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Chapter 534: The Victorious One is the King!

They were only a step away from the first one.

He previously still thought Jian Fengchi was crazy for betting on Chu Liuyue placing first.

He didnt expect the tables to turn in the blink of an eye.

Amidst the uproar, only the group of people at the gambling table fell silent.

Those few people were eliminated continuously, and they didnt even have enough time to react.

But shortly after, the transportation formation made another sound.

The entire square fell silent as they looked over in unison.

Victory and loss would be revealed immediately.

Under countless stares, a figure emerged from within—it was a young man.

The remaining light shone on his soft golden hair, reflecting faint light.

Compared to the previous few people, his condition was much better.

Other than a few spots of blood on his clothes, he wasnt very injured.

The young man stood there and surveyed the surroundings, his cold and white face nonchalant.

His name gradually disappeared from the black marble board, and the gigantic square fell silent.

“… Qiang Wanzhou… Thats Qiang Wanzhou!” Someone broke the stiffening silence first.

Like a meteorite landing into a pot of oil, a big fire burst out.

The entire square burst into an uproar.

“Qiang Wanzhou is second! In the Tianling God Realm, theres only Chu Liuyue left!”

“…Shes first… Shes actually first! How is this possible!”

“Stage-three warrior… Is she really only a stage-three warrior”

Facing this sudden result, the crowd had no time to think about why the few of them were continuously eliminated in such a short amount of time at the last minute.

Only one thought was left in their brains: As the person with the lowest cultivation level out of all the competitors, Chu Liuyue actually emerged first in the Wan Zheng Competition!

Yuwen Jinghong was so shocked that his mouth was agape as he stiffly turned to look at Jian Fengchi.

“T-that girl… Shes really… first!”

Jian Fengchi closed his fan and raised his hand to pretend to hit him as he spoke with a face filled with contempt.

“Dont look so useless.

I wont make friends with ignorant people.”

“I-I…” Yuwen Jinghong swallowed his saliva with much difficulty. Im the Yuwen familys Young Master, and I have seen all types of situations.

Normally, I really wouldnt give such a reaction, b-but…

“Chu Liuyue came in first! Jian Fengchi, do you know what that means!” Yuwen Jinghong wanted to grab Jian Fengchis shoulders agitatedly.

Jian Fengchi moved his feet and easily avoided him.

“Hey… Keep a distance away from me!”

This behavior is too humiliating! He lightly grunted, arranged his sleeves, slowly smiled, and said, “Of course, I know what this means.

Do you think I threw away all that money for nothing”

Yuwen Jinghongs gaze was dazed. All I cared about was just how formidable Chu Liuyue was, and I actually forgot about this!

“F*ck!” After enduring for a while, he finally spat that word out harshly. Jian Fengchi is going to be rich overnight! The paying rate for Chu Liuyue coming in first is so high, and he betted so much money…

Jian Fengchi glanced at him from above.

“Why are you so agitated Didnt you bet with me too”

Yuwen Jinghong held his head painfully.

“Im regretting that I bet so little, you beast! Why didnt you advise me to bet my bridal money on her!”

Now, he could only feel the countless white crystals loudly slide past his face as he watched on with his eyes wide open.

Jian Fengchi chuckled and was too lazy to bother with him as he turned around and looked at the stunned crowd.

As they were too taken aback, they hadnt recovered their senses.

Oh, not really.

Those few people with pale faces and trembling bodies shouldve thought about it.

Knock, knock…

Jian Fengchi knocked on the table.

“Ill be waiting for you at Chun Feng Restaurant.

Oh, dont forget to bring my money.”

He then glanced from the corner of his eye and saw the man who talked about him behind his back.

Upon detecting Jian Fengchis gaze, that mans legs went soft as he directly collapsed onto the ground.

He almost threw all of his money inside! Now, he had lost everything.

Jian Fengchi said, “Pfft.

When money comes, I really cant stop it! It seems that not only will I paymore than half of my fortune, but Ill still earn a whole lot of money! How am I going to spend this sudden fortune… What a headache!”

That person was stumped until his entire face flushed red, but he couldnt say anything at all.

Jian Fengchi turned around, stopped, and said, “Oh right.

I have a lot more money than you think I have, so… This isnt consideredhalf of my money.

Besides… it definitely wont be after this.”

That persons eyes flipped, and he was so angry that he fainted.

Jian Fengchi lightly grunted. He really cant take any impact.

The crowd at the gambling table looked as if they were dumb as their expressions turned ugly.

Jian Fengchis words were overbearing, yet he had status and capabilities.

Hence, nobody dared to offend him.

Besides… They didnt even have the energy to mourn the loss of their painstakingly earned money now.

Jian Fengchi turned around and walked toward the inside of the square.

He wasnt worried that these people wouldnt pay up.

After being in Xi Ling for so many years, nobody dared to mess with him.

Upon seeing this, Yuwen Jinghong hurriedly asked, “What are you going to do”

Jian Fengchi didnt even turn around as he walked and said, “That girl helped me win so much money.

I have to go and thank her!”

Originally, I really didnt care about this Wan Zheng Competition.

But now… Its a whole new ballgame.

Chu Liuyues status in his heart had increased by two levels.

Even though Yuwen Jinghong still felt his heart aching, he was very curious about Chu Liuyue and immediately followed him.

The duos previous position was a little isolated.

After walking a distance, they could quickly see the entire squares situation clearly.

Jian Fengchi looked at the octagonal transportation formation, and he slightly squinted his icy eyes.

Not only him, but every pair of eyes in the square was also looking there.

The bustling noise quietened down.

The crowd kept quiet at the same time, and they were all waiting for Chu Liuyue to come out.

Qiang Wanzhou glanced at the two people lying on the ground not far away.

It seemed like they were quite injured, and they had fainted.

The Black Guards came over and carried both of them down.

Qiang Wanzhou saw their faces and furrowed his brows undetectably. I have never seen these two people in the Tianling God Realm.

They shouldve gone to the other side… According to what the crowd said earlier, these two people came out not long before me.

Thats when… Chu Liuyue waved the Long Yuan Sword! This means that Chu Liuyues movement not only shocked our place but also… the other side

At this point, a familiar noise came from the transportation formation.

A petite womans figure appeared in front of the crowd.

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