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Chapter 69: Good Things Come in Pairs

Upon hearing this, it became obvious that Chu Liuyue had this planned already! She had secretly purchased a mansion and waited till she was accepted into Tian Lu Academy before completely turning against the family!

This way, she could get rid of the Chu family once and for all!

First Elder and the others almost passed out from anger once they realized that Chu Liuyue had made all the preparations.

If it was in the past, there wouldnt be any objections if Chu Ning and Chu Liuyue did this.

They would even be secretly glad to rid themselves of the two black sheep.

However, Chu Liuyues status had changed drastically.

This was equivalent to them being abandoned by Chu Liuyue.

If word of this incident got out, the Chu family would lose face!

“First Elder, Chu Liuyue has simply gone too far.

I think we really dont have to keep her any longer!” Chu Yan took a deep breath and started to persuade First Elder.

They could afford to be embarrassed.

What mattered most was to nip this in the bud completely!

Nevertheless, not everyone agreed with Chu Yan.

“I dont think we should be so rash.

After all, Chu Liuyue is now a rare genius.

The other family clans yearn to have one but cant.

If we let her go just like that, itll be our great loss.”

“Thats right! Besides, they are the Chu familys trueborn direct descendants.

The matter of severing ties is of great importance.

Our family head is not around, so we have to be extremely careful…”

First Elder was unhappy to hear their opinions.

He coldly glared at the ones who dared to speak up.

“What Do you not trust me Or you think I dont have the authority to decide”

“Dont get us wrong, First Elder.

Thats not what we meant…”

“Hmph! Chu Liuyue is conniving and unscrupulous! Minmin is her sister, yet she wounded her mercilessly! Moreover, she harbors a grudge against us.

If we keep such a cruel person, she is bound to wreak havoc in the Chu family!” said Chu Yan with contempt.

First Elder looked uncertain, and he was silent for a long time.

After he got over the shock, he carefully considered it and was eager to agree to this matter immediately.

Among other issues, the relationship between him and Chu Ning, as well as Chu Liuyue, was strained.

They even had an ongoing feud.

He absolutely didnt believe that they didnt hate him.

If Chu Liuyue remains in the Chu family, she will definitely be highly regarded in the future.

When she reaches adulthood, I fear that my bitter days will come! Nevertheless, it will be hard to explain to the family head.

“First Elder, Chu Liuyue may be gifted, but she is stubborn and vicious.

She really cant stay! Besides, her future wont be easy after leaving the family.

We dont have to worry about the consequences.

As for Chu Ning, whats there to be concerned about a cripple” said Chu Yan softly.

First Elder clenched his teeth.

“Someone, bring me a pen and paper!”

Chu Liuyue is the one who brought this up.

Even if the family head does come out of his seclusion and seeks accountability, it will be Chu Liuyues fault!

“Dont bother.

I have already written the declaration for severance and property division.” After that, Chu Liuyue really took out two pieces of paper from her bosom and handed them over sincerely.

“First Elder, I just need your fingerprint on the papers.”

A few snickers could be heard coming from the crowd.

Chu Liuyue was really heartless; she had prepared everything beforehand!

First Elders face reddened.

He almost exploded with anger! He snatched the two pieces of paper and read through them once while suppressing his anger.

Once he was sure that the papers were in order, he bit his finger hard without hesitation and pressed it onto the papers!

“Take it! From today onwards, you are no longer a member of our family!” First Elder angrily threw the two pieces of paper back to Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue didnt mind at all.

She examined the bright-red fingerprints and waved the two pieces of papers with a smile on her lips.

“Great! From now on, Ill hit the high road while you cross the log bridge! However, please remember to send the things on the list to my residence within three days.

I dont like to leave my stuff with others.”

“Get lost!” First Elder finally lost it.

He shouted in anger, then threw his hands up before leaving and saying, “Close the gates!”

As soon as First Elder said that, a surprised feminine voice called out from not far away.

“Oh, so many people are here.

Whats happening”

Everyone turned in the direction of that voice and saw a pale, beardless man dressed in official attire.

He was definitely from the palace!

The crowd parted to make a path for him.

That man approached curiously.

Finally, he saw Chu Liuyue, First Elder, and the others at the gate.

He was suddenly happy.

“My goodness, isnt this Big Chu Missy His Majesty is so pleased to hear that youve been accepted into Tian Lu Academy!”

Chu Liuyue smiled and bowed.

“Eunuch Min, youre too kind.

I will be sure to head to the palace to thank His Majesty personally another day.”

Eunuch Min was a popular person by His Majestys side.

His status was more prestigious compared to the average courtiers.

Nobody should offend him.

First Elder coughed, quickly adjusted his expression, and forced a smile onto his face.

“Eunuch Min, what brings you here Does His Majesty need something”

“Oh! Im here to announce the good news! Its a double blessing for your family today!”

“Double blessings May I know what you are talking about”

Eunuch Min gave a joyous smile, gesturing with his thumb and middle finger joined while extending the rest of his fingers.

“Naturally, the first blessing is that your Big Missy has been admitted into Tian Lu Academy.

She also did exceptionally well, taking second place in the Xuan Master assessment and first place for the warrior assessment.

“The second blessing is that Lord Chu Ning has successfully broken through to become a stage-five warrior after recovering from his old injuries! His Majesty is so pleased that he has appointed Lord Chu Ning to be the imperial guards Commander in Chief! Im here to give you these two pieces of good news! Two good things have happened to your family.

It has caused many to be envious!”


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