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Chu Liuyues suggestion received everyones approval.

Now, they all basically already knew that the sudden commotion in the Mystic Forest was purposely caused by someone and that the roots crazily absorbing the cultivators force were clearly being manipulated.

They could only go out after they had settled the mastermind.

Chu Liuyues gaze scanned the crowd of Black Guards.

Actually, she still had some impression of some of these faces, but everything was different now.

She looked at Qin Yi.

“Big Brother Qin, for these dozens of people… Do you have a way of taking care of them”

Other than those who couldnt be saved, the remaining 21 people werent in optimistic conditions.

The best way was to let them stay behind and rest.

If they forcefully follow the main team, Im afraid…

In deep thought, Qin Yi looked at her calmly. It seems like Her Highness still wants to help…

He paused for a moment and said, “I can set up a barrier for them and let them stay here safely.

As long as the previous perilous situation doesnt happen again, it should be fine.”

Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank you so much then, Big Brother Qin.”

Qin Yis lips curled up slightly, and he looked down as a tinge of faint helplessness and doting flashed across his narrow eyes. Her Highness has changed into a completely different identity now, and her appearance and figure are vastly different from before.

But her personality… doesnt seem to have changed much.

He raised his hand and waved it lightly.

A green barrier immediately formed and protected the twenty-plus people within!

The barrier glowed with faint light, and it contained tremendous suppression that frightened one.

A Black Guard was the first to react as he cupped his fists and said seriously toward Qin Yi, “Thank you, Young Master Qin!”

His voice immediately reminded the rest.

The crowd of soldiers thanked him respectively and looked very grateful.

Qin Yi smiled slightly.

“Theres no need to thank me.

If you want, thank Liuyue.

If she didnt save all of you first, theres nothing I can do now.”

Besides, I wouldnt want to get involved in this sticky situation if she didnt speak up.

Who told them to be Mu Qinghes soldiers

Qin Yi knew that the incident back then actually didnt have much direct relation with these soldiers, so they really shouldnt be blamed.

But he was upset when he saw Mu Qinghe here, so he even felt hatred toward these people.

The crowd of soldiers turned around and thanked Chu Liuyue.

“Thank you, Ms.


Even though most of them were injured, their voices were still very energetic and sincere.

They had experienced countless life and death scenarios, so they naturally knew how precious life was.

Chu Liuyue had literally saved all of their lives.

How could they not thank her

The Black Guard standing at the front suddenly lowered his voice and said, “Ms.

Chu, Im Tian Zhuangzhuang! If you need any help in the future, feel free to let me know! I, Tian Zhuangzhuang, will definitely help you to the best of my abilities!”

He didnt state which Black Guard section he was from and only reported his name.

This meant that he was thanking her personally.

Chu Liuyues eyes curled up.

“Me too! Ms.

Chu, Im Zou Kaiyun! We owe you our lives, and well definitely listen to you in the future!” said Zou Kaiyun as he secretly glanced at Mu Qinghe.

Then, he scratched his head in embarrassment toward Chu Liuyue.

“Of course, it must be when were not wearing this Black Guard armor.


When they wore the Black Guard armor, they didnt have names and were only known as Black Guards.

Obeying the armys command was their job!

The Black Guards—especially the ones that Mu Qinghe brought up—were especially strict and followed every command seriously.

But when they took off their armors, they were themselves.

All those who could kill their way out of Dahuang Swamp were all strong and manly men, so how could they not repay the favor they owed

“I, Jiang Mingshan too!”

“Me too! An Xinzhi!”


The voices rang one after another, and the loud sound reverberated throughout the area, almost tearing through this dark and oppressive space.

There seemed to be something tingling in Chu Liuyues chest. I knew it—I knew all along.

These people…

She took a deep breath in and suppressed her tumultuous emotions.

“I understand your kind intentions, everyone, but this really was a convenient matter, so you dont have to care too much about it.

Those who need to recuperate can stay, while the remaining ones shall follow us.

When everything ends, well find you again and go back together.”

Chu Liuyue appeased the crowd of soldiers with simple words.

All those who had to stay stood at the side knowingly.

As for the main team that was about to leave, they looked prideful and ready for combat as they stood together at the side after listening to Chu Liuyue.

When Mu Qinghe saw this scene, he was shocked. Chu Liuyue has only just gotten to know these soldiers, but she can already make them obey and listen to her easily.

Her body seems to have an unknown aura that can make one listen to her unwittingly and do what they are told—elegant and authoritative but filled with closeness.

Silently, she controlled the entire scene.

Shes like a natural superior.

Even if shes only a teenager and has an ordinary background, it doesnt feel weird when she commands so many people.

Its as if… it should be like this!

Mu Qinghe had killed his way up from the bottom and knew the temperament of these soldiers the best.

They had witnessed countless life and death scenarios, and their bodies were trained by all these ordeals.

They looked obedient on the surface, but they were all very stubborn.

Other than their leader, they wouldnt listen to anyone elses command.

Even Shangguan Wan couldnt completely control the Black Guard.

This was also another important reason she insisted on bringing Mu Qinghe over.

Only with Mu Qinghe around would these people accede to Shangguan Wans requests unconditionally.

But Chu Liuyue… Perhaps its because she saved them today Mu Qinghe thought to himself silently.

Seeing the pureness in Chu Liuyues eyes, he felt that he was overthinking. These soldiers also understand that even though they want to repay Chu Liuyue, they definitely cant do it under the Black Guards name.

If not, who would the Black Guard belong to I mustve been thinking too much…

Mu Qinghe suppressed all of these thoughts and followed the rest of the crowd.

After that red fire disappeared, Shangguan Wan sank into deep horror and worry. Who was looking at me… Who saw me Who knows that Im doing everything I initially thought that nobody would discover me if I stayed here, but I now realize that its a terrible mistake!

She paced back and forth anxiously.

With such a potential danger lurking around, she really couldnt feel at ease.

No, no! I should completely heal my Yuan meridian first… Previously, I prepared for a very long time and was about to attack those Black Guards when someone intercepted me.

Now, I have to find some more… Her gaze turned sharp, and she attacked in another direction!


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