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Then, under Zhu Hongs leadership, the crowd went forward and quickly rushed in the direction they came from.

Elder Qiuxi was angered, and he finally shut his mouth honestly.

This way, everyone had a peaceful time.

Zhu Hong first gave the few of them medicine respectively.

In the end, the few of them woke up respectively during the journey not long later.

The good thing was that the few of them werent too injured.

With the effects from Chu Liuyues pill, they could forcefully follow the rest.

After a while, Zhu Hong finally stopped but gradually knitted his brows.

This was because… This place was only left with a few corpses that were about to be completely drowned.

Judging from their clothes and appearances, they were indeed Black Guards.

However, the other few dozen people were missing.

“Those people were here previously… Why are there only a few of them left now…” muttered Zhu Hong.

Mu Qinghe surveyed his surroundings, and his face was so cold that it seemed like a layer of frost was on his face.

“The black soil is moving much faster than before.”

Chu Liuyue and the rest hadnt come here before, so they couldnt compare.

But the remaining people, including Jiang Yucheng, all realized this after a close inspection.

“As expected… Perhaps its because of this that those people left this area” Zhu Hong guessed.

“Its just that I dont know what their situation is now…”

Everything would be fine if they were alive, but if they were dead…

“It should be the commotion caused by that mother tree,” said Mu Qinghe as he looked up.

That was the direction the black soil was flowing toward.

After stopping for a moment, he went forward first.

However, Chu Liuyue purposely slowed down and walked next to Qin Yi.

“Big Brother Qin, the seal you talked about just now… What exactly is it”

Qin Yi lightly shook his head.

“I only know that theres a seal below, but Ive never personally seen it before.

Hence, I dont know it very clearly.”

Then, he silently glanced at Tuan Zi.

Chu Liuyues heart tingled slightly. Hes saying… Tuan Zi might know a thing or two

Tuan Zi blinked.

Chu Liuyue confirmed it in her heart. It seems like it does understand it.

“Tuan Zi, why didnt you speak up the whole time” Chu Liuyue asked in her heart.

Tuan Zi buried its head in her shoulders. Because I dont want you to go!

It had stayed here for quite some time and had vaguely guessed something.

There probably was something that shouldnt be trifled with under the seal.

Since the start, it didnt wish to implicate Chu Liuyue.

Thus, it didnt say anything the whole time.

Chu Liuyue patted its head, and it retracted its expression a little.

Tuan Zi has already broken through to become a legendary fiend.

It was probably something formidable for it to be so fearful.

And Shangguan Wan… She vaguely felt that something was amiss. But since we were already here and theres no way to move back, we can only go for it!

The few of them continued walking forward.

They were very fast, and after about ten minutes or so, they finally heard some sounds coming from the front.

Mu Qinghe immediately looked over and faintly saw a group of figures.

They were the Black Guards, but they numbered much more than what Zhu Hong had said.

Giving a rough estimate, there were at least a hundred people.

Mu Qinghe was about to go over when he suddenly realized that those few people were all tightly bound by the tree roots, especially those on the outer side.

They were all filled with injuries and hanging onto their last breaths.

A few of them were already unconscious.

Nobody knew if they fainted, or…

Those few roots seemed to be trying to separate them, but the crowd of soldiers was huddled together tightly as they continuously struggled with those crazy roots.

The scene looked very tragic.

The crowd that followed all fell into silence, and they couldnt hide their shock when they saw this scene.

Mu Qinghes expression was terrifyingly cold, and he immediately wanted to go forward.

“Lieutenant Mu, I think its inappropriate if you suddenly rush forward like that, right” said Chu Liuyue suddenly.

Mu Qinghe turned around, and his gaze was knife-like.

“What do you want to say”

Chu Liuyue smiled and pointed toward the place where the roots were entangled.

“As long as we solve this, we can naturally save them.

If not, youre just wasting your efforts.”

Mu Qinghe looked at Chu Liuyue calmly for a while, and the anger and impulsiveness in his heart gradually subsided. Chu Liuyue is right.

Given the current situation, we need to act sensibly, not rashly.

The previous scene was too impactful toward me, so I almost just rushed over instantly.

“You have a way”

She nodded.


A tree root flew over.

Shangguan Wan raised her hand, and she gently slid her hand across the roots.

That fresh blood rapidly entered her palms and then went toward the dark-green fireball in her dantian.

The nourished force then flowed out of the fireball and spread toward Shangguan Wans limbs and bones.

Detecting that another portion of her Yuan meridian had healed, Shangguan Wan sighed deeply. Having strength again… It feels too great!

She already couldnt remember how long she had waited for this day.

As long as I just persist for a while longer and absorb enough energy, I can completely recover! Shangguan Wan flicked the root away and looked at her hands.

Her skin had already gradually turned from the initial blood-red color to a normal color. I believe that without long, I can—

Suddenly, Shangguan Wans face changed.

Her chest heaved up and down violently until her legs went soft, and she kneeled on the ground.

The pure gold armor hit the stone table and made a low sound.

Shangguan Wans gaze almost broke. The net I had meticulously set up was directly cut down by someone! That was a total of a hundred-plus people! If I had succeeded this time, I would basically recover completely! However, I was actually stopped by someone just like that!

The energy erupted in Shangguan Wans chest, and it almost tore her organs apart.

Blood kept oozing out of her mouth, and it rapidly spread across the ground.

Some of it even landed on the front of the pure gold armor.

“Who is it I must cut you up into pieces!” Shangguan Wan hollered as her eyes turned red, and her expression turned maniacal.

Suddenly, the air in front of her started vibrating violently.

Then, a rainbow light flashed across.

A red ball of fire containing a tremendous force went toward her glabella.


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