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Chapter 51: Ranking!

Si Ting looked at the young girl in front of him, and his gaze rapidly darted across her body. Completely unharmed.

It looks like she did not meet with any trouble at all.

However, this is not right.

If Chu Liuyue walked the wrong way in the middle, she should have activated the Xuan formation and met with some trouble.

However, she looks like she was just casually walking around in her backyard.

If she really did not meet with any trouble, she should have been here much earlier.

At the very least, she shouldve arrived here around the same time as me.

However, she was late by a step.

Si Ting wanted to figure something out from Chu Liuyues face, but there was only calmness in the depths of her sparkling eyes.

He could not glean anything.

It seemed like nothing in this world could falter her heart.

“Youre very fast,” said Si Ting simply.

Chu Liuyue opened her arms.

“Still slower than you by a little.”

Si Ting did not say anything else and turned around to walk forward. There is nothing difficult about this competition at all.

Chu Liuyue is the only variable.

However, it is clear that she doesnt intend to show off her true abilities.

Thus, it wont be too late to investigate her later.

Chu Liuyue also did not say anything else and continued to move forward.

After passing through some place, she set her eyes on the disc-like stones beneath her feet. Who would have thought that this is the Xuan formations formation eye

This rock that looked more than ordinary actually contained the strongest energy in the entire Xuan formation.

She would not be far from the exit once she walked through this place.

Si Tings figure quickly disappeared, and Chu Liuyue followed closely after.

Si Ting walked out of the woods smoothly without any obstacles and found Sun Zhongyan and the other two teachers waiting for him there.

He casually picked up the flag, and a firework rose to the sky from the chessboard at the same time.


The firework exploding meant that the Xuan Master examinations top scholar had already appeared.

“Si Ting, youve indeed improved by quite a bit.

You only used less than an hour to get out,” praised Sun Zhongyan.

Si Ting looked calm and clenched his fists as he bowed.

“Thank you, Elder Sun, for the compliment.

I still have much to learn.”

Another middle-aged man laughed.

“Youre only 15 this year, but youre already a stage-three Xuan Master.

You have a bright future ahead of you.

Youre well-deserving of this top position.”

Si Tings expression changed upon hearing his words as if he wanted to say something, but he swallowed the words in the end.

He turned around and looked at the forest.

As expected, a pretty face appeared in front of him not long after.

It was Chu Liuyue.

The time difference between the two reaching the final destination wasnt very large.

Sun Zhongyan and the other two sized Chu Liuyue up seriously.

The rumored good-for-nothing young girl was actually so…

Chu Liuyue walked over and picked up the second flag.

When the fireworks flew up to the sky, the students still competing behind the mountains were shocked.

There was an uproar in the warrior examination zone.

“How did the Xuan Master examination proceed so quickly The senior sisters said that they would take hours.”

“This should be the top scholar, right”

“Its still quite early… Who do you think is the top scholar”

“Who else can it be With Si Ting around, no one else can be at the top.”

At this point, a thick but strong voice sounded in everyones ears.

“First place of the 453rd Xuan Master examination—Si Ting!”

The crowd burst into commotions once the voice faded away.

“Its really him!”

“Based on this efficiency, Si Ting is definitely a stage-three Xuan Master, right I thought he had died down after not hearing any news about him for more than half a year.

I didnt expect him to get first secretly!”

“Yeah! I think Chu Xianmin isnt a match for his talent.”

“How can a warrior and a Xuan Master compete”

A few people whispered amongst themselves and kept glancing at Chu Xianmin.

Chu Xianmin tolerated the stares with all her might and pretended that she did not hear them, but her fingernails were already digging deeply into her palms.

Si Ting had stolen all the limelight! However, it was okay.

Si Ting was part of the Si family after all.

He had nothing much to do with her.

As long as she destroyed Chu Liuyue today…


The second firework rose into the sky.

The crowd was taken aback. Did… the second place for the Xuan Master examination emerge

Only a short amount of time had passed since the first firework had risen into the sky.

“Oh my god.

Whos so capable to follow closely behind Si Ting and emerge as second place”

Questions rose amongst the crowd.

The same voice from before boomed.

“Second place of the 453rd Xuan Master examination—Chu Liuyue!”


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