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Early the next morning, Rong Xiu left Xi Ling along with Yan Qing, Yu Mo, and 36 Respected Elder Ming.

Although Chu Liuyue was reluctant to part with him, there was nothing she could do about it except secretly hope that she could quickly settle matters here.

The snow on the pavement had been cleared.

After sending them off, she made her way back to Chong Xu Cabinet.

Meanwhile, Weichi Song and Elder Xia Yi were currently discussing the Dahuang Swamp trip.

Unlike the other sects, Chong Xu Cabinets members werent exactly excited about this matter.

Having luckily survived the series of attacks that occurred over the past two years, they preferred to cultivate in a slow but steady manner than to gamble their lives on an uncertain chance.

Besides, there were barely a hundred disciples left in Chong Xu Cabinet.

It would be unwise of them to send so many people on such a risky trip.

What if something happened to them

Be it Weichi Song, Elder Xia Yi, or even the disciples themselves, all of them held very conservative views about this matter.

Furthermore, they would be traveling with the Third Princess and the other sects.

There was no telling what would happen on the trip.

“…This is a dangerous trip, and it may not be beneficial to us.

In my opinion… its better for us not to join them.

Dont you agree” probed Elder Xia Yi tentatively.

“Its not mandatory for us to go anyway.

The other sects might be more than happy to have us free up those ten slots!”

“That may be true, but tongues will surely wag if were the only ones not going… Weve just preserved our position as one of the top four sects, so Im afraid its inappropriate for us to pull out of this trip.” Weichi Song stroked his beard. Although this matter appears to be the result of a joint discussion between the royal family and the various sects, Song Luan never wouldve taken the initiative to propose this idea if he didnt have the Third Princesss permission.

In other words, we have to send our disciples on this trip, or well run the risk of offending the Third Princess.

Elder Xia Yis expression appeared grave as he furrowed his eyebrows.

“Cant we come to a compromise then Lets just pick a few people to go… Its justifiable for us to send fewer people since we dont have many disciples now.”

Weichi Song nodded in agreement.

“Thats an idea, but the question is… Who should we pick”

I dont think many are willing to go. Just as he was feeling troubled over who to pick, he heard a clear voice coming from outside.

“Ill go, Master!”

The two of them looked up in unison to see Chu Liuyue, dressed in red, entering the room from the snow.

“Youre back, Liuyue” Weichi Song was the first to speak.

Surprise colored his eyes as he sized Chu Liuyue up.

“Youre a stage-five warrior now”

Its only been two days since we last met, but shes broken through again!

Chu Liuyue blinked.

“I learned a lot at the clan competition, which led to my successful breakthrough.”

Weichi Song and Elder Xia Yi were speechless. This talent… That breakthrough speed… What can we say about that

A moment later, Weichi Song coughed and asked, “Did the Third Princess make things difficult for you”

She shook her head smilingly.

“No, she summoned me over just for a little chat.

I intended to come back yesterday, but I decided to stay at my mansion instead due to the heavy snow.”

It was only after making sure that she was indeed safe and sound that Weichi Song heaved a sigh of relief.

He had never had a good impression of Shangguan Wan and had always felt that she was scheming, petty, and narrow-minded.

Not only had she taken over Shangguan Yues rights, but she was also engaged to Jiang Yucheng.

Now that their wedding date was set, he found her even more disgusting than before.

He felt that if she really was close to Shangguan Yue, then she wouldnt have gotten together with the latters ex-fiancé.

Although he didnt speak much of it and rarely got involved with the royal familys affairs in the past two years, he was upset with many of the things that Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng did.

“Thats good to hear.” He nodded and then asked, “Did you say you want to go to Dahuang Swamp earlier”

Chu Liuyue nodded in all seriousness.


“Have you thought it through While there may be countless treasures hidden at Dahuang Swamp, its an extremely dangerous place.

Theres no telling what might happen on the trip.

Liuyue, youre a top talent, and your cultivation has been improving by leaps and bounds.

Theres truly no need for you to go there.

Are you sure you want to go” Having seen how Chu Liuyue dealt with the Messed Yuan Gravel, Weichi Song knew that she had an extraordinary trump card hidden up her sleeves.

In his opinion, she could easily break through and become a top warrior no matter where she cultivated, so there was no need for her to go to Dahuang Swamp.

Chu Liuyue smiled.

“My mind is set.

You dont have to persuade me otherwise.

Someone from Chong Xu Cabinet has to go anyway, and Im the best candidate of all.”

Being Weichi Songs disciple and the Wan Zheng Competitions winner, she was indeed the most suitable person if Chong Xu Cabinet sent out only a few people.

“Besides, I can protect myself well.

Ill be careful at all times, so you dont have to worry about me.”

Weichi Song and Elder Xia Yi exchanged looks with each other.

They could tell that Chu Liuyue seemingly wanted to go to Dahuang Swamp, and the reasons she provided were quite valid.

Still, Weichi Song hesitated for a long time before he finally agreed to it.

“Fine! I wont stop you then.

Just remember that your safety comes first! Dont put on a brave front in the face of danger, and remember to call for help if necessary.”

He was referring to the whistle he had given to her.

Chu Liuyues heart tingled as she said, “Dont worry, Master.

Ill do as you say.”

“Im going too.” Another familiar voice floated in from outside.

Chu Liuyue looked back and saw Qiang Wanzhou standing at the doorway.

There was no expression on his good-looking face.

Although there were a few soft golden locks partially covering his eyes, the determination and stubbornness in those eyes were unmistakable.

She smiled and was unsurprised by his decision since she had long guessed it.

She turned her head back to look at Weichi Song and Elder Xia Yi.

“Little Zhou is quite strong too, so it wont be a bad idea for him to go with me.

What do you think”

“That kid will obviously follow you! Even if we dont agree to it, hell definitely sneak out to follow you! Can we still say no to that then” Elder Xia Yi burst out chuckling. Qiang Wanzhou is like Chu Liuyues hanging accessory.

He goes wherever she goes and obeys her every word despite his aloof and unruly nature.

Its indeed not a bad idea to have him go with her since hes quite strong too.

Weichi Song let out a helpless laugh.

“You both may go then!”

“…Cabinet Master, Master, c-can I go too” A small head poked out from behind Qiang Wanzhou—the owner of that chubby little face was none other than Ye Ranran.

“You want to go too, Ranran” asked Elder Xia Yi in surprise.

In his eyes, the young Ye Ranran was still a little kid.

She had always been very obedient, so he didnt expect that shed want to go to such a dangerous place.

Ye Ranran shyly said, “I-I heard that many precious herbs can be found at Dahuang Swamp… Hence, I want to go and take a look…”

She truly wanted to go to that place.

Although she didnt speak of it, she had always harbored great enthusiasm and perseverance when it came to pill refining.

Thus, it was only natural that she wanted to visit Dahuang Swamp.

That place is really dangerous though… Elder Xia Yi frowned but didnt say anything for a long time.

Ye Ranran turned her puppy eyes to Chu Liuyue, who smiled and then looked toward Weichi Song and Elder Xia Yi.

“Let her join us.”


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