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Xia Mu looked up and saw a familiar face.


That demonically handsome and elegant face with a hint of smiling intent in his eyes made the man look like the peach flowers that bloomed in spring.

It was the most mesmerizing shade of spring in the world.


Rong Xiu!


He was wearing a white robe with a black cloak, and the superior black fox fur fitted nicely with his jade-like appearance like the bright moon in the darkness of the night.


At this point, he was sitting at the side and was tightly pressed down by the person in his arms.

One of his hands was on Xia Mus waist, and the other was forcefully pressed against the wall of the horse carriage.


It seemed like he was the one being bullied.


The duos bodies were stuck closely together.

They were so close that they took in each others breathing.


A small incense pot burned quietly in the horse carriage, causing the entire horse carriages atmosphere to become warm and romantic.


Invisibly, it made this rather spacious horse carriage much narrower.


Xia Mu paused in his actions, and his black gem-like eyes looked dazed for a while.


Rong Xiu raised his hand and removed the metal half-mask.

When he saw the ugly and contorted scar, not only was he not upset, but his lips even curved up.


“Its not very well done.

If one takes a closer look, they will definitely see through it.

Its no wonder youre so anxious.” As he spoke, his long fingers gently touched Xia Mus chin as he easily removed the disguise.


A beautiful face appeared in front of him.

If it isnt Chu Liuyue, who else could it be


Rong Xius gaze carefully swept past her face.

He hadnt seen her in a few days, but he had already gone crazy from missing her.


He held her face up, and his fingers gently caressed her soft lips, his eyes looking deep.

Then, he looked up slightly and leaned against the wall.


His jawline was perfectly smooth, and going lower was his Adams apple that jutted out and his tightly buttoned jade clasp, which shone under the bright light.


He looked at the girl in front of him—who hadnt recovered her senses yet—in a seemingly smiling manner.

“Do you want to continue”


His voice was low and lazy, and his ending tone went up slightly.

It was as if there was a hook that easily charmed ones heart.


When he spoke, his Adams apple vibrated with a lethal attraction.


Chu Liuyue stared at the jade button on his collar and felt that it was an eyesore. Would it be too tight for him to dress like this 




Chu Liuyues heart was suddenly caressed by something in a neither light nor strong manner, and it felt itchy.


Demon! She cursed silently in her heart.


“Hmph.” Chu Liuyue grunted from her nose and pretended not to understand what Rong Xiu was saying.

“Put me down!”


Continue what How can he have the mood to joke at a time like this!


However, Rong Xiu didnt release his hand on her waist.

His fingers moved slightly, silently removing Chu Liuyues belt, which then dropped down.


“Rong Xiu” Chu Liuyue softly whispered and looked at him in shock.


But the other moved even faster as he hugged her waist with one hand and quickly removed her outer clothes with the other.




When the clothes dropped down, they were even ripped.


Chu Liuyue was even more confused. What is Rong Xiu doing 


She watched as Rong Xiu quickly put away that layer of grayish-black clothes and quickly undid the red clothes that she had originally been wearing.


Chu Liuyue grabbed his wrist.


Just as she was about to say something, she suddenly heard a harsh, cold voice from outside.

“Stop right there!”


The horse detected danger as it answered and stopped.

It uneasily scratched its hooves against the ground and caused snow to fly everywhere.


A few auras rapidly approached.


Chu Liuyue was slightly shocked. Its Jiang Yucheng and his men! 


“Who is inside the horse carriage” Jiang Yuchengs cold and harsh voice sounded from outside.


Rong Xiu seemed to have completely ignored it as he carried Chu Liuyue up, looked down, and gave her a deep kiss.

He then held her thin waist with one hand while his other hand silently undid her tied-up hair.


Her hair dropped down.



Hearing that the horse carriage didnt make any noise, Jiang Yucheng was even more frustrated. In this snowy and icy place, the entire road is filled with snow.

Most people wouldve long headed home, and they wouldnt be outside loitering.

Why would someone be traveling on a horse carriage Also, nobody is driving this horse carriage.

Its just letting two horses pull it on.

Theres clearly a problem! 


“The Jiang Residence is currently chasing after an assassin! Everyone who passes by this area must be checked.

People in the carriage, youd better cooperate.

If not, dont blame me for being rude!”


The Jiang Residence guards that had followed him over had already completely surrounded the horse carriage.


The cold winds howled, and the tremendous suppression spread.

The air seemed to be frozen.


The people in the horse carriage didnt react at all.


Jiang Yuchengs eyes squinted dangerously. This horse carriage looks very spacious and elegant, but there is no indication of which aristocratic family the carriage belongs to.

Thus, it must not belong to someone of power.

If this is so, there is nothing to care about.

Besides, I—Jiang Yucheng—wouldnt be afraid even if its someone of authority.

If I want to check someone, who in Xi Ling City can stop me 


Thinking of this, his face turned cold, and he walked forward.


The sword tip moved up and suddenly lifted up the curtain.


Black flashed across his eyes as if a gigantic black feather flew across.


Jiang Yucheng furrowed his brows and looked within the horse carriage.

Once he saw it, he was suddenly shocked.


There were two people in the horse carriage.


A man in white was sitting within, and he was tightly hugging a girl in his arms.

That girl was wrapped in a black cloak from head to toe, and he could only see a small head leaning against the mans arms.


From Jiang Yuchengs perspective, he could only see that girls messy, soft, and shimmering hair.


Jiang Yucheng glanced at that man and knew exactly what was going on. Thinking of the flash of black earlier, it should be the man pulling the large cloak to wrap that woman up in a hurry. 


Jiang Yucheng didnt expect to meet with such a scene, and his expression turned dark.


On the other hand, after displeasure from being interrupted flashed across the man in whites face, his gaze looked much clearer.

Even though he had a tinge of charm in his eyes like the colors of spring, it was clear what exactly happened.


He buttoned his opened collar without a hurry and lowered his head to gently say something to the girl in his arms before looking up at Jiang Yucheng.

“Jiang Residence I believe you must be Eldest Young Master Jiang”


Jiang Yucheng suspiciously sized this man up.


Even though he was a man, he couldnt help but admit that the man in white in front of him had exquisite looks and that his aura was cold and elegant as if he were a fairy.


He himself was also one of the top few young masters in Xi Ling City, and he had always been called as the top beau in Xi Ling City all these years.

However, he paled in comparison to this man in white in front of him.


If I had seen this type of person before, I definitely would have an impression of him.

This also means that this man in white is very possibly not someone from Xi Ling. Thinking of this, he immediately became alert and coldly asked, “Who are you!”


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