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Chapter 529: The best has yet to come

Ning Jiaojiao instantly disappeared! She, too, had been eliminated!

Qiang Wanzhou looked up coldly! Chu Liuyue is in that ball of light!

He stood on his toes as he flew toward Yang Qiner quickly!

Yang Qiners heart sank! Im just a peak stage-five warrior.

Im no match for Qiang Wanzhou!

“Hold on!” she said suddenly.

Qiang Wanzhou went around her as he looked at her expressionlessly.

Yang Qiner felt chills run down her spine because of the stare, but she still blurted out, “We can join forces!”

Qiang Wanzhou frowned.

Yang Qiner began explaining.

“The Long Yuan Sword has chosen a master, but its neither of us.

Why dont we work together and stop that person!”

With that said, she pointed in the direction of Chu Liuyue.

Qiang Wanzhous expression became even stranger. Does Yang Qiner actually think that Ill join forces with her to attack Chu Liuyue

Upon seeing his reaction, Yang Qiner thought that he had been moved by her proposal.

“Dont worry! We dont have to take the risk! The puppet Ive sent will take care of that person!”

Qiang Wanzhou turned back and glanced.

The puppet was embroiled in a battle with the legendary three-eyed eagle!

Yang Qiner felt a little nervous.

“The legendary fiend is just an illusion; its easy to deal with!”

She suddenly turned.

“Right! Why dont we head up together! We dont even have to win; we just have to disrupt that person.

By doing so, the Long Yuan Sword wont be able to recognize a new master! The person will also suffer from backlash! Even if they dont die, theyll be seriously injured!”

As she prattled on excitedly, Qiang Wanzhous eyes turned cold.

The next instant, his surrounding energy grew exponentially!

Yang Qiner thought he was going to take action.

She was about to break into a smile when she realized that Qiang Wanzhou was coming for her!

This instantly wiped the smile off her face as she backed away in panic.

“What are you doing! I said for us to attack that person together! Are you crazy!”

Qiang Wanzhou pursed his lips as he dashed toward her.

He raised the longsword in his hands and brought it down heavily!

Xuan Ji Square.

This was already the sixth day of the Wan Zheng Competition.

Most were eliminated on the first day.

As the days progressed, fewer people were eliminated, but the crowd was anything but impatient.

They grew increasingly excited as time passed.

A number of things had happened in Xi Ling City recently, and everyone was animatedly talking about them.

One of the hottest topics was people speculating on Chu Liuyues final rank in the competition!

As the person with the lowest cultivation level out of hundreds of contestants, Chu Liuyue was naturally the topic of conversation for everyone.

The longer she lasted, the higher her rank, and the more excited the crowd got.

There was even a wager going on in a secluded corner of the square!

“Everybody, come round and place your bets! Times ticking! The competition is about to end.

If you dont strike now, itll be too late!”

“Dont rush, dont rush! Im still thinking! This is the last of my money!”

“Sigh, whats there to think about Just pick one! Theres only six left, so isnt it easy to guess”

“Th-then, Ill bet that Chu Liuyue will be sixth!”

“You sure Young Master Jian of Dragon Teeth Mountain has bet half of his fortune on Chu Liuyue coming in first! Are you sure youre picking sixth”

“Im not stupid! How can Chu Liuyue come in first To put it nicely, Jian Fengchi is using his fortune to court Chu Liuyue.

To put it bluntly, hes stupid and has money to blow! How can we compare! Sixth—shes definitely going to be the next one eliminated!”

“No take backs!”

Yuwen Jinghong and Jian Fengchi walked by at this time.

Hearing his name, Jian Fengchi paused.

He scratched his chin and laughed.

“So thats what everyone is saying about me now”

I found time to check out the competitions progress today since I bet quite a bit of money on Chu Liuyue.

However, I didnt expect to hear that comment.

Yuwen Jinghong coughed.

“Youre not mad, right Theyre just gossiping…”

“Whats there to be mad at Theyre throwing their money at me.

Im beyond ecstatic.”

Yuwen Jinghong was stunned.

“Are you serious Youre putting more money in”

Jian Fengchi looked at him with pity.

“I have nothing but money.

Of course, this might be hard for you to understand, but dont worry.

I wont look down on you.”

Hes asking for a beating! Yuwen Jinghong felt the corners of his mouth twitch.


Well see how much money he has to blow!

Jian Fengchi walked over with a smile.


A Cosmic Ring appeared on the table.

Everyone was instantly silenced as they looked toward the rings owner.

It was Jian Fengchi!

The others who were speaking ill of him earlier lowered their heads in panic.

However, Jian Fengchi didnt take their words to heart as he smiled.

“There are 5,000 white crystals in here.

Im betting that Chu Liuyue comes in first.”

Everyone was silent, but they were all looking at the Cosmic Ring strangely. Thats 5,000 white crystals! Hes practically giving the money away to us for free!

Jian Fengchi had already bet a lot of money in gambling dens all around Xi Ling.

They didnt expect him to patronize a small betting station like theirs!

“Y-Young Master Jian, are you sure”

Jian Fengchi glanced at the person who was speaking with a wry smile.

“Dont worry.

I wont take this amount of money to heart; its all in good fun.”

The man felt his legs turn to jelly, and he almost collapsed to the ground.

The crowd eyed one another.

“Young Master Jian is so generous!”

Jian Fengchi pulled out his fan and backed away two steps.

“Someones been eliminated!” A cry came from the side!

The lively square was instantly silenced, and everyone stared at the transportation formation!

There were ripples—this was a sign that someone was coming out!

After a moment, a figure dashed out and fell to the ground!

“Its a girl!”

“Who is it Who exactly is it Is it Chu Liuyue!”

The crowd was antsy as many craned their necks to get a better look.

The woman was sprawled on the ground.

She was covered in blood, and burn wounds were scattered across her body, making her look rather pathetic.

She had clearly gone through a lot in the Tianling God Realm.

As if hearing the commotion, the girl moved, lifting her head up.

A blood-stricken face appeared in the crowds eyes!

“Its Ning Jiaojiao! Xuan Feng Halls Ning Jiaojiao!” Someone came to their senses and cried out while pointing at the black marble tablet.

“The name that disappeared is Ning Jiaojiaos!”

The crowd fell silent. Ning Jiaojiao is the only daughter of Xuan Feng Halls Master.

How could she have been eliminated this easily! What about Chu Liuyue!

Jian Fengchi tapped his fan with his hands as he turned and looked.

Many people were pale, including the people who were speaking ill of him earlier.


It seems like a lot of people had their money on Chu Liuyue placing sixth. He comforted them very sincerely.

“Dont worry.

The best has yet to come!”

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