I cant believe my Shangguan family actually has such a despicable character… Shangguan Wan—she really doesnt deserve that name!”

Previously, he had never cared much about Shangguan Wan and felt that this descendant wasnt generous enough and seemed to be quite petty, so he didnt really like her.

However, he didnt expect that she would actually kill her own family and lie to everyone!

In order to get everything she wanted, she really became crazy!

“If the Tianling Dynasty really ends up in her hands… The consequences would be unimaginable!” Perhaps the Tianling Dynastys thousand-year foundation would all be destroyed in Shangguan Wans hands!

Chu Liuyue enunciated every single word properly as she said, “Ancestor, dont worry.

With me around, I definitely wont let her get what she wants.

She needs to pay the price for everything she did!”

The Tianling Dynastys ancestor looked at Chu Liuyue, and his gaze was comforting.

“Luckily, other than her, my Shangguan family has a good child like you, Liuyue…”

Shangguan Jing thought of something, suddenly laughed, and said, “No wonder I felt so close to you the first time I saw you! It turns out that were all family!”

After he followed Chu Liuyue out of the Tianling God Realm back then, he was very curious about everything in the Tianling royal family.

When Chu Liuyue went to the palace and met Shangguan Wan, he had tried to look at her.

The result was disappointing.

In comparison, he liked Chu Liuyue even more.

Thus, he stayed beside her the whole while and gradually lost interest in the Tianling royal family.

After a huge turn of events, it turned out that Chu Liuyue was part of the Shangguan family!

Chu Liuyue blinked.

“Ancestor, its all my fault! You dont know, but I almost planned to come clean with you when you promised to give me the Long Yuan Sword back then.

But the situation was urgent back then, and I didnt want to drag you in, so I didnt say it in the end.

Please forgive me.”

The Tianling Dynastys ancestor lightly grunted.

“You originally are my Shangguan Jings descendant.

Whats there you cant say If I had known earlier about how Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng bullied you, I definitely wouldnt have let them off!”

He knitted his brows slightly.

“I dont even have enough time to dote on you.

Why would I blame you You…”

Chu Liuyues heart felt warm.

The feeling of someone standing on the same side as her, unconditionally believing in her, supporting her, and being willing to stand up for her…

It was too perfect and precious.

The former Shangguan Yue had lost everything and only had her father as her close family, but he was even poisoned and entered a coma.

Until now, it was hard for her to even see him once.

In contrast, the current Chu Liuyue had seniors who doted on her, friends she could trust… and Rong Xiu—who would disregard everything and always put her in first place.

“Back then, I was willing to give you the Long Yuan Sword for two reasons.” Shangguan Jings expression became much more serious.

Chu Liuyue also straightened her back unwittingly.

“Firstly, the Long Yuan Sword awakened and chose you as its new owner.

Even though its a Yuan instrument I produced, it has its own spiritual powers.

You should know that quite a few people have entered the Tianling God Realm in the Tianling Dynastys history and that they wanted to invite the Long Yuan Sword out, but they all failed in the end.

And after you appeared, the Long Yuan Sword quickly reacted and awakened.”

“Its not only me, but it also waited for thousands of years for a new owner it liked.

Now that it chose you with much difficulty, I naturally wont object to it.”

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes and finally voiced the suspicion in her heart.

“Even so, you spent so much effort, blood, sweat, and tears to produce the Long Yuan Sword.

You shouldve wanted to leave it for the people from the Tianling royal family, but you didnt know my identity back then.

Why did you still give it to me so decisively”

Chu Liuyue believed that if her ancestor wanted to stop her, he could.

However, he did not.

On the other hand, he very generously gave the Long Yuan Sword to her.

Chu Liuyue could never understand this.

It was fine if he gave other money or gold to an outsider, but this Long Yuan Sword symbolized her ancestor and was also a legendary existence in the Tianling Dynasty.

Its meaning was extraordinary! It really exceeded her expectations for the ancestor to give it to her so decisively.

“This is the second point I want to talk about.” Shangguan Jing paused for a moment and looked at Chu Liuyue with a complicated gaze.

“You probably dont know, but the black pyramid in your body… It seems to have a tinge of the Tianling royal familys bloodline power!”


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