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“This person isnt the Third Princess!” Elder Qiuxi also walked over, and he was shocked as he couldnt help but blurt out that sentence.

“Isnt this directly below the mother tree The Third Princess clearly jumped down from here previously, so why isnt she here”

Jiang Yucheng coldly said, “This black soil moves.

After such a long time, she mightve gone to a place we dont know of.”

Elder Qiuxi slapped his forehead.

“I actually forgot about this… Then, isnt it much harder to find the Third Princess”

Nobody spoke to answer him.

Elder Qiuxi finally felt a little awkward.

At this point, Mu Qinghe and the rest also caught up with them.

When Ye Ranran saw that womans face, she gasped.

“I-isnt she the new disciple that Jiu Xing Alliance accepted”

Among all the Jiu Xing Alliance disciples, she had the deepest impression of this woman.

She didnt expect to meet this woman again in such a scenario!

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Its her.”

“How can it be… Arent Jiu Xing Alliances people extra protective of her Oh right, where are the other Jiu Xing Alliance disciples” muttered Ye Ranran softly as she turned around to survey the surroundings.

However, she didnt discover anybody.

“There seems to be only herself here.

The other people from Jiu Xing Alliance are all not around.” Chu Liuyue shook her head.

After she confirmed this womans identity earlier, she already checked the surroundings and didnt see an extra figure anywhere.

Mu Qinghe scrutinized that woman and said in a low voice, “She shouldve been separated from the rest and came here alone.

Then, she was squeezed to death by the rolling leaf fir.”

Upon closer look, her body did have the signs of being tightly wound by something.

“…That rolling leaf fir is really terrifying…” Ye Ranran was scared, and she looked conflicted.

She originally wanted to find a chance to get Jiu Xing Alliances people to repay this debt, but she didnt expect…

Now, she had already guessed what happened before. The wilted trees… Perhaps they all have people trapped underneath! In this case, it means that the thousand-plus people that came to the Mystic Forest are all in such a scenario.

We dont know how many of them have already quietly died here like this woman!

Thinking of this, it really chilled ones heart.

“She wasnt constricted to death by the root.” A crisp and calm voice suddenly sounded.

The crowd kept quiet.

Mu Qinghe looked at Chu Liuyue.

“What did you say”

Chu Liuyue raised her chin.

Her gaze was light, but her eyes were stable and stubborn.

“She shouldnt look like this if she was constricted to death by the root.”

Mu Qinghe went two steps closer and used the light from the fire to have a clearer view.

Shock then flashed across his eyes.

He kept quiet for a moment and finally nodded.

“I saw wrongly.

She shouldnt have died because of this.”

Ive seen what people look like when theyre constricted to death by the root, and this woman… Her death is too strange and weird! But the weirder thing is…

Chu Liuyue continued, “Her bodys force completely disappeared.”

Mu Qinghe pressed his lips against each other. This is also what I just found out.

“What does that mean” Mu Hongyu couldnt help but ask when she heard this as she comforted Ye Ranran.

Chu Liuyue explained, “After a cultivator dies, the force accumulated in their body wont immediately disappear even if their life is gone.

This is especially so for people who have decent abilities and talents… Within her muscles, blood, and bones, there must be a lot of force.

She looked like she died not long ago, but all the force in her body is gone.”

Chu Liuyues words attracted the crowds attention.

“I knew it!” Lei Laosi had a high cultivation level and was naturally more sensitive toward this.

“Her bodys force seemed to have been sucked away by something very cleanly, without leaving a single trace behind! Wait a minute! Her pearl of essence also seems to be destroyed!”

Lei Laosi used his force to check, and he looked stunned.

Jiang Yuchengs lashes moved, and he looked down slightly.

Chu Liuyue saw this clearly from the side, and she chuckled in her heart. It seems like Jiang Yucheng clearly knows what Shangguan Wan is doing.

If I didnt recall wrongly, this woman has a Dijing Yuan meridian.

“It seems like something has absorbed her strength, and the rolling leaf fir was just a convenient tool,” said Qin Yi lightly.

The crowd fell into silence together.

This was probably the only possibility in this situation.

“What exactly used such a ruthless and horrifying method” Ye Ranran was young and had never witnessed such a scene before, so she was petrified and enraged.

Elder Qiuxi was very worried.

“I didnt know that theres actually such a terrible thing in this place! We must find the Third Princess as soon as possible! If not…”

Chu Liuyues lips curled up undetectably.

“Elder Qiuxi, you dont have to worry.

The Third Princess is very blessed, and shell definitely be safe and sound even if others meet with danger.”

Elder Qiuxi was stumped as he felt that Chu Liuyues words sounded weird, but he didnt know how to retort her, so he could only fling his sleeves.

“Anyway, its most important to find the Third Princess first!”

Chu Liuyue couldnt be bothered with her. Im afraid Shangguan Wan doesnt want us to find her now.

“Save me! Save me!” A hoarse cry for help could be heard from far away.

Chu Liuyue found this voice familiar, and she looked in the direction of the sound.

Mu Hongyus eyes widened.

“Its Senior Brother Zhu Hongs voice!”

Its actually someone from Dragon Teeth Mountain

Mu Hongyu was very worried, but she was stopped by Qin Yi when she wanted to go over.

“If you leave this barrier, youll be sucked by this black soil in less than 15 minutes.”

Mu Hongyu was shocked and stopped in her tracks as she looked anxious.

“B-but thats Senior Brother Zhu Hong…”

“Its not only him,” said Chu Liuyue suddenly.

There seemed to be quite a few people in that dark shadow.

She gave Mu Hongyu a reassuring look.

“Dont worry.

Ill go take a look.”

Then, she flew in that direction.

Perhaps it was because of the red-tailed phoenix, but she clearly could move around much more freely as compared to the others.

Mu Hongyu nodded and stared at her closely.

Lei Laosi hurriedly followed her.

“Save me… cough, cough! Save—” The nearer she got, the clearer Zhu Hongs voice was.

He struggled in the black soil with much difficulty, and he dragged along a few people that had fainted.

The surroundings were pitch black, and their bodies kept sinking in as the force in their body continuously flowed out.

His entire body seemed to be gradually turning cold, and a deep sense of hopelessness filled his heart. Am I… really going to die here When I came, I said that I wanted to take good care of the disciples in my clan… But now…

Zhu Hongs voice gradually became softer as he laughed bitterly. Who can hear me when I cry for help in such a space I have already exhausted my strength, and I really cant hang on anymore…

Zhu Hong closed his eyes.

“Zhu Hong” A womans clear voice was suddenly heard.

Zhu Hong opened his eyes and tried his best to look over.

A figure was coming toward him.

The red light shone on her figure, and it was like a sharp knife that tore through the darkness, blooming in colorful light!


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