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Chapter 574: Backlash

A faint ripple formed on the water droplet.

T-thats an affirmative answer! Chu Liuyue came to her senses after a long while. My guess is correct… The water droplet kept releasing force earlier, but it chose to launch a counterattack once the Messed Yuan Gravel crystallized! Not only can it recover the force it lost this way, but it can also swallow the Messed Yuan Gravels force for itself!

After staying silent for a while, Chu Liuyue said with much difficulty, “Y-you really refuse to take any losses…”

“Liuyue Liuyue!” called Weichi Song anxiously when he saw no movement from Chu Liuyue.

Snapping back to her senses, Chu Liuyue opened her eyes and realized that both Qiang Wanzhou and Weichi Song were standing right in front of her, their faces filled with worry.

“How are you feeling” asked Weichi Song as he carefully examined her condition out of fear that something had happened to her.

Although Qiang Wanzhou said nothing, his eyes remained fixed on Chu Liuyue throughout.

He didnt know what went wrong with the Messed Yuan Gravel at the last stage, for he had never encountered such a situation back when he was in Nan Jiang.

But if something really had happened to Chu Liuyue earlier, hed never be able to forgive himself.

“Im fine.” Chu Liuyue hurriedly assured them before standing up and taking a look at her palm, where a scab had already formed over the bloody cut.

She then spread her arms open, allowing them to examine her all over.

“No need to worry.

See Im all fine.”

“What was that about just now W-why did that thing… enter your body” Weichi Song dared not relax just yet as he turned to face Qiang Wanzhou, asking, “Wanzhou, you mentioned that although Messed Yuan Gravel isnt poisonous to people, it can rapidly sap ones force.

What should we do now that its in Liuyues body”

A warm current flowed through Chu Liuyues heart when she saw the stricken expression on Weichi Songs face, which was always calm and composed.

She tugged at his arm, saying, “Im really alright, Master.

If you dont believe me, you can always take my pulse to check.”

Looking skeptical, Weichi Song placed his fingers on Chu Liuyues wrist.

But the next moment, he glanced at her with uncertainty and surprise. W-why does it seem like shes gotten stronger when she lost so much force earlier

Chu Liuyue beamed at him.

“Well Is your mind at ease now”

Weichi Song checked her pulse again, only to realize that there was indeed nothing wrong with her body.

In fact, she was brimming with force.

He slowly released his hand as he muttered, “Yes…”

Chu Liuyue then looked in Qiang Wanzhous direction.

“Are you relieved now, Little Zhou”

Although Qiang Wanzhou wasnt a heavenly doctor, he had extremely keen senses.

Thus, he could tell that Chu Liuyue didnt have the Messed Yuan Gravels strange aura on her and that she had, in fact, become a little stronger.

Weichi Song couldnt help but ask, “W-whats going on”

How should I explain it to them I cant possibly tell them that not only am I unhurt, but I also swallowed the Messed Yuan Gravels force for myself, can I Chu Liuyues head throbbed in pain as she opted for an ambiguous answer.

“Uh… Speaking of which… Im not too sure either…”

Weichi Song appeared enlightened though.

“Perhaps the force in your body dissolved it”

“I guess… That might be the case…” Chu Liuyue bobbed her head in rumination. Theres nothing wrong with this explanation since the crystal really did dissolve in my body.

Its just that its force became mine.

“Now, even without looking at Jiang Yuchengs palm, we might be able to determine if this was his doing,” said Qiang Wanzhou all of a sudden.

Chu Liuyue asked curiously, “Why is that so”

Qiang Wanzhou nonchalantly explained, “Because hell receive backlash from the force he gained from the Messed Yuan Gravel since youve destroyed it.

At best, his cultivation might regress.

At worst… His Yuan meridian might be destroyed!”

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