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Speak of the devil. Jiang Yucheng knitted his brows. Why did Weichi Song come again The previous time we bid farewell at Thousand View Garden, I felt that it was amiss.

But after waiting for a month, Weichi Song didnt do anything.

Hence, I gradually set this incident aside.

I didnt expect him to suddenly come at this time.

Jiang Yucheng stood up and walked outside.

When he passed by Mu Qinghe, he paused.

“Go back first.

When you have the time later, go and ask Chu Liuyue some things.”

Mu Qinghe bowed and said, “Yes.”

Jiang Yucheng nodded gently and left.

When his figure completely disappeared, Mu Qinghe then looked up in the direction that Jiang Yucheng had left with a cold and stern expression. Thats weird… Jiang Yucheng seems to care especially much about Chu Liuyues incidents… Not only did he specifically ask me to come here to question me, but he even told me to investigate personally… He couldve just given this incident to the subordinates.

Jiang Yucheng has now told me to do it, which shows just how much he cares about this incident.

He brushed his considerations away and walked out.

When Jiang Yucheng arrived at the hall, Weichi Song was already waiting there.

A polite smell immediately surfaced on his face.

“Cabinet Master Weichi, what brings you here today”

Weichi Song had long noticed his footsteps, but he only spoke after the other reached him.

“I came here today because I had a few questions for you, Eldest Young Master Jiang.”

His expression looked calm, and one couldnt tell what he was feeling.

Jiang Yuchengs heart tingled for a moment as he didnt know why Weichi Song came this time.

“Haha! I have already heard about the clan competition.

I havent had the chance to congratulate you yet!”

A smile appeared on Weichi Songs face, but his gaze was cold.

“Eldest Young Master Jiang, youre too kind.”

Seeing his rather cold attitude, Jiang Yuchengs smile gradually faded.

He walked to the opposite end and sat down.

“Cabinet Master Weichi, what do you want to ask Just ask.

Ill definitely tell you everything that I know about it.”

Weichi Song kept quiet for a moment.

He then stared into the others eyes and asked, “Eldest Young Master Jiang, may I know if you have heard about Messed Yuan Gravel”

The room went silent temporarily.

Jiang Yucheng slowly said, “Ive heard of it before.

Master Weichi, why are you asking about this”

“Its a long story.

More than a year ago, my Chong Xu Cabinet was ambushed, and many of my clan members were injured or dead.

Until now, I still havent found the culprit.

After that night, countless herbs on Qing Yuan Mountain started wilting.

Ever since then, I also couldnt plant any more herbs.”

“For a long time, I have tried to discover the truth, but I just couldnt understand it at all.

It was only until a while ago I found my answer.

When Wanzhou arrived, he told me that Qing Yuan Mountain had Messed Yuan Gravel.

According to what he said, this Messed Yuan Gravel only belongs to Nan Jiang.

I thought for a while and felt that this incident was really strange.

Nan Jiang is deserted, and nobody goes there.

Who would specifically go there and get Messed Yuan Gravel to harm my Chong Xu Cabinet My conscience is clear, and I have lived my life honestly.

I am not guilty of anything.

I dont even know when I offended such a person and attracted such trouble.”

He paused for a moment, looked at Jiang Yuchengs eyes, and said carefully, “If I didnt remember wrongly, Eldest Young Master Jiang, you have gone to Nan Jiang before, right”

The air gradually froze.

Jiang Yuchengs expression was normal, and his lips even curved up into a smile.

“Master Weichi, are you suspecting that I am one of those culprits that harmed Chong Xu Cabinet”

Weichi Song gradually shook his head.

“Eldest Young Master Jiang, why would you think that way Wanzhou said that the person who put the Messed Yuan Gravel would suffer from its backlash after it is cleared away.

Even if they dont die, they wouldve been handicapped.

But Eldest Young Master Jiang, arent you doing well Even though I am anxious about this, I wont randomly suspect people.”

Jiang Yucheng furrowed his brows undetectably. Weichi Songs manner really doesnt look like he came to demand an explanation.

Then, why exactly did he come here and talk about it so specifically

He reacted for a moment and looked relieved.

“Hearing this, Im relieved.

I have always respected and admired you, so why would I do such a thing Then, you came here today…”

“I came here to ask for your help, Eldest Young Master Jiang.

Can you help me find out who the culprit is I remember that you brought along quite a few people when you went to Nan Jiang, right Could it be one of them”

Jiang Yucheng heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

“I see… No problem.

Since you have already found certain clues, Ill help you investigate it.

If its really related to one of my subordinates… I will really feel very bad.”

If Im really the one in charge of investigating this, Ill naturally have the results I want.

Weichi Song smiled.

“Since this is so, thank you.”

Jiang Yucheng cupped his hands.

“Master Weichi, you dont have to be this polite.

If you need help in any other way, just let me know.”

“Its not really anything major, but a little… I have been minding it in my heart.” Weichi Song showed hesitation.

Jiang Yucheng said, “Just say whatever you want.”

Weichi Song paused for a while and slowly asked, “I heard that you were looking for a medicine to revive the Princess when you went to Nan Jiang back then I wonder… What kind of medicine is it”

Jiang Yuchengs smile froze.

He forced himself to stay calm and asked, “You… Its a matter of the past.

Why would you suddenly talk about this”

Weichi Song looked at the other, and his eyes were so sharp that it seemed like he could see through the latter.

His every word and sentence was like thunder.

“Honestly speaking, I have been thinking about the past recently.

The more I think about it, the weirder I feel.

Princesss death… There are many doubtful points about it.

Eldest Young Master Jiang, I wonder if you have ever suspected… Princess, did she really cultivate crazily until she died”


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