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Chapter 464: Hold Up!

The dense force circulated around his body, and the seal above his head almost disappeared completely.

Chu Liuyue had previously suspected that Emperor Jiawen wasnt weak, but she didnt expect him to be this strong.

He had already become a peak stage-six warrior now, but he still didnt stop!

A ridiculous idea surfaced in Chu Liuyues mind: If that seal completely disappears, and Emperor Jiawens abilities continue to strengthen…

As if to confirm her thoughts, the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force rapidly entered Emperor Jiawens body as the last stroke of the seal disappeared.

His surrounding aura kept strengthening.

Chu Liuyue reacted like this, let alone the others that didnt know anything.

When Emperor Jiawens figure appeared in midair, and he revealed his true cultivation level, everyone was shocked and had their mouths agape.

“T-thats… His Majesty!”

“Of course, its His Majesty! Wasnt he dragged to… Qinghe Hall Why is he—”

“Stage-six warrior… His Majesty is actually a stage-six warrior!”

The crowd partook in heated discussions, and the final sentence woke all of them up.

The numerous family heads standing in one corner exchanged glances, and they all fell into a strange silence.

This happened too suddenly, and it was a great shock.

Everyone in Country Yao Chen knew that Emperor Jiawens cultivation talent could only be forcefully calleddecent and that he wasnt worth a mention compared to a true talent.

In addition to the many years of resting on his throne, one didnt need to think to know that Emperor Jiawens combat skills were very poor.

Even up till just now, all the family heads thought in a similar manner.

If not, Emperor Jiawen wouldnt lose so quickly when Rong Jiu barged in, and he wouldnt be in such a defeated situation.

But now it seemed like… the rich strength and the formidable suppression were clearly coming from Emperor Jiawens body.

This clearly showed that he was different from Situ Xingchen, who kept trying to absorb force and break through previously.

Emperor Jiawen had clearly hidden his true abilities! He only finally showed his capabilities.

Someone suddenly asked, “Wheres the Third Prince”

The crowd was instantly awakened. Rong Jiu went to find Emperor Jiawen earlier!

Anyone could imagine that the situation took a 180-degree turn in such a short period of time.

Rong Jiu was clearly losing.

He mightve achieved many accolades in wars, but he was definitely not the match of a stage-six warrior.

In actual fact, Rong Jiu was slightly better than what the crowd thought as he was just slightly injured.

Once he reached the outside of Qinghe Hall, he saw Emperor Jiawen cultivating.

He was about to enter when Emperor Jiawen rose to the skies and completely disregarded him.

Rong Jiu was slightly injured as he was implicated by some of the force, but his inner shock was much heavier than before.

He looked up and stared at Emperor Jiawen—whose capabilities kept increasing—as he knitted his brows.

Many emotions also flashed across his eyes—shock, doubt, suspicion, disbelief…

After a moment, he couldnt help but laugh.

Wei Lin—who was following closely behind—immediately asked, “Your Highness, are you alright”

Rong Jiu shook his head and laughed even louder, but his face didnt reveal any smiling intent. So this is my father! What I saw for the past few years was just an illusion! I thought I was much better than Father, but it turns out that I dont know anything at all! That man became someone completely different! No—perhaps he was originally like this!

After Emperor Jiawen appeared, the red-tailed flood dragon seemed to be even more restless than before.

It seemed to want to go forward, but it was always hesitant as it looked at Emperor Jiawen with a complicated gaze.

Chu Liuyue glanced at it, patted Xue Xue, and asked softly, “Why do I feel that… the red-tailed flood dragon seems to hate Emperor Jiawen But it also seems to be fearful of him”

Xue Xue rubbed its head against Chu Liuyues palm and softly whimpered in confirmation.

Tuan Zi nodded even more crazily. Its so obvious! The red-tailed flood dragon clearly wants to destroy Emperor Jiawen, but for some reason, it didnt take any action!

Chu Liuyue felt even more suspicious. The Deep Xuan formation is Country Yao Chens defensive formation, and it suppressed the red-tailed flood dragon.

Logically speaking, it should stand on the same side as the people in Country Yao Chens royal family.

Where did this unknown hatred and vengeance come from It cant be because it supports Rong Jiu to ascend the throne.

That has nothing to do with it.

At this moment, the seal above Emperor Jiawens head completely disappeared.

Emperor Jiawens aura violently circulated.

Following the howling of the wind, the clouds gathered, and thunder rumbled.

It was a sign of a breakthrough!

Chu Liuyue held her breath in. Emperor Jiawen actually wants to break through directly and become a stage-seven warrior!

Hong! Long! Long!

Following the loud sound, a ray of silver light suddenly descended from the skies.

The dark sky was illuminated by this light.

Then, a second ray and a third ray appeared…

It was as if a silver waterfall appeared in the clouds.

A gigantic sky curtain sparkled brightly, and it exuded a crushing sense of pressure!

Some people couldnt take it anymore, and they knelt down and watched the scene emotionally.

Chu Liuyue gradually clenched her fists tighter because she couldnt believe what she had just seen. Emperor Jiawen actually summoned Heavens Canopy! This is the sign of him breaking through to become a stage-seven warrior!

However, Emperor Jiawen didnt seem shocked at all.

He seemed to have predicted this.

Under the stares of countless eyes, Emperor Jiawen slowly raised his hands and reached toward Heavens Canopy.

“Hold on!” A low and lazy voice suddenly sounded.

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