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“Mind my words Didnt Hundred Herbs Building spread this news” Jiang Yuzhi didnt detect that Yue Lings expression was amiss at all.

She instead thought that she had got it right, so she continued, “I remember that she brought Duan Ziyu along with her when she first came to Hundred Herbs Building.

He is Mu Qinghes confidant.

Didnt you also give Duan Ziyu face, which is why you refused to sell me the Jizo coral”

After that, the news of Mu Qinghe being Chu Liuyues backer gradually surfaced.

Afterward, someone started spreading that she had an extraordinary relationship with Jian Fengchi.

Chu Liuyue only came to Xi Ling for less than a month, and she was already related to the two of them.

She was pretty capable.

Yue Ling coldly said, “Fourth Missy Jiang, if I dont remember wrongly, Ms.

Chu clearly bid a higher price than you that day.

That was why she eventually took away that piece of Jizo coral.”

Jiang Yuzhis face immediately turned ugly, but she still forcefully said, “Anyway, I came here today to tell you that Chu Liuyue and Mu Qinghe arent related at all! She doesnt have any backers here in Xi Ling City! Shes just a lowly woman that came from outside Heavens Canopy!”

Hearing the first half of the sentence, Yue Ling heaved a sigh of relief.

But when he heard the latter half, all his hair stood on end.

He stepped forward, stared at Jiang Yuzhi closely, and sternly said, “Fourth Missy Jiang, please take back what you just said!”

Jiang Yuzhi chuckled nonchalantly.

“Why General Manager Yue, do you still not believe me Why dont we invite Lieutenant Mu over so that we can personally ask him”

Its fine if she wants to die, but she shouldnt drag me down! Yue Ling secretly scolded Jiang Yuzhi for not having brains.

“Weve long known that Ms.

Chu has no relations with Lieutenant Mu, but shes our Hundred Herbs Buildings VIP now.

Therefore, we wont let her be insulted like this! Fourth Missy Jiang, if you can accept the consequences of offending our Hundred Herbs Building, you can continue talking!”

Jiang Yuzhi was dazed for a while before reacting to what he said. Hes saying that… He long knew that Chu Liuyue had no backer, but he was this protective of her because she had spent quite a bit of money here

“You…” Seeing Yue Lings cold expression, she couldnt help but shudder in fear. I just stated some facts.

Why did Yue Ling react so greatly It even seems like he wants to beat me up!

Even though she was spoiled rotten and was normally arrogant, compared to someone like Yue Ling, she was still too tender and couldnt put up a front before him.

“I… I just came to tell you… S-shes not that amazing… Why must you guys treat her so nicely!” Jiang Yuzhi felt infuriated and confused. In terms of identity and status, mine are so much better than Chu Liuyue! So what if Chu Liuyue really had Mu Qinghe as her backing Mu Qinghe is still my brothers subordinate! But now, Yue Ling is taking the risk to offend me because of a Chu Liuyue Whats wrong with him

Yue Ling was about to go crazy. I didnt check the calendar before I came out today, and I actually met with such a dumb person! Yes, Chu Liuyue doesnt have much backing in Xi Ling, but she has a backer miles away! And the key is that the distinguished backer is currently upstairs! Master mustve already seen and heard everything here!

Thinking of this, Yue Ling even wanted to kill Jiang Yuzhi.

He took a deep breath in and boomed, “Fourth Missy Jiang, you dont have to teach me how to run Hundred Herbs Building.

Servants, send Fourth Missy Jiang out!”

Jiang Yuzhi pointed at herself in disbelief.

“You want to chase me away”

Yue Lings lips curved up without much smiling intent.

“You can say whatever you want outside.

But in my Hundred Herbs Buildings territory, nobody is allowed to insult my black gold card VIPs.

Fourth Missy Jiang, sorry for offending you.”

As he spoke, he coldly looked at the pageboy and guard at the side.

“Why are you still standing around”

With his command, the crowd rushed over in unison. General Manager is very scary today! Hes even scarier than when he taught those women with loose mouths a lesson that day!

The crowd was petrified as they hurriedly carried Jiang Yuzhi out.

Jiang Yuzhi was so angry that her lungs almost exploded.

“Yue Ling, how dare you treat me like this! My brother definitely wont let you off!”

Yue Ling walked to the entrance and looked down at Jiang Yuzhi from above as he slightly smiled.

“Fourth Missy Jiang, our rules have always been like this.

Even if Eldest Young Master Jiang comes, its the same.

Besides… Eldest Young Master Jiang has been very low-key recently.

If he finds out about todays incident, I dont know who will be in trouble.”

Jiang Yuzhis heart sank, and she suddenly panicked. Yes, I actually forgot that Brother had previously warned me against causing trouble.

He still doesnt know that Ive secretly run out.

If this news travels to him, he definitely wont let me off!

Thinking of this, she started to become scared.

Yue Ling continued, “Oh, right.

Fourth Missy Jiang, you dont need to come here anymore.

Our Hundred Herbs Building wont do your business from now on.

Giving Eldest Young Master Jiang face, we wont implicate your family members.

However, I do hope that you will be more careful with your words and actions in the future, Fourth Missy Jiang.

If not, you wont even know when youve dug a hole for yourself.”

He then turned around to enter the building, leaving Jiang Yuzhi dazed on the spot. What did he mean just now… How dare he treat me like this!

Due to anger, Jiang Yuzhis face became slightly contorted.

She immediately wanted to rush in, but Yue Lings previous words kept reverberating in her mind.

She felt conflicted on the spot for quite some time.

Only when the surrounding people started pointing at her did she finally run away in humiliation.

Yue Ling returned to the third floor and saw Rong Xiu sitting in the room quietly.

The latter looked calm, and nobody could see his expression.

Yue Ling was about to speak up when he suddenly heard Rong Xiu say, “It seems like she has been having quite a bit of fun in Xi Ling lately.”

A chill suddenly ran down Yue Lings spine.

“…Master… Actually, all of these are rumors… You also know that people start to talk nonsense when they gather… Ms.

Liuyue is actually—”

Rong Xiu looked up and glanced at him calmly.

“Remember—other than in front of her, you must call herMadam in the future.”


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