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When Yan Ge heard the quoted price, he wasnt too surprised, but he still looked at Chu Liuyue with shock and uncertainty as he held the piece of paper with trembling hands.

“This… Big Chu Missy, are you really going to sell this”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“I believe Second Master Yan should know that you arent at a disadvantage at all with this price, right”

Yan Ge laughed bitterly.

Of course, he knew that he was not at a loss if he used 300,000 taels to exchange for this piece of paper.

He would even profit quite a fair bit.

However, the important thing was that this item was risky.

“Big Chu Missy, this… youve really given me a hot potato.” This was because this piece of paper was actually a title deed! Besides, it was not an ordinary title deed.

It was the title deed for a hunting ground outside the Imperial City.

The so-called hunting ground was actually a place specifically used to train fiends.

In Mainland Xuan Wu, fiends were split into nine different levels—where level one was the weakest, and level nine the strongest.

Fiends had unreasonable personalities.

They demanded freedom and would not be ordered around by people.

However, once it made a vow with a human, they would be very loyal and become the humans capable assistant.

Normally, a person could only establish a bond with one fiend.

However, if the fiend died, humans could continue searching for other fiends to make another vow with.

A higher level fiend was much stronger and could help humans even more.

It was precisely because of this that the cultivators in Mainland Xuan Wu were all vying for fiends, especially ones that were of higher level.

However, how could fiends be so easily found

An average cultivator could usually only venture into dangerous territories on their own, risking their lives to find fiends.

However, it was different for families with authority.

Since they usually chose to build their own hunting grounds.

All they had to do was find a suitable place and gather a few fiends, which would save a lot of trouble for them.

They could then allow their clans disciples to choose any fiend they liked.

They could even convert it into a training ground to strengthen the younger cultivators capabilities.

They would be more than happy to make this one move with multiple benefits.

Although this sounded simple, it actually required a lot of effort and wealth to build a hunting ground.

It was also because of this that only families with superior wealth could afford it, other than the royal family.

Even the Chu family only had one hunting ground.

Recently, the Chu family was gradually losing their power; it seemed like it would be hard for them to keep the hunting ground.

Among the fiends there, the one with the highest cultivation was Jin Wanghu—a level five fiend.

He was a fiend the Chu familys master—Chu Zhong—had raised 20 years ago.

However, the hunting ground title deed that Chu Liuyue produced was not the Chu familys, but her own…

The only reason why an invalid like her, who had been bullied multiple times, could have such a thing was because of her marriage agreement with the Crown Prince—Rong Jin.

When she was first born, Chu Ning was still the most outstanding talent from that Chu familys generation, and he faintly had the power to take over the Chu family.

In addition to his fortitude and loyalty, he was well-loved by the Emperor, so once she was born, the Emperor immediately set up a marriage agreement between her and the Crown Prince.

When she reached 14 years of age, they would officially be engaged, and she would become the Crown Princess.

The hunting ground title deed was gifted to Chu Liuyue by the Emperor back then.

At that time, Chu Liuyue had already become the envy of countless people when she was just an infant.

However, who would have known she would be born an invalid—she had a lacking Yuan meridian.

From then on, she became Country Yao Chens laughingstock.

In a world where the strong were superior, the presence of weakness was a mistake on its own.

When Chu Ning and his daughter fell into desolation, he did not forget about the hunting ground.

However, in actual fact, it was long controlled by the Crown Prince.

Chu Ning had asked to see the Crown Prince a few times to ask for help, but he was always ignored.

Of course, he knew what it meant.

Since then, he had no longer wished for anything more.

The original Chu Liuyue always felt that she was not good enough for the Crown Prince, so she did not even think about it.

It was a pity that the current Chu Liuyue was someone else.

Her principle in life was very simple—if one was kind to her, she would be a thousand-fold kinder; if one bullied her, she would definitely take her revenge and make that person suffer even more.


It was impossible that the Crown Prince did not know what kind of lives her father and her were living, but he did not take any action at all.

Then… what was the point of having the title deed

“I know, so I came to find Second Master Yan.

Why Can Zhen Bao Pavilion not afford to accept this title deed” asked Chu Liuyue as she extended her hands to take back the paper as if she was disappointed.

Second Master Yan hurriedly and carefully stowed the title deed into his sleeves and chuckled.

“Just listen to what youre saying! I dont dare to guarantee anything else, but in Country Yao Chen, there isnt any business that Zhen Bao Pavilion doesnt dare to take.

Since you dare to send money to our door, well naturally dare to accept it.”

The calm Chu Liuyue giggled.

“My name—Chu Liuyue—is clearly written on the title deed.

What wouldnt I dare to do”

Everyone knew that this title deed was gifted to her by the Emperor.

However, she was just an invalid now.

No matter which aspect one looked at, she had no right to be the Crown Princess.

If she had a bit of humility, she would take the initiative and return the title deed.

However, why would Chu Liuyue do such a stupid thing

Since they were mean to her, she would do the same.


Before she came, she had already found out that Zhen Bao Pavilion held a special status, and everyone in the Imperial City was very polite to them.

Zhen Bao Pavilion was the only option as others would not dare to accept the title deed.

Truly, it was just like what she had expected.

Zhen Bao Pavilion really could take this business deal.


Yan Ge sized the young girl in front of him in detail once again.

This is weird, extremely weird… Rumors say that the Big Missy of the Chu family was born as an invalid, that she was weak and useless, and could even be bullied by the slaves in the Chu family.

However, the person in front of me is clearly different.

She is decisive, determined, generous, and calm.

Even though her clothes are torn and tattered, her entire body exudes a strange distinguished aura.

Her face still looks young, but one can tell that it reveals a rarely seen calm composure. 

He had only seen this aura in one person before…


“Haha! Great! Our Zhen Bao Pavilion will accept this deal! Do you want it in banknotes or…” Yan Ge rubbed his hands excitedly.

That hunting ground contained quite a few fiends after the Crown Princes meticulous care of it, and it was extremely valuable.

This was a very profitable deal.

However, Chu Liuyue shook her head.

“Lets not rush into things.

I want to pick a few items first.”

Yan Ge was taken aback and immediately said, “What would you like Ill immediately get someone to get it for you.” At this point in time, he would no longer take the young girl in front of him as the rumored lowly invalid that could be bullied by anyone.

Chu Liuyues eyes sparkled slightly.

“I want a ten-year-old bamboo leaf, ice stone, Artemisia annua, 30-year-old hirsute shiny bugleweed, mulberry leaf…” As she spoke, she took out another piece of paper.

“Just prepare the items on the list for me.”

Yan Ge took it and took a closer look in confusion.

Initially, he thought that Chu Liuyue would pick a few valuable items, but he did not expect it to be these herbs.

Some of them were quite common, but the items became increasingly valuable as he read through the list.

“Heh, dont worry.

At any other place, they might not be able to give you everything that you want on this list, but our Zhen Bao Pavilion will definitely satisfy you!”

Zhen Bao Pavilion dabbled in many trades, including medicine and herbs.

“However, these items are worth 20,000 silver taels when you add it up.

As for the rest…”

Chu Liuyues eyebrows raised slightly.

“Just give me 10,000 in banknotes.

Second Master Yan, you can keep the rest since I want you to deliver the items on the list to me every three days.”


“What” Yan Ge, who experienced all sorts of scenes, could not help but widen his eyes.

Two hundred thousand taels, which meant that he had to deliver the items on the list ten times in one short month!

“Is it difficult for you”

“No, no! Not at all! Our Zhen Bao Pavilion will definitely not disappoint you.

Just that… do you want me to deliver these items to the Chu family” asked Yan Ge tentatively.

Chu Liuyue turned around and looked in a certain direction outside the window as she laughed with deeper meaning.

“Of course.

Im the Big Missy of the Chu family; the items I buy naturally have to be officially delivered in from the main entrance.”

Want to spy on me Ill let you look as long as you want!


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