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Following this was the seventh warrior match.

Jiu Xing Alliance sent out a beginner stage-six warrior.

The expressions of Chong Xu Cabinets crowd became a little serious.

This was because… There was only one stage-six warrior out of all those who hadnt competed, and he was also a beginner stage-six warrior!

If Jiu Xing Alliance still has more stage-six warriors to go up afterward, this would be very disadvantageous for us… Weichi Song thought for a moment and still let the remaining stage-six warrior up.

Zhang Hua looked around and slowly said, “Old Song, this seems to be your Chong Xu Cabinets last stage-six warrior, right… I dont think you have anyone else to send up for the remaining two matches, right”

Weichi Songs expression didnt change.

“Outsiders dont have to worry about my Chong Xu Cabinet.”

Zhang Hua wasnt annoyed either as he chuckled with disdain.

To the current him, Chong Xu Cabinet was just being stubborn till its death. With the competition progressing to this stage, the results have basically already been settled.

Theres no use no matter what else they do.

Our Jiu Xing Alliance only has to wait to win, and theres no use caring about what Weichi Song says.

Weichi Song stood with his hands behind his back and gradually clenched his fists tighter.

“Right, isnt Little Junior Brother also a stage-six warrior Itd be good if he were here…”

“Yeah! With him here, we might even be able to win a match…”

“Actually, its also good if Little Junior Sister comes.

Without certain capabilities, she wouldnt have been able to take first place in the Wan Zheng Competition and be even better than Little Junior Brother.”

“But the two of them cant even be seen at this point.

I think theyre not coming, right”

The Chong Xu Cabinet disciples were all very anxious in their hearts.

If they really lost to Jiu Xing Alliance in the end, their situation in Xi Ling City would definitely be even worse than before.

However, the only thing they could do now was to wait…

The waiting time seemed to be extra torturous.

The gazes of everyone in Chong Xu Cabinet were gathered at the competition venue.

Quite a few people had already paid attention to the battle between Ye Ranran and the man in blue since the start.

This was because this was the second-last heavenly doctor match.

At this point, the victory and loss for any match were even more important.

Ye Ranrans round face darkened as she was more serious than ever.

She placed her hands on the cauldron, and a white fire immediately rose up.

The surrounding temperature immediately decreased by quite a bit as a harsh, cold intent rose from the white fire.

Opposite her, the man in blues face changed. This fire…

“Fire of the Ice Crisps” Its no wonder why this lady was so confident.

Its because she had such a trump card!

According to legends, Fire of the Ice Crisps came from the bottom of an icy lake, and it was different from average fires.

It was totally white, and it contained very harsh cold intent.

However, the cold intent itself was extremely pure and was very useful for medicine refining.

In other words, heavenly doctors that had this Fire of the Ice Crisps could definitely produce pills that were more effective than the pills produced by other heavenly doctors of the same grade.

Some might even directly produce a higher-level pill.

The man in blue started to become uneasy, but his face hid this very well.

He retracted his gaze, turned his force into fire, and started refining the medicine.

Ye Ranran steadily placed the herbs she prepared earlier inside one by one.

The fire inside the cauldron clearly split into different areas as she refined the medicine at different temperatures.

Upon seeing this scene, quite a few people were surprised.

Ye Ranran looked quite young, but she was very familiar with medicine refining.

From her series of actions, one could tell that she was pretty talented as a heavenly doctor.

The man in blue unintentionally looked up, and his gaze wavered.

He could see very clearly that Ye Ranrans cauldron had four different areas. She can actually control so many…

One had to know that after so many years of diligent cultivation, he could only control three areas simultaneously.

He paused for a moment, but he still braved himself and took action.

As expected, the surrounding crowd quickly discussed softly after seeing his situation.

“I didnt expect Ye Ranran to be so talented and capable! I think she might really have a shot at winning this time!”

“Isnt that only natural Look at her methods and how familiar she is with them! Ye Ranran is clearly better!”

“Ye Ranran seems to be close to ten years younger than that man! In the end, that person isnt even as capable as Ye Ranran! Indeed, one shouldnt compare like that…”

“Chong Xu Cabinet sent her out, and they will definitely win this match!”

All sorts of discussions entered the man in blues ears continuously, making him more frustrated than ever.

When he was upset, it would inadvertently affect his attention.

Not long later, his herbs turned into nothing because he was distracted.

This made him panic even more.

On the other hand, Ye Ranrans eyes were glued to her cauldron from start to end, and her every action was as smooth as ever.

One could immediately tell who was better.

Due to this competition, the people from Jiu Xing Alliance also toned down their arrogant attitude.

Ye Ranrans match was going on very smoothly.

But for the warrior match, the people from Chong Xu Cabinet were very uneasy.

Both of them had the same beginner stage-six warrior cultivation level, so it was originally hard to tell who would win.

Each of them took turns and slaughtered each other, but in the end, they fell into a very tense stalemate.

The surrounding noises gradually softened.

In the end, the seventh warrior match between the two parties finally concluded with a tie after about an hour after the duel started.

This conclusion wasnt good or bad, but it didnt mean much to the current Chong Xu Cabinet.

They were currently quite behind Jiu Xing Alliance, so ties definitely werent enough.

They had to win in order to make a comeback! However, there werent many matches left.

If they continued losing… They really couldnt salvage the situation!

Not long later, Ye Ranrans match had also ended.

The pill she refined was a whole level above the other partys pill.

She won completely!

Hearing them announce that she won, Ye Ranran finally heaved a sigh of relief as she put away her pills and cauldron before quickly returning to Weichi Song and the rest.

Her tiny, round face was filled with emotions.

“Cabinet Master! Luckily, I didnt embarrass you!”

Weichi Song nodded in comfort.

“You did very well.

It was tough on you.”

A cold chuckle suddenly sounded.

“Old Song, it cant be that you havent realized that you have no more chance of winning at this point, right”

Zhang Hua stroked his chin and mocked, “Even with Ye Ranrans victory, youre still three points behind us.

However, there are only four matches left.

Unless you win all four of the matches, you definitely wont be able to protect your position as one of the top four clans!”

His gaze slowly swept across everyone from Chong Xu Cabinet.

“I think, why dont you just surrender now This way, you wont increase your number of casualties.

Pfft, Chong Xu Cabinet originally didnt have many disciples.

If you accidentally injure a few… Im afraid there would be nobody left in your entire Chong Xu Cabinet, right”

The crowds expression was filled with anger from tolerance. Hes just bullying us!

Coincidentally, a clear and powerful voice came from afar at this moment.

“Who said that Chong Xu Cabinet has nobody left!”


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