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Yue Ling recognized this woman. Jiang Yuzhi—why did she suddenly cause trouble here

Yue Ling knitted his brows tightly. Its fine if she wants to cause trouble, yet she had to cause trouble for Chu Liuyue! She even chose today of all times! Master is now upstairs, and he can hear it very clearly.

Thinking of this, chills ran down Yue Lings spine as he hurriedly walked over.

“Fourth Missy Jiang, what are you doing”

Upon hearing the voice, Jiang Yuzhi looked up.

Her expression then changed. Why is Hundred Herbs Buildings General Manager Yue Ling also here today I thought he rarely appeared If hes here, this will be a little troublesome…

Jiang Yuzhi was still rather fearful of Yue Ling, so she immediately toned down.

“General Manager Yue, its great that youre here!”

She spoke as she pointed toward the crystal cabinet.

“I came here today to buy things, but your Hundred Herbs Buildings pageboy actually said that you dont have them.

Is this how your Hundred Herbs Building does business now”

Yue Ling smiled slightly.

“When I came down just now, I seemed to have heard you say that… You want to buy the exact same things as Ms.

Chu Liuyue”

“Thats right!” Ever since she was slapped by Jiang Yucheng, she had been locked in the Jiang Residence for a few days.

Now that she finally managed to beg her mother to let her out, she came straight to Hundred Herbs Building. Since my brother doesnt want to help, Ill do it on my own!

Yue Lings smile didnt change.

“Fourth Missy Jiang, I wonder… if you know very clearly what exactly Ms.

Chu bought here”

“Are you afraid that I cant afford it” Jiang Yuzhi sneered. I have some savings that Ive hidden for many years, and I even got quite a bit of money from Mother.

Previously, I didnt directly snatch things from Chu Liuyue because I was afraid that Father would scold me for being a spendthrift if he found out.

But she didnt think so much now.

She had already endured a slap, so what else was there to be worried about

Yue Lings expression changed undetectably.

“Of course not.

Fourth Missy Jiang, you come from a distinguished background, so why wouldnt you be able to afford this bit of money But… I still have to make it clear to you.

The first time Ms.

Chu came, she spent 90,000 white crystals.

The second time, it was around one million white crystals.

You want to buy the exact same things as she did… May I know which time you are referring to”

Jiang Yuzhis expression immediately froze.


Yue Ling thought to himself, This Jiang Yuzhi is indeed spoiled rotten by her family.

She wants to cause trouble, but she didnt even find out how capable the other party was.

As long as she went to ask around, she would know how much Chu Liuyue had spent here, and she wouldnt be this impulsive.

Not to mention that she is Jiang Yuzhi.

Even if Jiang Yucheng came here, he might not be so extravagant as to spend one million white crystals so casually.

Jiang Yuzhi really didnt know.

She faintly heard that Chu Liuyue had spent quite a lot of money here at Hundred Herbs Building, but she didnt expect the latter to spend so much! How can a woman who came from outside Heavens Canopy and has a lowly status have so much money Even if she has Mu Qinghe as her backing, one million is too much of an exaggeration!

She hesitated for a moment and could only stiffly say, “…The first time… The time when she stole the item that I liked.

Lets go according to that time!”

90,000 white crystals… I can still fork that out if I gather some money here and there…

Yue Ling glanced at the pageboy next to him.

“Fourth Missy Jiang has made herself very clear.

Hurry up and go prepare them.”

The pageboy looked to be in a difficult spot.

“General Manager, the stock in Hundred Herbs Building is only enough for Ms.

Chu Liuyue to collect them the next time alone.

Hence, Im afraid we cant sell them to Fourth Missy Jiang…”

The general manager previously said that whatever Ms.

Chu wanted must be prepared in advance and that nobody could touch them.

Now, Jiang Yuzhi wants to buy them.

How could he give it to her

Yue Ling nodded in understanding.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yuzhi was even more enraged.

“Your store clearly has them.

I want to buy the items, but you dont want to sell What kind of logic is this”

Yue Ling smiled and explained, “Fourth Missy Jiang, you might not know, but Ms.

Chu is our Hundred Herbs Buildings black gold card member.

According to the rules, we need to prioritize her.

As for your side… I can only apologize to you.

Why dont we do this If theres any other thing you have your eyes on, we can give you a discount—”

“I dont want other things.

I only want Chu Liuyues!”

The smile on Yue Lings face faded a little. Jiang Yuzhi isnt a heavenly doctor, and there is no such talent even in the entire Jiang family.

What could she do by buying all those precious herbs home She clearly came to cause a scene.

“Please forgive me for being unable to comply with your request, Fourth Missy Jiang,” said Yue Ling lightly.

“If you really need them, Ill help you craft a list later.

You can then go to the other places in Xi Ling City to buy them.”

Jiang Yuzhis voice became a little shrill.

“General Manager Yue, are you chasing your customer away”

“Why would I Hundred Herbs Building absolutely welcomes you to come over, but we really cant fulfill your request.


There seemed to be a ball of fire burning in Jiang Yuzhis chest. It sounds good, but isnt it all because of Chu Liuyue! Every time I met with something that was related to Chu Liuyue during this period of time, it would be extremely difficult for me to complete the task.

Its as if Chu Liuyue was born to go against me!

She looked at Yue Ling and suddenly sneered.

“General Manager Yue, do you think that Chu Liuyue has Mu Qinghe as her backer Or do you think that Mu Qinghe will marry Chu Liuyue and make her the Mu Residences mistress”

Yue Lings heart skipped a beat. Master is just upstairs!

His expression immediately became solemn.

“Fourth Missy Jiang, please mind your words!”


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