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Actually, there were still quite a few people she could lay her hands on.

For example, the disciples from those few clans were almost all extremely outstanding talents.

Needless to say, they had Dijing Yuan meridians.

Some of them were even middle-grade or even superior-grade ones.

Shangguan Wan scanned through the candidates and quickly chose her target.

More than half of her Yuan meridian had already healed, and she could succeed if she did it a few more times.

This made Shangguan Wan feel much more secure. As long as I can complete this task, nothing else matters!

She licked her lips, and the dark-green light flashed in her eyes again.

However, she didnt know about this.

Just as she was gathering her breath to focus and was about to attack, a strange sound suddenly came from behind.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she immediately turned around alertly as she swung out a wave of force at the same time.

At this point, her force had already become a light-green color.

It manifested into a sharp knife in midair and was quickly flung out.


The sound of something breaking was heard.

She looked over and then saw that when the black soil moved, a white hand bone floated up.

Her previous attack had directly broken that hand bone.

The soil moved, and very quickly, the bone was swallowed and disappeared.

“Hu…” Shangguan Wan patted her chest as she sighed with lingering fears. I thought that thing came to spy on me again.

She turned around and planned to do it once more.

Suddenly, the shaky red fire appeared in front of her eyes!

“Ah!” Shangguan Wan screamed, and she immediately moved backward.

At the same time, she set up a barrier once again!

But this time, the red fire didnt continue forward as it floated there quietly.

However, this made Shangguan Wan increasingly anxious. I knew it! There is someone spying on me from the dark!

She panicked and was enraged as she immediately went forward and wanted to settle that thing.

However, a rainbow light flashed across, and the fire disappeared once again.

It took another glance! Shangguan Wan was so furious that her lungs hurt.

Her chest also felt stuffed as if it would explode the next minute.

The other party was very cunning as it appeared suddenly and disappeared again quickly.

Shangguan Wan didnt even have time to react or do anything.

Shangguan Wan was angry for quite some time as she clenched her teeth and planned to settle the problem of her Yuan meridian first.

However, her feelings were already messed up by that ball of fire!

Absorbing strength and reforming her Yuan meridian was something that required a lot of energy.

At this moment, Shangguan Wan was flustered, and her mind was in a mess.

Thus, she couldnt do anything.

She was so angry that she moved around the stage, and the boots of her pure gold armor were making sounds on the ground.




It was cold and crisp, but it contained a heavy suppression!


Something fell down.

Shangguan Wan lowered her head to take a look, and she immediately knitted her brows tightly.

The bloodstains on the pure gold armor were slowly forming blood pearls before they landed on the ground.

The previous sound was caused by the blood unintentionally dropping down from the bloodstain on her arm.

Shangguan Wans heart skipped a beat as she looked at her chest, and she realized that the situation here was the same. I purposely and unintentionally caused these stains previously.

I didnt take much notice at first, but looking at it now… There seems to be something amiss

After the blood dropped, the pure gold armor was still tidy and shimmering.

One couldnt tell that it was stained with blood at all.

“Has this pure gold armor always been like this…” muttered Shangguan Wan weirdly.

She had seen Shangguan Yue wear this pure gold armor before, but this was her first time wearing it, so she wasnt very sure about its specifics.

There were quite a few battle marks on it, but no bloodstains.

Perhaps its because this pure gold armor really doesnt get stained with blood… Shangguan Wan thought to herself.

Thinking that someone was staring at her from the dark, she was frustrated again. The other party keeps staring at me.

Did they really find out something Every time I try to do it again, that fire will suddenly appear!

This made Shangguan Wan very uneasy, and she couldnt concentrate on healing her Yuan meridian.

After a very long time, she still didnt achieve anything.

Just as Shangguan Wan was stuck in a sticky situation, the black symbol on her forehead suddenly floated down and slowly went toward her.

Shangguan Wans eyes shrank, and a tinge of deep horror flashed across her eyes!

A hoarse voice suddenly sounded from the symbol.

“Are you so useless”

That voice was low and hoarse, and it was hard to differentiate the gender, but it immediately made Shangguan Wans face pale.

“Wh-who are you!”

That symbol laughed lowly, and it contained unconcealable mockery.

“Dont you know who allowed you to have your achievements today What, do you refuse to admit it now”

After receiving confirmation for her guess, Shangguan Wans face immediately turned ugly. All this time, I knew that there was a mysterious existence in my body.

Ive heard this voice before, but only twice! The first time was many years ago—it was also that one time that made me want to kill Shangguan Yue and decide to steal everything from her! There was also one other time, the night that Shangguan Yue died.

My Yuan meridian had already been completely burned by Shangguan Yue back then when this voice sounded and told me a method to heal my Yuan meridian.

Shangguan Wan wasnt not afraid, but she desired to have Jiang Yucheng, power, strength, and everything that Shangguan Yue once had.

Hence, she listened to everything the voice said all this while.

She didnt expect that it would appear in such a manner today!

Seeing the strange black symbol, countless guesses flashed across Shangguan Wans mind.

She then tried her best to calm herself down, but her body trembled even more terribly.

“Y-you… So it really is you… Please forgive me for being unable to detect—”


It was like an invisible hand had harshly slapped Shangguan Wans face.

The slap was crisp, and it sounded immediately.

Shangguan Wan fell to the ground harshly, and even her helmet flew out.

Half her face immediately swelled up, and blood directly flowed from the corner of her mouth.

“Youre really becoming increasingly braver to play tricks in front of me.” The symbols voice was sinister and cold.

Shangguan Wan forcefully pushed her body up.

“I didnt—”


This time, the other half of her face was hit!


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