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Chapter 513: Heavenly Pit

Its fine that they are speaking ill of Jian Fengchi, but its not okay if they bring me into it!

The mustached man was startled by Chu Liuyue, and he grew increasingly uneasy.

But they then thought about how any of the three of them could easily defeat Chu Liuyue, not to mention if they joined forces.

Against the three of us, Chu Liuyue is asking for death! Besides, Jian Fengchi isnt present here.

Theres nothing that we have to be afraid of!

Yang Qiner refused to give up.


Chu, we bear no ill will.

We just wanted to ask you for a favor… Both of my senior brothers are injured…”

“What do their injuries have to do with me” Chu Liuyue cut her off impatiently.

“If memory serves me right, you took the backseat when the two of them were fighting off the sword aura.”

Yang Qiners expression changed.

She didnt expect Chu Liuyue to see that!

“Youre their junior sister, but even you arent helping them.

Therefore, why should I Do I look that… stupid” Chu Liuyue said.

She spoke slowly and evenly, but her words were cutting to the trio.

Yang Qiners face turned red as her eyes filled with tears.

“I… I…”

This brought up the two mens protective instincts.

The skinny, tall man yelled at Chu Liuyue.

“What do you know! It was an urgent situation.

She only backed away because we told her to; otherwise, the three of us would be hurt now! Chu Liuyue, dont try to sow discord!”

Yang Qiner held him back.

“Senior Brothers, its all my fault… Dont get angry…”

Since they are stupid and tired of living, I cant be bothered with them. Chu Liuyue shrugged.

“Say whatever you want.

I have things to get done, so Ill take my leave first.”

With that, Chu Liuyue tried to walk around them.

The mustached man blocked her way with a dark face.

“Who said you could leave”

Chu Liuyue looked up at the man and smiled.

Her nonchalant smile infuriated the mustached man.

He raised his sword and stabbed it toward Chu Liuyue!

“Ill teach you today that there are some people that you cannot trifle with!” With that, he turned his wrist, and the tip stabbed toward Chu Liuyues left hand!

It was targeting the crystal barrier!

Chu Liuyues eyes turned colder as she threw her dagger out with her right hand!


The broadsword was easily knocked aside by the dagger!

The mustached mans hand shook violently as he felt his palm go numb!

“Outrageous!” The skinny man saw this and struck!

He had lost his sword and had been severely weakened, but even so, his ability as a beginner stage-six warrior was more than enough to deal with a stage-three warrior.

“Eight Impact Punch!” he cried out, clenching his fists as he aimed for Chu Liuyues lower back!

The punchs force was evident from the breeze that could be felt!

Chu Liuyue leaped up and onto the mustached mans chest! Before he could react, she grabbed his arms and forcefully turned him!

The mustached man was now Chu Liuyues shield!

The skinny man wanted to retract his attack, but doing so would result in severe backlash!

The mustached man had no choice but to take the hit!

His right hand was completely numb, so he could only use his left hand against Chu Liuyue as he reached for her neck!

At this moment, Chu Liuyue elbowed him! It landed heavily on the mustached mans ribs!

He bent over in pain, frustrated as murderous thoughts flashed across his mind!

However, Chu Liuyue was faster! She struck with her arm, and it almost severed his right wrist!

The broadsword in the mustached mans hand immediately dropped to the ground!

Yang Qiner knew that the odds werent in their favor, so she was about to come forward!

Chu Liuyue took the chance to break free of the mustached mans control as she turned and kicked him!

The mustached man landed on the skinny man! The two collided with each other!

Chu Liuyue curled her toes, and the broadsword landed in her hands!

Yang Qiner wanted to stop, but Chu Liuyues wry smile made her feel guilty.

Thus, she drew the sword at her waist and rushed toward Chu Liuyue with gritted teeth.

But Chu Liuyue refused to waste any time on her and struck first!

The broadsword was extremely heavy, but Chu Liuyue made it seem like it barely weighed anything.

After several training sessions with the water droplet, her strength had greatly exceeded her expectations.

In the next instant, she stepped up and moved Yang Qiners sword away from her before the latter could circulate her force!

Yang Qiner cried out in pain, and a cut appeared on her hands!

Chu Liuyue immediately backed away, not engaging any further! The force in her body quickly welled up.

To her surprise, Chu Liuyue found that she had gotten even faster.

The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force swept into her body and made ripples!

In one breath, she ran in the direction of the Long Yuan Sword!

Yang Qiner wanted to run after her, but she felt threatened by the heavy and authoritative aura of the Long Yuan Sword that she saw.

She looked around before she rushed over to the pair.

“Senior Brothers, Qiner was useless and was unable to catch up with her…”

She subtly displayed the cut on her arm for the pair to see.

Without any surprise, their hatred for Chu Liuyue grew stronger.

“This Chu Liuyue is really sly! If we werent injured by the sword aura, we never wouldve let her get away!” said the mustached man with hatred as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The skinny man felt guilty for injuring his peer and pinned all the blame on Chu Liuyue.

“…The next time we see her, well show her!”

Yang Qiner lowered her eyes as disdain flashed across them.

She didnt exert her full force since she had concerns, but she didnt expect the two of them to be this useful given their cultivation level.

Even though the disciples of such formal clans were outstanding, they werent necessarily good in battle.

They were good enough for competitions and sparring, but they would be at a disadvantage when compared to people like Chu Liuyue, who fought for their lives.

She coughed and gently reminded them, “Senior Brothers, now that shes gone… Shall we chase after her”

The pair remained silent.

If it were before, they would agree to it.

But now… they felt the danger posed by the Long Yuan Sword.

After a while, the mustached man spoke up.

“Were all injured, so why dont we all rest here and continue after were back to our peak form.”

The skinny man agreed immediately.

Yang Qiner felt indignant, but she couldnt refuse and had no choice but to comply.

On the other side, Chu Liuyue smoothly proceeded onward with the crystal barriers help as she closed in on the Long Yuan Sword!

When she got nearer, she finally discovered that the Long Yuan Sword was surrounded by a large heavenly pit!

Woo woo!

Strong winds blew by, and a strong sense of tragic authority enveloped the area!

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