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“Why are you here” Chu Liuyue relaxed, and her tone became much friendlier.

Even though this white lion looked extremely ferocious, she could feel that it was very close to her; it had even reduced the domineering fiend aura around it.

The white lion got up and jumped down from its bed, silently coming to Chu Liuyues side.

Its body was very big and bulky.

In front of it, the originally thin Chu Liuyue looked even more petite, as if it could easily swallow her whole in one bite.


Even the entire room seemed much narrower.

Xue Xues icy-blue eyes blinked, and it lowered its large head, swaying by Chu Liuyues hand.

Chu Liuyue was slightly taken aback and could not figure out what it wanted.


As she did not budge, Xue Xue inched closer toward her and raised its head to look at her with its eyes wide open.


Chu Liuyues eyes twitched. Is it asking for a pat

She tentatively stuck out her hand and placed it on the lions head to caress it gently.

The unbelievably soft fur was great to touch; one could tell that it had lived a great life since it had such valuable fur.

Xue Xue then closed its eyes in satisfaction and stretched its body.

It wagged its tail and groaned in pleasure.


Chu Liuyue was speechless. Is it not intending to move away 

“Hey, shouldnt you return to your master Why are you sticking to me”

However, Xue Xue did not mind her at all; its closed eyes did not move as if it really fell asleep.

Chu Liuyue was caught between laughter and tears.

Although she did not know the white lions intentions, the sky was already very dark, and if she insisted on it going back, it might cause some commotion.


By then, things would be even more problematic.

After thinking for a while, Chu Liuyue decided not to be conflicted about this anymore.

She patted its head gently and climbed up the bed to rest on her own.

When she touched the blanket, she noticed that it was warm.

A thought flashed across her mind. Did this fellow come here to warm the bed for me The next moment, she could not help but laugh. Im thinking too much!


“If you really must stay here, promise me that you wont let anyone else find out.”


Xue Xue opened its eyes and wagged its tail happily.

Chu Liuyue lay on the bed and went through her to-do list for the next day before she slowly drifted off to sleep.

When she gradually fell into a deep sleep, the white lion—which seemed to have fallen asleep much earlier—slowly opened its eyes and looked at Chu Liuyue.

Nobody knew what she dreamt of, but her eyebrows on her small face were tightly knitted; her forehead broke out into numerous droplets of cold sweat, and her lips were pale.

A silver light glowed from Xue Xues body and seeped into Chu Liuyues body slowly and silently.

In her sleep, Chu Liuyue just felt that her body was immersed in a pool of warm water, and it was very relaxing and comfortable.

Then, she slowly relaxed her eyebrows and slept peacefully.

When Chu Liuyue was sleeping peacefully, there was someone who could not fall asleep at all—Chu Xianmin.


“Say it! What exactly is going on”

In Ting Fang Court, the main door was tightly shut.

Chu Xianmin glared at the man kneeling before her, trying her best to control her anger.

“This… I… Third Missy, I have already investigated it in detail, but I really cant find out the whereabouts of the Song Lian trio.” Chu Lianshengs back broke out into a cold sweat.

“How could this be possible” Chu Xianmins sharp shrill voice interrupted his words.

“The plan was perfect; it had no loopholes at all.

Once Chu Liuyue stepped out of the door, she should have been directly hit unconscious and brought to Lin Zhong.

Thats it! Initially, you were the one who said that Song Lian was already a level three martial artist and that he wouldnt have a problem with dealing with a mere Chu Liuyue.

What about now Chu Liuyue didnt die, and even the Song Lian trio went missing! Is this how you complete your tasks”

“Third Missy, that should logically be correct.

I personally witnessed them bringing Chu Liuyue out of the city gates, b-but… who would have thought that she wouldnt die”

When he found out that Chu Liuyue came back alive, he felt that something was amiss and immediately went to trace the Song Lian trios whereabouts.

However, even when he had flipped the entire city upside down, the trio seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

He then noticed that something was wrong.

“She must have known that I planned it,” said Chu Xianmin with hatred.

She was frustrated beyond words when thinking about how she was previously stunned by a mere gaze from Chu Liuyue.

“Third Missy, so what if she knows Shes just a good-for-nothing.

What else can she do”

“Are you dumb If she really didnt do anything, then how did Song Lian and the rest go missing”

Chu Liansheng did not dare to utter another word.

Chu Xianmin gritted her teeth secretly.

She could not live in peace if Song Lian and the rest were not found.

Who knew how Chu Liuyue came back alive and how she defeated those few people If she used this against her…

“Continue looking for them! Also, send someone to spy on Chu Liuyue.

If theres anything amiss, report to me immediately!”

“Will do!”

After Chu Liansheng left, Chu Xianmins eyes gradually turned gloomy.

Chu Liuyue already dared to turn her back on her and target her.

Then, she should not blame her for being merciless.


A good nights sleep.

The next day when Chu Liuyue woke up, she found that Xue Xue had already left.

It seemed like it was really keeping her company for the night.

Chu Liuyue smiled and shook her head.

This was her first night after her rebirth.

Initially, she thought that it would be hard for her to fall asleep, but she did not expect to sleep so soundly.

Her body also seemed much lighter and more relaxed than before, probably because of her good nights sleep.

After washing up, Chu Liuyue sat in front of the mirror and looked at her new face.

In the old and blurry bronze mirror, there was a young ladys face.

Probably because she was malnourished regularly, her originally 14-year-old face looked as if she was just 12.

Her dark, round, and watery eyes looked even bigger.

Even if so, it was not hard to tell that this small face was naturally pretty.

Now, she was still young.

Later on, when she grew up, she would definitely be an enchanting beauty.

Perhaps because the core personality had changed, the pair of weak and shy eyes had turned into solemn and determined ones that shone like the stars in the sky.

There was even a trace of an elegant aura coming from her.

Just like a pearl covered in dust, it was time for the pearl to shine brightly after the dust was wiped away.


Chu Liuyue stared at her face and her gaze changed.

After some time, she sighed.

This face was actually quite similar to hers in her previous life.


Almost immediately, she calmed her heart and briefly packed a few things before going out.

The Chu familys rules were very strict, and they would check people coming in and out sternly.

However, as Chu Liuyue was of lowly status and would usually be sent to do a slaves tasks, the guards did not interrogate her much when she left.


Unknowingly, this also helped her greatly in her tasks.

After leaving the Chu familys estate, she went straight to Zhen Bao Pavilion.

The moment she stepped in, a middle-aged man welcomed her with a face full of smiles.

“Big Chu Missy, youre finally here! Ive been waiting for you all day.” This middle-aged man was the second-in-charge at Zhen Bao Pavilion—Yan Ge.

Normally when people met him, they would have to call himSecond Master politely.

Everyone knew that there was a mysterious power behind Zhen Bao Pavilion, so they knew not to offend them.

They also knew that they had to have a very respectful attitude toward Yan Ge and Zhen Bao Pavilion.

However, Yan Ge was extremely passionate toward Chu Liuyue today.

Chu Liuyue smiled.

“It seems like Second Master Yan is very pleased with yesterdays business deal.”

Yan Ge laughed out loud.

“Its all your hard work, Big Chu Missy.”

That item had been placed in the store for quite a few years already.

It was not that nobody liked it, but it was too expensive—the price was literally asking for a hand and a leg.

However, when Chu Liuyue came over the day before, she immediately said that the item could be sold.

At the start, he still did not quite believe her, but in the morning, the Chu family and the Lu family respectively sent their money over.

Now, when he saw Chu Liuyue again, it was akin to him seeing the God of Fortune.

“Yesterday, you mentioned that theres still a good deal today.

Why not…” Yan Ge rubbed his hands excitedly, and his eyes sparkled as he stared at Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyues fingers knocked on the table lightly.

“Second Master Yan, I came here today, not to buy things, but to sell them.”

Yan Ge was taken aback.

Chu Liuyue took out a piece of paper from her sleeves and passed it to him.

Yan Ge took the paper, and his eyes immediately widened in shock.

Chu Liuyue said calmly, “Three hundred thousand taels.

Im not selling it for a lower price.”


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