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Chapter 745: She Doesnt Deserve It!

The pattern Chu Liuyue was drawing was actually completely different from hers, but they fit together for some reason and slowly got entangled with each other.

It wasnt easy for me to remember that pattern! I cant let anything happen to it! Shangguan Wan immediately averted her gaze and tried to rid the confusing image from her mind, but alas, it was to no avail.

She had taken an especially close look at Chu Liuyues pattern earlier and had memorized all of the latters movements, including the lines she had drawn.

Thus, those lines were now firmly imprinted in her mind, and she couldnt get rid of them.

Slowly, she realized that her memory relating to the second stage of the Lingxiao Palm was beginning to get fuzzy.

The two patterns intertwined together to form a huge jumbled mess. This is too bizarre! I havent encountered such a situation before! Its not like I havent fought with anyone in the past, but nothing like this has ever happened…

Shangguan Wan had made great efforts to master the Lingxiao Palm.

In order to receive praise from the Emperor and impress everyone else, she had put down her pride to beg Shangguan Yue for help.

Even though she had learned how Shangguan Yue executed the Lingxiao Palm, the Lingxiao Palms they executed were slightly different due to the latter having a more thorough and detailed understanding of the technique than her.

This was also why she had always been very careful not to execute this technique in front of others, even though the average person wouldnt notice anything wrong with it if they didnt look closely.

The Lingxiao Palms second stage was something she had wanted to learn for the longest time, and she had practically imprinted it into her mind.

But now…

The more frantic she got, the more chaotic her mind became.

It got so bad that even the dark-green palm print was affected, and the pattern began jumbling up.

This resulted in a great reduction of its power.

Chu Liuyue calmly took a look at Shangguan Wan, who was trying not to look her way as she grabbed her head while looking torn and pained.

The latter seemed to have sensed the gaze on her, for she suddenly looked up and screeched, “What have you done to me, Chu Liuyue!”

Chu Liuyue let out a derisive laugh as she continued drawing the pattern.

Although the pattern in front of her seemed to be randomly drawn, it had a strong sense of regularity.

While the average person would only experience a dizzy spell if they stared at it for too long, it wasnt that way for Shangguan Wan.

All it took was one look from her to commit it to memory, and this was because said pattern was the third stage of the Lingxiao Palm.

After Shangguan Yue broke through to become a stage-eight warrior, she began cultivating the last stage of the Lingxiao Palm.

It didnt take long before she completely comprehended the technique, but nobody knew about this—not even her father, the Emperor.

At that time, she just did what she thought she should do.

The thought of announcing it to show off had never even crossed her mind.

Unlike Shangguan Wan, she was already the most honored person in the Tianling Dynasty, so there was no need for her to resort to such tricks to prove her capabilities.

The decision she made back then turned out to be a wise choice.

Ever since she was reborn as Chu Liuyue, she had never once executed any of the martial arts skills and techniques that she knew in the past out of fear of exposing her identity.

If Shangguan Wan hadnt executed the Lingxiao Palm earlier, she wouldnt have thought of using this method to deal with her.

There were three stages to the Lingxiao Palm.

Each stage was superior to the last, and it was all the more so for the third stage.

Since Shangguan Wan had a deep impression of the second stage, all it took was one look at the third-stage pattern for her to follow it unconsciously.

But how could she possibly comprehend the third stage when she couldnt even comprehend the second stage

The result of it was the crumbling of her cultivation relating to the Lingxiao Palm.

This was why Shangguan Wan was so infuriated when she realized that something was wrong.

Unfortunately for her, it was too late.

As Chu Liuyue silently worked on the remaining lines, Shangguan Wan felt as if someone was forcibly carving this pattern in her mind when she accidentally got another look at it.

“Arghhh—” Shangguan Wan screamed in frustration when she felt her mind getting increasingly fuzzy.

With red, glowing eyes, she charged toward Chu Liuyue and screeched, “How dare you play tricks with me, you b*tch! Youve got a death wish!”

Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes dangerously as she added the last stroke to the pattern.

Just as Shangguan Wan was getting closer and closer, she lifted her hands, and that huge pattern immediately floated forward.

Shangguan Wan blinked, only to see the strange pattern right before her eyes.

In an enticing but judging voice, Chu Liuyue said, “Take a look at your Lingxiao Palm.”

My Lingxiao Palm! Shangguan Wans mind exploded, followed by a cracking sound in her mind.

The two patterns had completely intertwined with each other as if they were out of control.

Then before she knew it, the second-stage palm lines that she had firmly imprinted into her mind crumbled into pieces and dissipated.

Her body jolted as she coughed up blood.

She could distinctively feel that something was rapidly draining from her body—it was the Lingxiao Palm.

She looked at the shattered palm print with much difficulty, only to see that its palm lines had been completely destroyed.

With a cold expression, Chu Liuyue turned her force into a whip and flung it out.


The dark-green palm print instantly crumbled.

Whatever I gave Shangguan Wan back then, I can take it all back now! She doesnt deserve the Lingxiao Palm!

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