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Chapter 578: Give Something

Its already close to evening.

Who would look for me at this time Chu Liuyue stood up and walked to the door, where she saw Lu Zhiyao standing.

“Senior Brother Lu, youre looking for me”

The senior brothers and senior sisters have just met us in the afternoon, so they shouldnt come again.

Lu Zhiyaos expression was strange.

“Hes a… man from outside.

He said that he was looking for you, so I told him to wait at the bottom of the mountain.”

Qing Yuan Mountain was guarded very strictly.

Even though there werent many restrictions on the Chong Xu Cabinet disciples going in and out, they were very strict toward outsiders.

A man Chu Liuyue rapidly thought for a while. Ive just come to Xi Ling not long ago.

Other than this group of people in Chong Xu Cabinet, I didnt interact much with the rest.

It shouldnt be Jian Fengchi or Mu Qinghe.

The two of them have a large reputation in Xi Ling, and Lu Zhiyao has seen them before.

Could it be someone they sent over

“Did he say his identity”

Lu Zhiyao nodded.

“He said his name was Yan Qing and that he specifically came to see you.”

Chu Liuyue was stunned. Yan Qing! Why is he here! Shouldnt he be accompanying Rong Xiu at Mingyue Tianshan now

Seeing Chu Liuyues expression change, Lu Zhiyao tried to ask, “Junior Sister, you know this man”

“Its my… friend.

Can I trouble you to bring him up” Chu Liuyue nodded. If it wasnt anything urgent, he definitely wouldnt come all the way here.

Did something happen to Rong Xiu

Upon thinking of this, Chu Liuyues heart hung high.

Lu Zhiyao looked at her anxious and worried expression and couldnt help but think more. That Yan Qing looked like a talent.

Does he have an extraordinary relationship with Junior Sister If it really is so… We have to help Junior Sister check him out!

Thinking of this, Lu Zhiyao suddenly felt burdened with responsibility.

“Junior Sister, wait for a while.

Ill bring him up!”

Then, he quickly left.

Looking at his quickly disappearing back view, Chu Liuyue couldnt help but be dazed. For some reason, why do I feel that… Lu Zhiyao seemed to really want to meet Yan Qing

“Liuyue, did you hear that someone came to the mountain to look for you” Chu Liuyue was in deep thought when she saw Ye Ranran suddenly appear with a curious look.

Seeing Chu Liuyues doubtful gaze, Ye Ranran hurriedly explained, “Lu Zhiyao didnt tell me! I heard it by accident! The other senior brothers and senior sisters dont know about this either!”

Chu Liuyue: “…Where are the senior brothers and senior sisters”

Ye Ranrans face suddenly flushed red, and she didnt say anything.


Ye Ranran inched two steps forward, looked at Chu Liuyue carefully, and slowly said, “The mountain entrance.”

Chu Liuyues eyelids twitched. The mountain entrance Isnt that where the door is When Yan Qing comes up the stairs, theyll be able to see him at a glance.

The scene of her appearing in Chong Xu Cabinet on the first day surfaced in her mind again.

After climbing countless flights of stairs, she saw countless faces overwhelming with enthusiasm the moment she reached the peak.

Chu Liuyue was speechless. Now, I really think that the main reason Chong Xu Cabinet landed in this state is that the disciples are way too nosy! If they dont properly cultivate, how can they become a strong warrior

Ye Ranran hurriedly explained, “Um, we actually didnt do it on purpose.

Just when Lu Zhiyao was coming up and was halfway up the mountain, he coincidentally met two senior sisters that just came back.

Hence, he told them…”

“Then, with the time he took to climb the other half of the mountain, everyone knew about it”

“Yeah…” answered Ye Ranran softly.

Even though she came earlier than Chu Liuyue and could be considered as the latters senior sister, Chu Liuyue seemed to exude an elegant and strong aura herself.

Additionally, Chu Liuyue had once taken the initiative to stand up for her, so it was hard for her to act as a senior sister in front of her.

As Chu Liuyue looked at her from the corner of her eye, Ye Ranran fearfully shrunk her neck and felt guilty.

Chu Liuyue walked forward.

At this point, Qiang Wanzhou heard the movements and came out from the neighboring room as he looked at Chu Liuyue in confusion. It seems like shes rather concerned about this man that suddenly arrived.

Ye Ranran inched toward Qiang Wanzhou and softly asked, “Wanzhou, do you know that Yan Qing”

Qiang Wanzhou shook his head.

“Junior Sister, hes here!” Lu Zhiyaos loud voice sounded from afar.

Chu Liuyues lips quivered. Is he afraid that others cant hear him

She hastened her steps and quickly saw the crowd of senior brothers and senior sisters surrounding her.

Chu Liuyue was speechless.

Just as she was seriously considering whether she should retreat, a senior sister coincidentally turned around and saw her.

She hurriedly gasped.

“Junior Sister is here too!”

The crowd kept quiet for a moment, and they fled in all directions the next moment.

“Junior Sister, we still have something on, so well leave first!”

“You guys can slowly talk, slowly talk!”

They said they were going to leave, but their eyes kept drifting toward the bottom of the mountain.

At this moment, Lu Zhiyao had already come up.

Yan Qing was behind him.

He was wearing black armor, and he had some bloodstains.

Even though he had retracted his aura, he still had a faint murderous aura.

It was as if he had just come back from a rough battle.

This aura immediately made the crowd of senior brothers and senior sisters who hadnt left yet stop in their tracks. One look at this man, and one can see that he isnt simple! Why did he come to look for Junior Sister so anxiously

Chu Liuyue had never seen him like this before and was shocked by his appearance.

“Yan Qing”

Before Yan Qing came up here, he had already detected the numerous auras near the entrance, so he wasnt surprised when he saw those people.

He looked up and expectedly saw Chu Liuyue with a face full of shock.

He immediately walked forward and stood before Chu Liuyue as he kneeled on the ground with one leg.

“Yan Qing greets Ms.


The crowd exchanged looks among themselves. Oh… It seems like its not what we thought before…

Chu Liuyue helped him up and rapidly scanned him before knitting her brows slightly.

“Why did you suddenly come And youre dressed like this.

Did… something happen”

Yan Qing shook his head.


Liuyue, dont worry; Master is fine.

I came here today to give you something.”

Actually, he had already come to Xi Ling earlier on.

However, he wasted some time because he didnt know where Chu Liuyue lived.

He then recalled that she had already entered Chong Xu Cabinet, so she was most likely at Qing Yuan Mountain.

Hence, he came over to take a look, and she was indeed here.

The crowds gazes changed again. Master His master Who is he to Junior Sister

Chu Liuyue felt slightly more at ease but was curious.

“What did he ask you to bring”

How important must the item be for him to be this anxious and for Yan Qing to rush over from miles away without even taking off his armor

Yan Qing took out a small jade box and presented it with his hands.

Chu Liuyue took it—it was just the size of half a palm. What could it contain


She opened the jade box.

A faintly glowing ring was lying within quietly.

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