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At that moment, Zhu Hong thought that he was hallucinating.

He closed his eyes, but he discovered that the person didnt disappear.

Instead, that person continued walking toward this side.

And… he had seen this face before!

“C-Chu Liuyue!” muttered Zhu Hong in disbelief.

Chu Liuyue had already arrived in front of him.

When she saw Zhu Hongs situation, she gathered her focus. More than half of his body has already sunk into this black soil, and hes still dragging four people behind him.

It looks like theyve all fainted, and theyre all relying on Zhu Hong using a string to tie all of them together so that they dont get separated from each other.

But Zhu Hongs face is ghastly, and hes hanging onto his last breath as if he has exhausted most of his energy and cant hold on any longer.

Chu Liuyue immediately stretched out her hand.

“Zhu Hong, give me your hand.”

Seeing this white and slim hand, Zhu Hong finally realized: This is really Chu Liuyue!

Zhu Hong stretched out his hand dazedly.

Lei Laosi immediately went forward, grabbed Zhu Hongs wrist, and exerted strength. How can I let Her Highness do this kind of thing…

Lei Laosi was very strong and had natural godly powers, so he easily dragged the few people out.

Before Zhu Hong could even react, he was already away from the terrifying soil.

Lei Laosi set up a barrier and covered the few of them.

This way, they wouldnt drop down so easily anymore.

Chu Liuyue smiled and glanced at Lei Laosi.

“Thank you so much for helping, Big Brother Lei.”

Lei Laosis eyelids twitched. I havent seen Her Highness in such a long time.

How did she suddenly become such a jokester Hearing the calls ofBig Brother is really making my legs go weak!

“Y-youre welcome! I should do it, I should do it!” Lei Laosi coughed and turned away.

Chu Liuyue teased him, and her lips curled up slightly before she looked toward Zhu Hong and the few people he brought along. Theyre indeed people from Dragon Teeth Mountain.

Chu Liuyue took out a bottle of pills and handed it to Zhu Hong.

“Recover your energy.”

Zhu Hong instinctively lifted his hand and accepted the pill bottle.

When he opened the bottle, an intense fragrance wafted toward his nose.

Zhu Hong was shocked. The standard of these pills isnt low, and the herbs needed to refine them are very precious.

Its extremely hard for normal people to have one pill, yet Chu Liuyue has an entire bottle! However, she is so willing to give it to me, which proves her generosity.

Zhu Hong was originally a little embarrassed, but thinking about his current situation, he still chose to accept it after hesitating for a moment.

The pill immediately dissolved upon putting it into his mouth, and a gentle strength spread toward his limbs and bones from his chest.

Very quickly, Zhu Hong looked much better.

He looked at Chu Liuyue with a conflicted gaze.

“…I really dont know how to thank you.”

He originally planned to help Chu Liuyue and the rest when they first came, but he didnt expect that they were the ones who helped him in the end…

“May I know who this is—” He glanced at Lei Laosi nervously. I can confirm that this man didnt come with us, but hes extremely strong! Even just by standing in front of him, I can feel his vague suppression! Since when did Chu Liuyue know such a strong warrior

“This is Big Brother Lei Laosi.

We accidentally bumped into him in the Mystic Forest, and hes helped us quite a bit.” She looked at Lei Laosi again.

“This is Zhu Hong.

Hes in charge of bringing the Dragon Teeth Mountain disciples over.”

Lei Laosi scrutinized Zhu Hong.

Zhu Hong instantly became nervous.

“Youre a pretty loyal fellow!” Lei Laosi chuckled.

“Not bad! Youre a real man!”

He could tell that if Zhu Hong wanted to escape by himself, he could totally do it.

However, he still chose to bring all these people along.

It was rare to have such determination.

Zhu Hong heaved a sigh of relief and smiled bitterly and helplessly.

“Were all from the same clan, and this is what I should do.

However… Im still useless in the end.

If it wasnt because I met you, Im afraid—”

Then, he passed the jade bottle back to Chu Liuyue.

But Chu Liuyue shook her head.

“Keep this item first.

You can feed them a pill later when we find a better location.”

There seemed to be a warm liquid circulating in Zhu Hongs heart as his lips moved.

Finally, he said two words seriously: “Thank you!”

Chu Liuyue smiled.

“Well go over there first.

Hongyu is very worried about you.”

“Hongyu is there too” Zhu Hong widened his eyes in shock.

Chu Liuyue lightly nodded and was about to turn around.


An air-piercing sound was heard.

Chu Liuyues gaze focused, and she looked up.

She saw a root as thick as an adults waist suddenly fly over—it was ferocious and very fast!

Zhu Hongs expression changed.

“Quickly, escape! This thing is dangerous!”

We previously met with this thing, so we ended up in that state!

Chu Liuyues eyes turned cold and sharp as she flung her hand.

A sharp dagger flew out!


The dagger directly cut the root apart from the middle, and red liquid immediately exploded out.

The bloody smell was so intense that it was suffocating.

That tree root thrashed around crazily as if it wanted to go near them again.

Chu Liuyue sneered coldly.

The next moment, two thin flying blades flew out of the dagger!

She heard two continuous sounds!

That root was actually cut uniformly!


Two parts of the root fell down at the same time, and the soil moved and quickly drowned them.

Chu Liuyue raised her hand, and the dagger flew back.

The two thin flying blades that were like a pair of cicada wings quickly stuck back on it.

It was very clean and didnt leave a trace behind.

Chu Liuyue glanced at it in satisfaction and retracted the dagger.

The entire process was very smooth, and it ended in one breath.

Zhu Hong watched on with his eyes wide open and mouth agape. W-what did Chu Liuyue do just now She actually settled the maniacal root so easily!

Chu Liuyue glanced at the half-root that escaped deeply and smiled slightly.

“Lets go!”

At the same time, on the other side.

Shangguan Wan lowly grunted, and blood oozed out of the corner of her mouth.

She was shocked and enraged as her flushed face contorted.

The strange black symbol on her glabella also moved along.

Someone actually stopped my attack so easily! Those few people are all talents with a Dijing Yuan meridian! Originally, I could already get them, but I didnt expect—

“W-Who did it” Shangguan Wan clenched her teeth tightly.

Even though her view was extensive and almost covered the entire Mystic Forest, there was a crucial point: She could only feel the existence of the people who had been trapped by the rolling leaf firs.

She didnt know about the rest, so she also couldnt guess who exactly did it.

But… There are a few people who arent within my view from the start—Chu Liuyues people! Shangguan Wan couldnt help but suspect Chu Liuyue, but she wasnt too sure either.

This was because she didnt feel that Chu Liuyue had such capabilities!

Could it be… There are some other strong existences here! Shangguan Wan was extremely confused, but she only struggled with it for a while before she temporarily set the matter aside. If this group of people wont do, Ill change to someone else! Ive already healed a quarter of my Yuan meridian.

Without long, I can completely recover!

A dark-green light flashed across the bottom of Shangguan Wans eyes.


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