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Chapter 553: How Much Did You Win

How did she find her way here It didnt take Jian Fengchi long to figure out the purpose of Chu Liuyues visit. Shes here to get her money!

At the thought of this, his face darkened a little.

Meanwhile, Shui Liuer had swiftly retreated back to her seat behind the screen, pretending that she had just finished playing her piece.

Knock, knock…

Jian Fengchis countenance turned even darker. Why even bother to knock on the door when she already knows which room Im in

Seeing that he wasnt going to move to answer the door, Shui Liuer got up instead.

As soon as she opened the door, a beautiful face entered her line of sight.

Despite having met many beautiful ladies while playing music at Chun Feng Restaurant, her eyes lit up when she saw the visitors appearance.

Shui Liuer gave her a small smile.

“May I know who…”

A hint of surprise flashed across Chu Liuyues eyes when she saw the lady before her. Whats Shui Liuer doing in Chun Feng Restaurant Isnt she from Jin Chuan

There was a saying that was once widely circulated around, and it was: Liuers song can move Jin Chuan.

It was a praise for her outstanding pipa skills.

Jin Chuan is a thousand miles away from Xi Ling.

Why is she here The ladies working at Chun Feng Restaurant only sell their skills, not their bodies.

Consumption costs are really high in this restaurant, and the average folks cant even afford a mouthful of tea here, much less hear the ladies sing and play music.

It looks like Shui Liuer has become Chun Feng Restaurants headliner. Chu Liuyue suppressed the surprise in her heart as she smiled at the other.

“Im Chu Liuyue.”

Shui Liuer was taken aback by the name.

Although she had heard this name going around in Xi Ling lately, she didnt expect this names owner to look so beautiful.

“Shui Liuer pays her respects to Ms.


As Chu Liuyue peered into the room, she asked, “May I know if Young Master Jian is inside”

Shui Liuer nodded.

“Little Liuer, I wont meet anyone today!” yelled Jian Fengchi lazily.

Although Shui Liuer was inwardly cursing Jian Fengchi for using her as a shield again, she put on a difficult expression on her face as she looked at Chu Liuyue.


Chu, why dont you—”


Liuer, your hairpin is crooked.”

“Huh” Startled, Shui Liuer hurriedly turned around and walked to the bronze mirror, where she carefully checked the hairpin on her head.

Chu Liuyue couldnt resist chuckling inwardly at the sight. Apart from pipas, hair accessories have always been the next most important thing to her.

It looks like she hasnt changed after all.

While Shui Liuer was still looking at the mirror, Chu Liuyue seized the chance to enter the room and walk past the screen.

Never expecting her to barge straight into the room, Jian Fengchi was shocked to see her here.

“It looks like youre enjoying life, Young Master Jian!” Chu Liuyue sighed from the bottom of her heart.

While making her way up, she had already heard about Jian Fengchi booking the entire venue for a certain lady, but she didnt expect it to be for Shui Liuer, who commanded the highest rates. He wouldnt have been able to splurge so extravagantly if he didnt make a killing from betting on me.

It was only then that Jian Fengchi snapped to his senses.

“How did you get in here Little Liuer Little Liuer!”

Shui Liuer was done adjusting her hairpin when she heard Jian Fengchi calling her.

She turned her head back, only to see that Chu Liuyue had already entered the room.

Her heart skipped a beat as she thought, Oh dear, I forgot about her!

Chu Liuyue flashed her a reassuring smile.

“Dont worry, Ms.


This matter has nothing to do with you.”

Shui Liuer froze as a sudden thought flashed across her mind. No wonder I found her somewhat familiar.

She looks like…

Chu Liuyue shifted her gaze to Jian Fengchi.

“Young Master Jian, Im actually here to ask you something: Dont you think youve forgotten a certain matter”

Knowing he couldnt hide from her any longer, he put a hand on his hurting head.

“I didnt, alright! Ill give you what I promised to give you, and not a penny less! Its just that Ive placed bets at so many betting stations that I need a few more days to collect all my winnings.

I can only split the winnings with you once I calculate them.”

Chu Liuyue obviously didnt buy into his lie.

Her smile grew increasingly warm and gentle as she said, “I heard that youre notorious for your frivolity and compulsive gambling habits in Xi Ling City.

Even if the gambling dens havent paid you your winnings, Im sure you remember how much money you bet, dont you”

His brain works very well, and he can remember things clearly, especially when it comes to lifes pleasures.

Hes obviously determined to make a fortune from gambling this time, so how can he possibly have forgotten how much money he has bet

“Im not greedy, so Im only taking ten percent of your winnings.

Im sure you can afford to take this bit of money out, right” Chu Liuyue then let out a weary sigh.

“To tell you the truth, I had no choice but to come and look for you here.

Im currently short of money.”

The corners of Jian Fengchis lips twitched. Where did this lass even hear those rumors from What else can I say when shes already said her piece!

“Are you kidding me You Short of money” Jian Fengchi eyed her skeptically.

“You eat and live in the Mu Residence.

Did Mu Qinghe not give you any money Is he that stingy!”

Mu Qinghe is far from being stingy.

You—on the other hand—are a real miser. “You may not know this yet, but Ive already moved out of the Mu Residence.”

“Oh Why did you suddenly move out” Jian Fengchi was surprised to hear that. Living there is an excellent choice for her, given her current situation.

She has just won the Wan Zheng Competition, yet she wants to disassociate herself from Mu Qinghe

Chu Liuyue couldnt be bothered to explain so much to him.

Thus, she only told him that she was now a Chong Xu Cabinet member and had thus found herself a permanent residence since she would be staying in Xi Ling for a long time.

“Xi Ling is a good place, but its living costs are simply too high.

Everything needs money.

Can you really bear to see me living on the streets, Young Master Jian” she implored.

Living on the streets Her Jian Fengchi felt the corners of his mouth twitching. Itll be good enough if she doesnt make others live on the streets!

“Erm… I placed most of my money down as bets.

Since I still havent collected most of it back, I cant take out so much for the time being… Why dont I give you a portion of your share first” Jian Fengchi tried negotiating with Chu Liuyue, but he received a look of disdain from Shui Liuer as soon as he said that.

Tsk, he didnt even blink when he took out 100,000 white crystals earlier, yet hes pretending to be poor now.

Hes obviously agreed to share his winnings with Chu Liuyue, but when it comes down to it now, hes trying to renege on his word.

Bah, he sure is something! The rumors about him liking Chu Liuyue are nothing but pure nonsense! Shui Liuer thus approached them and gently advised, “Young Master Jian, youve always been generous and a man of your words.

So youll surely help Ms.

Chu out since shes facing some trouble now, right”

Jian Fengchi felt immensely stressed as he spoke through clenched teeth.

“Ill find a way to raise the money.”

He then began taking out one Cosmic Ring after another and showed no signs of stopping even after taking out the fifth ring.

Shui Liuers expression gradually stiffened as she watched this and wondered, Just how much has he exactly won!

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