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Chapter 456: Very Good

The tremendous force formed a bloody whip and harshly swept toward her.

Chu Liuyue immediately backed away.


The wooden table immediately broke into two, and the broken pieces flew everywhere.

Half of Qinghe Halls roof immediately went flying, but the bloody whip didnt stop.

Instead, it traveled toward Chu Liuyue at greater speeds.

Emperor Jiawen—who was at the other end of the room—was startled by the commotion and instantly turned around to take a look.

The two of them stared straight into each others eyes.

Deep shock flashed across Emperor Jiawens eyes.

Chu Liuyue paused in her movements, but this temporary pause caused the bloody whip to spread near her waist and tightly coil around it.

Then, her body was dragged out by that bloody whip.

Emperor Jiawens gaze flashed, and he hid in an even more isolated corner that wasnt affected.

At the same time, his surrounding barrier became stronger.

As long as nobody went near him, they definitely wouldnt notice that something was wrong.

Chu Liuyues heart sank. Emperor Jiawens previous glance… was actually filled with immense hatred!

At this moment, the bloody whip around her waist tightened again.

Chu Liuyue suddenly turned around and noticed the other end of the bloody whip was in Situ Xingchens hands.

Situ Xingchen waved her wrist, and Chu Liuyues body uncontrollably flew toward her.

Chu Liuyue immediately drew out her dagger and cut the bloody whip.


The bloody whip broke along with the sound, but before Chu Liuyue could be happy, she saw the broken bloody whip quickly connect again.

The bloody whip started forming together with that strange strength, and her dagger couldnt even cut through it completely.

In the blink of an eye, she was only ten steps away from Situ Xingchen.

Situ Xingchen raised her chin and looked at Chu Liuyue arrogantly and nonchalantly.

“Its you!”

She had now become an intermediate stage-five warrior and was much more sensitive to her surroundings.

Previously, she clearly felt a very familiar and annoying aura, so she swiftly took action.

Its really this b*tch! Every time Situ Xingchen saw Chu Liuyues face, her heart would be filled with overflowing hatred. Whatever I experienced before, I must let Chu Liuyue pay it back a hundred-fold.

Thinking of this, she waved her wrist without hesitation.

That bloody whip was suddenly let loose, and it harshly whipped toward Chu Liuyues face.

Chu Liuyue immediately backed away, but Situ Xingchens current cultivation level was much higher than her.

The same could be said for her speed and strength.

Even when she had exhausted all her speed to avoid her, Chu Liuyue still couldnt escape unscathed.


Chu Liuyues left arm instantly split open, and blood gushed out.

Her body also harshly fell forward due to the strong energy.

The moment he saw Chu Liuyue in midair, Elder Ye was shocked and wanted to go forward to help. That girl is just a stage-three warrior now.

How can she be Situ Xingchens match

But once he moved, Elder Zong Ye blocked him once again.

Elder Zong Ye—who had suffered a lot previously and was very stifled—finally took his revenge.

“Ye Zhiting, didnt you say that your precious disciple was a rare genius Why are you so anxious to go forward and help Why dont we stand by and see who will win”

Ye Zhiting finally couldnt take it lying, and he scolded, “My *ss! Who is that Situ Xingchen How can she be compared to my disciple Do you think the humiliation during the Qing Jiao Competition wasnt enough! Zong Ye, dont be too delighted.

Situ Xingchen activated the bronze cauldron on her own accord and swallowed hundreds of cultivators strength.

Even if she can break through in a short period of time, she will suffer from endless aftereffects!”

Zong Yes heart skipped a beat. No wonder I felt that Situ Xingchens aura seemed amiss… But at such a critical juncture, how can I support others and destroy my own power

“You dont have to care about this! You should just think if your precious disciple can live! I think Xingchens move can directly take away half of her life!”

Shes just a stage-three warrior.

Perhaps she cant even endure more than three moves under Xingchens hands.

Ye Zhitings gaze turned extremely cold as he shot a deadly stare at Elder Zong Ye and said carefully, “In my entire life, I only have this one disciple.

If anyone dares to hurt her… I will chase after that person even until my death!”

The moment he said that, his surrounding aura suddenly exploded.

Elder Zong Ye was shocked. Ye Zhiting is being serious!

The next moment, Elder Ye had already rushed to him.

The pair immediately got into it!

Rong Jiu stared at the scene in midair, and his expression turned ugly.

“Chu Liuyue… seemed to have come out from Qinghe Hall just now…”

The people behind him fell silent.

Rong Jiu turned around and walked toward Qinghe Hall with large strides.

Previously, he had clearly sent quite a few people to escort Emperor Jiawen to Qinghe Hall, but Chu Liuyue was actually there.

If Situ Xingchen didnt suddenly make a move, he wouldnt know when he would find out about this.

Just before Chu Liuyues body harshly slammed on the floor, she suddenly felt a strength that held her up from behind.

Chu Liuyue turned around and realized that it was Tuan Zi biting on her shirt and dragging her behind.


The soft clothing material couldnt withstand such stretching, and it suddenly tore.

Panic flashed across Tuan Zis eyes. If she lands, she will be severely injured!

A sharp gaze rapidly grazed past Chu Liuyues body like a knife.

She looked down and saw that she was getting increasingly nearer to the marble floor.

Her expression changed, and just as she wanted to circulate the strength of the water droplet in her dantian, she saw a white figure flash across her eyes.

The next moment, she felt that she had landed on a soft ball.

“Xue Xue!” Chu Liuyue looked at Xue Xue—who suddenly appeared and saved her—in surprise.

Xue Xues paws gently touched the floor, and it brought Chu Liuyue up.


A majestic lion roar reverberated throughout the area.

Everyone was stunned by this sudden scene.

Chu Liuyue—who was supposed to land on the floor—suddenly straddled a bulky, white lions back.

The winds whistled and blew up her black hair, which looked like a black flag flying in the winds.

Not only was the beautiful face not filled with any form of cowardice or fear, but it was also filled with a high and mighty aura.

Cold, arrogant, and determined!

One look at it, and one would see that she was unparalleled.

It also made one subconsciously bow down to her.

She and Situ Xingchen stared at each other, but Situ Xingchen—who had a stronger cultivation level—seemed to be lacking.

Countless people saw this scene, and they were all dazed. Is this really… Chu Liuyue

Chu Liuyue glanced at the injury on her left shoulder and slowly raised her head as she stared at Situ Xingchen coldly.

Her lips curved up into a cold smile.

“Very good.”

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