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“I cant be sure now, but there arent many people who dare to attack you so openly.”

Jiang Yuzhi couldnt care about being wronged and angry as she hurriedly said, “Since you know its them, go and catch them then!”

“How can it be this easy” Jiang Yucheng furrowed his brows and walked to the side.

“Theres currently no evidence which can prove that they did it, so how can we randomly catch someone Besides, you didnt even see that persons face.

How can we just take them away”

Jiang Yuzhi was dazed.

“T-then, go and check! Brother, dont you have a few capable subordinates—”

“The other party had such audacity, which meant that they werent afraid of being checked.

Besides, Hundred Herbs Building is so famous in Xi Ling, so how can I just check them as you wish”

That is the biggest herbal store in Xi Ling! Even if its me, I have to think about it before taking action.

Jiang Yuzhi pondered for a while before asking in disbelief, “A-are we just going to let this incident go then So Ill just get beaten up for no reason”

Jiang Yucheng kept quiet for a moment and said, “I heard that Yue Ling personally commanded someone toinvite you out that day.

I have seen him a few times before, and hes very sensible and wise.

If he didnt meet with a special situation, he wouldnt act so harshly.

Besides, he clearly knew your identity, yet he still insisted on doing this.

This just shows how severe the situation was.

What… exactly did you do that day”

Jiang Yuzhi clenched her teeth and felt conflicted for quite some time before saying, “I just scolded Chu Liuyue a little…”

Jiang Yucheng froze.

Seeing that she couldnt hide this matter anymore, Jiang Yuzhi could only tell her brother about whatever happened that day.

“…If they didnt refuse to give me those herbs no matter what, I wouldnt do that either!”

After saying so much, it was still Chu Liuyues fault!

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yuchengs face darkened. She really went to cause trouble for Chu Liuyue! The key is that she even went to Hundred Herbs Building! Even if she went to cause trouble for Chu Liuyue head-on, it would be better than this!

“How did I warn you previously Did you forget about all of that” Jiang Yuchengs voice was as cold as ice.

Jiang Yuzhi shuddered.

An idea popped up into her head, and she hurriedly said, “No! Brother, this isnt right! I scolded Chu Liuyue that day, but I didnt say anything bad about Hundred Herbs Building.

But after Yue Ling heard me scolding Chu Liuyue, he was instantly frustrated…”

She spoke as she recalled.

The more she thought about it, the more certain she was.

“…Thats right! It was like this! When I was buying the herbs previously, Yue Ling said that those were prepared for Chu Liuyue and that he couldnt sell them to me.

When he said this, he was still fine… I remember! I think there were a few women chased out of Hundred Herbs Building before that because they were insulting Chu Liuyue inside.

Besides, it wasnt only them.

Even their entire family was implicated… They then went to cause a scene, but it ended up nowhere…”

As Jiang Yucheng heard her speak, his expression gradually became stern.

“Youre saying that… Chu Liuyue is related to Hundred Herbs Building”

“It must be so! Yue Ling still said that it was because Chu Liuyue was a black gold card member… Chu Liuyue isnt the only customer at Hundred Herbs Building.

Why did this never happen before There must be something wrong here!”

Jiang Yucheng thought for a moment and was quite hesitant.

“But Chu Liuyue… Didnt she just come to Xi Ling…”

Besides, it was Mu Qinghe and Jian Fengchi who brought her here.

How did she manage to become related to Hundred Herbs Building in such a short period

He paused for a moment and stood up to leave.

“I will personally investigate this.

Stay here quietly during this period.

Youre not allowed to be willful.”

“Yes, I understand.”

After Chu Liuyue left, she went to Dragon Teeth Mountain.

Dragon Teeth Mountain was much bigger than Chong Xu Cabinet and much more livelier.

When Chu Liuyue arrived at the hall, she saw Jian Fengchi—who was waiting inside—at first glance.

She rapidly surveyed the surroundings but couldnt see Mu Hongyus figure.

Jian Fengchi lazily said, “Hongyu has already become my fathers personal disciple.

Now, shes still cultivating in the mountains.

Ive already sent someone to invite her over, but I think itll still take a while.

You can sit and wait first.”

Chu Liuyue smiled and took out a letter.

“Since Hongyu is busy cultivating, I shant disturb her anymore.

This is a letter that her father wrote to her.

Young Master Jian, may I trouble you to pass it to her later”

Then, she walked over and was going to leave after placing the letter on the table beside Jian Fengchi.

Suddenly, a familiar scent wafted toward her.

Chu Liuyue wrinkled her nose and realized that the smell was coming from Jian Fengchi.

A dark color flashed across her eyes. I specifically provided this Long Xian Fragrance in the palace.

To be more accurate, only my father and I could use it in the past.

Even though the scent on Jian Fengchi was very faint, she could confirm that it was the remaining smell of the Long Xian Fragrance.

Moreover, if the smell could stay on him to this extent, it could only prove that Jian Fengchi had been at a place with burning Long Xian Fragrance for at least two hours.

She paused in her actions, placed the letter on the table, and asked in a seemingly unintentional manner, “May I know how Hongyu has been doing at Dragon Teeth Mountain lately”

Jian Fengchi shook his fan.

“With me looking after her every day, shes naturally doing well.”

Chu Liuyue seemed to look at him in shock.

“Young Master Jian, you have been at Dragon Teeth Mountain and… taking care of Hongyu these few days”

Jian Fengchi raised his brows.

“Of course.

I was the one who treated her wounds.

Now, shes almost fully recovered.

The medicine that I used is much better than the ones you used before.”

Chu Liuyue was currently a fourth-grade heavenly doctor, and Jian Fengchi was of a higher grade.

So naturally, the pills he produced were better.

“I see… I really have to thank you then, Young Master Jian,” said Chu Liuyue with a smile.

Suddenly, her expression changed.

“Hm Whats this scent”

Jian Fengchi froze.

Chu Liuyue sniffed.

“Young Master Jian, do you smell a faint fragrance”

Jian Fengchi looked at Chu Liuyue alertly, and a sharp gleam flashed across his ice-cold gaze.

“Oh, my mother frequently plays with some herbs and fragrances, so perhaps its that”

Chu Liuyue nodded in understanding before exclaiming, “Madam is really awesome.

This fragrance is much nicer than ordinary scents.

I really dont know how she does it.”

Jian Fengchi relaxed and looked down.

“Its just an ordinary scent—”

“Liuyue!” A happy shout came from outside.

Chu Liuyue turned around and saw Mu Hongyu coming toward her with a face filled with elation and excitement.

“Liuyue, youre here to see me”

Chu Liuyue smiled, picked up the letter, and passed it over.

“This is a letter from your father.”

Mu Hongyu gasped and hurriedly took the letter to open it.

Jian Fengchi looked at the two and slowly sat on the chair. I was too careless and came back in too much of a hurry, such that I actually forgot to change my clothes.

Chu Liuyue… shouldnt know this scent, right


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