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Chapter 734: Find the Way

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Shangguan Wan fell onto the ground once again, and her hairpin dropped as her hair flung out messily.

This time, the hit caused her to see stars, and her vision turned black.

She opened her mouth as the intense, bloody taste filled her teeth, and she spat out blood.

Her entire face was numb.

After a temporary pause, the excruciating pain overwhelmed her like the tide.

However, this couldnt be compared to the entrenched fear that suddenly erupted in her heart.

She knew that this mysterious person was very strong, but she didnt know that the other party could be this terrifying.

He easily taught her a lesson!

One had to know that her abilities were currently of a beginner stage-eight warrior.

But when the other party took action, she didnt even have any time to react and could only get hit.


These two slaps thoroughly made Shangguan Wan realize the difference between her and the other party.

“Are you willing to tell the truth now” The voice sounded deeply like a demons voice echoing beside her ears.

Shangguan Wans heart harshly trembled as she shuddered and kneeled down with her head lowered.

“I-I know Im wrong!”

This time, she didnt dare to play any more tricks.

She could only lower her head and admit her mistakes honestly.

“Please give me another chance! If you have any instructions, Ill definitely risk everything to complete it for you!”

In this close to two-year period, Shangguan Wan had never kneeled to anyone before, let alone use such a humble tone to beg in an inferior manner.

With her father unconscious, she was the power holder in the Tianling Dynasty.

She was under one and above all.

So as she kneeled down again at this point, she felt quite humiliated.

However, she didnt dare not kneel.

Her life was controlled in the other partys hand!

“Wouldnt it have been less troublesome if you did this earlier” The black symbol shook lightly and sneered.

Shangguan Wan didnt dare to move at all.

“Your Yuan meridian has been damaged by a Tianjing Yuan meridian.

Logically speaking, you cant heal it.

Its me that gave you a chance to live.

The chance is now in front of you, yet youre so useless.

Its really a waste to wash a pig with both water and soap.” That person spoke slowly, but his aura was high and mighty as every single word was very direct, not leaving any dignity left for Shangguan Wan.

Shangguan Wans face flashed white and red, but she didnt dare to retort at all.

“P-please enlighten me!” Shangguan Wan wasnt stupid.

The reason why the other party suddenly appeared was definitely for her Yuan meridian.

As expected, that person said again, “Your position has already been discovered.

Theres no use escaping, so why dont you take the time to heal your Yuan meridian When you find your target later on, Ill set up a barrier for you and not let anyone disturb you.

As long as you stabilize yourself, there will be no problems.”

Shangguan Wan was hesitant.

“B-but Senior, that person definitely knows what Im doing now… If word gets out—”

“So what if the other party knows As long as they dont catch you red-handed, nobody can do anything to you! Dont forget your identity!”

His words shocked Shangguan Wan, and her heart shook as she suddenly understood.

Thats right! Im the Tianling Dynastys Third Princess.

If the crowd didnt see me personally, who can forcefully accuse me of doing this If I really get discovered in the future, cant I just refute it no matter what

After Shangguan Yues death back then, the entire Tianling Dynasty was shocked.

Countless people suspected the reason behind her death, and some even almost found out about Jiang Yucheng and me.

However, didnt everything turn to naught in the end

“Thank you, Senior!”

“You dont have to thank me; I have my own reasons for helping you.

Ill give you 15 minutes.

If you still cant do it, dont blame me for not giving you a chance.”

“Yes! Yes!” Shangguan Wan didnt dare to ask further as she hurriedly sat cross-legged and started looking for her next suitable target.

That black symbol floated back to her glabella again.

Actually, this entire process didnt have much of a feeling, but Shangguan Wan herself felt that there was something extra in her forehead, and it was very uncomfortable.

She breathed in and closed her eyes.

As she searched for her target, she thought to herself: This black symbol… Actually, even I dont even know when it entered my body.

All these years, it hasnt really had any signs of existence other than the two times it willingly spoke up.

Shangguan Wan vaguely felt worried, but she tried hard to make herself ignore this and forget the things existence.

She didnt expect that it would suddenly appear today, and it was even in such a strange manner.

“Dont play tricks.

If not, the consequences will definitely be more miserable and pitiful than you can imagine.” That voice coldly rang in her mind.

A chill ran down Shangguan Wans spine as she acknowledged the words and forced herself to retract her thoughts.

Other than the area of this mother tree, the entire Mystic Forest had turned into ruins.

This caused everyone trapped underground to rush toward her with the black soil.

Shangguan Wan roughly checked and shockingly discovered that the number of people she could detect was much fewer than before.

It seems like… There are fewer Black Guards and a portion of the disciples.

She felt suffocated.

I wasted so much time just now, and its no wonder there are a lot fewer people now.

There are so many people, so there are definitely some that can struggle free, especially those in groups and teams.

When they work together, they have great strength.

If one doesnt use special methods, it would be hard to get them to stay behind.

Its like the hundred-plus Black Guards earlier.

I spent much of my energy and effort to trap them, but I didnt expect that in the end—

Shangguan Wan took a deep breath in and changed her target—it was… those people from the Purple Xiao Sword Sect.

What Shangguan Wan didnt know was that when she was doing nothing, Chu Liuyues group had met quite a few batches of people and gathered them all.

Amongst them were mostly Black Guards and a small minority of disciples.

The thankful thing was that other than the one Dragon Teeth Mountain disciple that died, the rest were all found.

Even though they were injured to varying extents, they all managed to catch up after some simple treatment.

Speaking of this, they had to thank Zhu Hong.

He first discovered that Mu Hongyu had left back then, and he planned to bring them to find her when something happened to Jiang Yuchengs face.

He was decisive and swiftly dragged everyone from Dragon Teeth Mountain together.

When they dropped into the soil, they were still together.

But afterward, he wasnt strong enough, so they split into two batches.

However, they werent very far apart.

Other than this, disciples from Sheng Yan Harem and Tian Ji Residence were also found on the way.

With a rough estimate, this team already had more than 300 people.

In addition to the minority that was severely injured and had to stay behind, there were close to 400 of them.

Unknowingly, Chu Liuyue had already become the backbone of the crowd.

After all, only she knew how to find the mastermind behind all of this.

Additionally, she had made an agreement with a legendary fiend, which attracted the crowds endless envy and admiration.

Even Jiang Yucheng—who had the highest status—paled in comparison to her.

Suddenly, she stopped and looked in front.

“Theres someone in front.

Ill go take a look first.”


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