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Chapter 455: Sneak Attack

Rong Xius figure moved, and he quickly disappeared from within the yard.

Yu Mo and Yan Qing glanced at each other and followed him.

As the strange pattern broke, Situ Xingchen had also officially broken through and became a stage-five warrior.

Seeing that the light pillar still hadnt vanished and how Situ Xingchen kept absorbing the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force in the middle, Rong Jiu finally realized that something was amiss. If this continues, who knows if Situ Xingchen will continue to break through

He looked at Wei Lin.

“Have you found Elder Ye”

Wei Lin shook his head.

Rong Jiu silently thought for a while.

“Send my orders and activate the Deep Xuan formation!”

Upon hearing this, the crowd behind exchanged looks.

Nobody expected that before Emperor Jiawen could even activate the Deep Xuan formation, Rong Jiu would use it to deal with Situ Xingchen.

“Yes!” Wei Lin quickly brought some men and left.

Time seemed to pass especially slow when they were waiting.

After approximately 15 minutes, a ripple came from the northwestern corner of the palace.

A star gradually appeared in the sky.

Following this, more points lit up beside the star.

In the blink of an eye, it had already become one sheet, like a small sea of stars.

Almost at the same time, the same scene appeared in the other three directions.

All the stars were gathering toward the middle.

It was as if an invisible hand was connecting the four incomplete patches of stars.


When everything gathered together, a large sound was made.

It was like a gigantic star net had covered the entire palace.

It gave off a crushing sense of pressure!

That greenish-red light pillar was also affected by this strength and suppression as it started to shrink toward the middle.

At this point, Situ Xingchen suddenly opened her eyes.

The pair of eyes that was always watery was bloodshot now.

Cruel and cold murderous intent crazily swarmed out of her eyes.

She looked at her wrist and ankle.

With that force helping her, all her physical injuries had recovered.

She had also directly broken through and become a stage-five warrior from a stage-three warrior.

She gradually clenched her fist and felt rejuvenated when she felt the energy coursing through her body.

Previously, I was still quite hesitant.

But now, it seems like my decision was more right than ever.

Even in the entire world, how many people can continuously break through to such a stage in such a short span of time, let alone in Country Yao Chen

The key point is that the energy in the bronze cauldron hasnt been exhausted.

This means that my strength will continue to rise.

She looked up and sneered when she realized that the light pillar seemed to be shrinking.

Then, she clasped her hands, and her surrounding force crazily moved.

At the same time, the winds howled, and lightning struck.

The light pillar that entered the clouds suddenly landed like a waterfall.

The eye-catching light, together with the tremendous force, crazily entered her body.

Intense pain could be felt all over her body.

Situ Xingchen saw that some small wounds on her hand had exploded, and sticky, sweet blood started oozing out.

However, she clenched her teeth and did not stop. Only this way can I break through even faster.

After enduring this momentary pain, I will become the top warrior in the world.

Very quickly, Rong Jiu and the rest saw that the light pillar—which almost connected heaven and earth—started to shrink from both ends.

Situ Xingchens body was like a black hole that kept crazily absorbing that light.

Rong Jiu felt increasingly uneasy.

He boomed, “Activate the Deep Xuan formation!”

His strong and burly voice reverberated throughout the air.

At the same time, the cultivators spread across the palace started exerting their strength.

Rays of light intersected above the gigantic Deep Xuan formation, and they very quickly drew a large outline.


A dragon roar echoed throughout the sky.

It was actually a seventh-grade fiend—red-tailed flood dragon.

Its entire body was silver, but only its tail was red, looking like a wildly burning fire.

Its enormous body almost covered the entire sky.

When it let out a roar, the ground started to shake.

The Deep Xuan formation was the formation to protect the palace, but very few people knew that the Xuan formation was suppressing a red-tailed flood dragon.

It was the reason why the Deep Xuan formation was formidable.

Even though the red-tailed flood dragon was just a seventh-grade fiend, it had an ancient legendary fiends blood—the great phoenix dragons bloodline.

The red-tailed flood dragon could be considered as the most powerful existence amongst seventh-grade fiends.

Rumors had it that some red-tailed flood dragons had the chance to break through and become an eighth-grade fiend or even higher.

The red-tailed flood dragon flew in the air, and its gigantic, red eyes were ice-cold as its gaze was nonchalant.

Situ Xingchens heart skipped a beat. I never expected a fiend of such grade to be hidden in the Deep Xuan formation.

Even though she was already a stage-five warrior, it was a dream for her to defeat a seventh-grade fiend.

She could only have some hope if she broke through and became an advanced stage-six warrior.

Situ Xingchen clenched her teeth, circulated her surrounding force, and mapped out a barrier around her rapidly.

The next moment, the red-tailed flood dragon rushed toward Situ Xingchen.

Wherever it passed by, black spaces would appear.

One could tell how formidable it was.

Then, it flung its dragon tail.


It heavily slammed against Situ Xingchens barrier.


A loud impact sound was heard again!

The suppression directly hit Situ Xingchens body through the barrier.

Her body shook, and her face instantly became paler.

But at the next moment, euphoria flashed across her eyes.

This was because the barrier did not break.

Just based on her current stage-five warrior strength, the barrier she formed definitely couldnt withstand the red-tailed flood dragons attack.

Hence, she directly circulated the light pillars power to form this barrier.

It was indeed strong.

She felt more at ease and continued to swallow the surrounding power. With a bit more time, I might be the red-tailed flood dragons match.

Seeing that Situ Xingchen had actually withstood an attack from the red-tailed flood dragon, the spectators were all taken aback.

“Whats with the greenish-red light around her How can it have such tremendous strength”

“In such a short time, she has already broken through and become a stage-five warrior—No! Shes already an intermediate stage-five warrior! Does she want to break through and become a stage-six warrior!”

“Did you see She seems to be bleeding I think her physical body cant take it anymore!”

“What is she planning to do…”

Not only in the palace, everyone in the entire Imperial City could see this commotion as they all raised their heads to watch the scene.

Situ Xingchen ignored those gazes.

There seemed to be something circulating within her stomach, and her body kept oozing blood out.

But she couldnt feel any more pain as she felt that she was wrapped in fire.

Suddenly, her gaze focused, and she looked in one direction.

She waved her sleeves, and strong power rolled out.

Chu Liuyue—who was hiding in Qinghe Hall—felt the commotion behind her, and her internal alarm sounded as she turned around.

The intense suppression came right for her!

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