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Chapter 531: Moon Splash Star River

All of a sudden, all the light between heaven and earth seemed to be absorbed by the Long Yuan Sword.

Before Yang Qiner could even see that figure clearly, she felt a terrifying ripple of strength crushing her.

She hurriedly summoned her puppet and wanted to use it to block some moves, but at this moment, the legendary three-eyed eagles third eye suddenly opened.

The ancient copper puppet instantly broke down.

Yang Qiner widened her eyes. That puppet was my most important trump card, yet it was so easily destroyed!

Qiang Wanzhou took the chance to act.

The blade glistened coldly.

Yang Qiners back was cold.

She slowly lowered her head and saw the sharp blade pierce through her chest.

Indignance, anger, fear…

She panicked, and just as she was about to speak, the force had already smashed against her.


She vomited blood out, and all her organs and limbs seemed to be crushed.

Then, her figure finally disappeared from the spot.

Qiang Wanzhou looked up.

Chu Liuyue was standing in midair, and the Long Yuan Sword was in her hand.

It finally awakened!

The light was dazzling as sparks flew everywhere.

He almost couldnt see the situation within the light, but he could clearly feel Chu Liuyues aura intensifying rapidly.

The next moment, Chu Liuyue finally raised the Long Yuan Sword high up in the sky.

Hong long!

The ground completely broke, and the endless fire started collapsing.

The strength within heaven and earth seemed to have lost control at that moment as it became as messy as ever and rushed toward the Long Yuan Sword.

Amidst the horror, Qiang Wanzhou looked up.

In midair, Chu Liuyue held the sword with both hands.

With the gigantic sword blade as a comparison, her figure looked extra small and petite.

However… it didnt overshadow her at all!

The Long Yuan Sword was indeed formidable, but at this moment, it had already become her sword.

The suppression was more ferocious than ever!

Qiang Wanzhou slightly widened his steps, and his entire body tensed up, causing the force to rise in his body rapidly.

But just as the aura was about to overwhelm him, it suddenly stopped in front of him.

Everything in the surroundings was being destroyed, but the force avoided him.

Qiang Wanzhou looked at the figure above, and light flashed across his eyes.

The next moment, his body finally disappeared from the ground.

“Youre the only one left in the Tianling God Realm now.” The ancestors voice entered her ears.

“The Long Yuan Sword can finally start recognizing its master.”

Chu Liuyue held the sword handle tightly, looked afar, and slightly nodded.

Then, she raised the Long Yuan Sword above her head.

The boundless strength entered and even formed a large energy vortex above her head.

Her bodily force was being exhausted at a crazy rate, but the water droplet rapidly turned, causing its strength to keep flowing toward Chu Liuyues limbs and skeletons.


A light sound suddenly reverberated in her mind.

Chu Liuyue actually broke through and became a stage-four warrior at this moment.

The fourth line gradually appeared on the water droplet.

Chu Liuyue used all her strength, and the sword landed!

An invisible force flowed out of the Long Yuan Sword and silently went to the side.

In the distant night sky, the bright moon hung high when it suddenly dropped.

The endless water sparks suddenly rippled.

Instantly, it looked like the moon was splashing into the river of stars.

The millions of points of bright light shone in a dazzling manner, and they all bloomed at the same time.

Chu Liuyue watched the events unfold without blinking.

The ancestor had previously instructed her, “If a stage-nine warrior can summon the Heavenly Dao and successfully break through, they can create a Minor Chiliocosm that belongs to the creator alone.

Its a pity that I didnt succeed back then, and everything failed at the last step.

Even though the Heavenly Dao stopped here, it completely broke down and dissipated, causing the incomplete Minor Chiliocosm to split into two.

“In this heaven and earth, half is water, while the other half is fire.

Half of it is extremely cold, whereas the other half is extremely hot.

As time trickled past, the environment of this places two halves became increasingly extreme.

In the end, this happened.”

“In order to balance the strength within the Minor Chiliocosm, I forcefully split the Long Yuan Swords sword soul into two and suppressed one each on the two sides.

Of course, my last bit of consciousness was also split into two.

No matter which side you go, the Long Yuan Sword you have wont be complete.

Only when you completely merge the two worlds will you then obtain the whole Long Yuan Sword.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The invisible sword aura immediately crossed through the center of the border.

This was the place where Chu Liuyue and the rest had arrived at when they first came to the Tianling God Realm.

A gigantic black hole appeared in midair.

Then, the golden fire started burning toward that side, and the crystal waters also started spreading to this side.

The two separated grounds finally began to merge.

Chu Liuyue was elated as she couldnt help but ask, “Ancestor, is this succeeding!”

A vague figure suddenly appeared beside her.

“You… did great.”

Shangguan Jing stood with his hands behind his back, and his gaze was complicated when he saw the scene before him. Even though I had already expected Chu Liuyue to succeed, I didnt expect it to be so successful.

This girl…

“Your body has the Heavenly Daos strength, so you can control the dissipated Heavenly Dao in this Minor Chiliocosm.

Once the Long Yuan Sword fully awakens and absorbs all of the Heavenly Daos strength, you can officially become its new owner.” As he spoke, Shangguan Jing sighed.

“Everything is fated… Theres no better choice than you in this world.”

Everything sounded simple, but it was actually very hard to achieve in reality.

It was already extremely difficult for the cultivator to have the Heavenly Daos strength.

Secondly, the person had to have the Tianling royal family bloodline to open that door successfully.

Two strict conditions, yet Chu Liuyue met them both.

Even though he was still doubtful about the black pyramid in her body, Chu Liuyues current performance had explained everything.

There was indeed no better person to be the Long Yuan Swords new owner than her!

Chu Liuyue was shocked since she didnt expect that he would suddenly appear.

Very quickly, she realized that the ancestors figure gradually became fainter.

Her heart sank.

“Ancestor, you—”

Shangguan Jing smiled and waved his hands.

“It doesnt affect anything.

I told you before that Im just the last bit of consciousness left in this Long Yuan Sword.

Now that the Long Yuan Sword is awakened and that the Minor Chiliocosm is reorganized, I naturally dont need to continue existing.”

Chu Liuyues heart was as if clutched by something.

“I-is there no other way Ive admired and respected you for a very long time.


Upon seeing her anxious look, Shangguan Jing suddenly felt his heart was soft.

“Of course, I really like you.

If you were my Tianling Shangguans descendant, how great would that be…”

There seemed to be something stuck in Chu Liuyues throat.

Shangguan Jing paused and said, “I have a request; I wonder if you can agree.

That black pyramid of yours… might have a secret related to my Shangguan family.

May I know if you can help me to protect it”

Chu Liuyue felt her heart ache.

“Okay! Ill definitely do my best!”

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