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Chapter 436: Did He Betray Me

Qi Han knew he couldnt hide it.

After some thought, he decided to tell her the truth.

“Your Highness, this news came from Zhen Bao Pavilion.”

Chu Liuyue was dazed.

“Second Master Yan”

Qi Han nodded but shook his head again.

It suddenly dawned on Chu Liuyue.

“Did the Master of Zhen Bao Pavilion instruct Second Master Yan to tell you”

A look of surprise flashed across Qi Hans eyes; he didnt expect her to guess it so quickly. Her Highness is smart and wise, so it isnt surprising that she thought of this.

“I went to Zhen Bao Pavilion to buy some herbs.

When they delivered the order, I found a letter in one of the boxes.

Chu Liuyue instantly understood the situation. I see; if it were that person, it wouldnt be weird.

That person is formidable and has heaven-defying capabilities.

The entire Country Yao Chens Imperial City seems to be under his control, let alone others.

But… if he purposely told Qi Han this, does it not mean that he long knew about my identity!

Chu Liuyue asked, “Wheres the letter”

Qi Han said, “That letter was specially handled.

After I opened it and read it, it directly burned itself.”

Chu Liuyue felt regret.

It was obvious that the other party was very meticulous and didnt even want to expose any of his traces.

Qi Han glanced at her carefully.

“Your Highness, I didnt say it earlier as I didnt want you to worry… I planned to tell you after I checked that persons identity.”

Other than the Thirteen Yue Guard, there was still another person who knew Her Highnesss identity in this world! He even knew before them!

After Qi Han knew about this, he felt conflicted.

On the one hand, he felt very emotional that Chu Liuyue could possibly be Her Highness! On the other hand, he was secretly worried that the other party would use this to harm Her Highness.

After much thinking, Chu Liuyue laughed lightly and shook her head.

“You want to find out his identity Im afraid its a little difficult.

Besides… Since he already knows and told you, theres nothing else to worry about.”

He has helped me so many times.

If he wanted to deal with me, why would he waste so much effort

“That persons abilities and background are formidable.

From now on, dont waste any more time and effort on checking him.”

Qi Han was quite shocked. Who is that person Why is Her Highness so afraid of him Besides… Judging by Her Highnesss tone, it seems like shes rather familiar with him.

“Your Highness, you know him”

“No,” said Chu Liuyue bluntly.

She wanted to know the Masters identity more than anyone else, but the other party clearly didnt want her to find out.

Therefore, why should she waste her effort

She would know his identity when the time was ripe.

Since Chu Liuyue had said that, Qi Han would act according to her words.

“Where are the other Thirteen Yue Guard members Do they know… about me”

“Theyre all not in Country Yao Chen, but Ive been keeping in contact with them.

However… I havent told them about you.” Before he personally confirmed Her Highnesss identity, he wouldnt reveal it on his own.

Chu Liuyue smiled with satisfaction.

“Youre doing great; your meticulous attitude is just like before.”

It was unexpected for her to acknowledge Qi Han today.

It would be of tremendous help for her since the Thirteen Yue Guard was still loyal toward her, but it was better if fewer people knew about her identity.

“Dont tell them about this first.

When the time is right, Ill personally let them know.”

Qi Han immediately said, “I understand, Your Highness!”

After all the matters had been settled, Chu Liuyue felt much better.

“Last question.” Her white and thin fingers lightly knocked against the table as she asked her question.

“Did Mu Qinghe… betray me”

“Zong Ye, were all rational.

Lets just lay everything out.”

In the palace, Elder Zong Ye and Situ Xingchen were trapped in the feather-made cage, and they couldnt move at all.

Elder Ye stood in front of the two of them and looked down at them from above, while Emperor Jiawen stood next to him.

Other than this, there were no other people.

Elder Zong Ye kept quiet, but Situ Xingchen seemed to have fainted due to excessive blood loss.

“I also know Mingyue Tianshans rules.

If the news of you barging into Country Yao Chens palace gets out… It wont be good, right” Ye Zhiting was still smiling happily, but the words that came out of his mouth sent chills down Elder Zong Yes spine.

Even though Mingyue Tianshan accepted disciples like other clans, they had a bottom line.

They wouldnt allow anyone to interfere with any countrys matters.

Elder Zong Ye had broken the rule! Needless to say, he would be punished, and he might even be evicted from Mingyue Tianshan.

“Ye Zhiting! What exactly do you want!”

“Heh, shouldnt I be the one asking you this You came all the way here in the middle of the night and barged into Blessing Palace, even wanting to bring her away by force.

Speaking of this… Isnt this your fault”

“Youre twisting the truth! Xingchen is Country Xing Luos eldest princess.

Its wrong for you to lock her up secretly.” While saying this, Elder Zong Yes blood boiled even more.

“You tortured her to this state, and you still want to fault me! Youre such a bully!”

“Hey… You cant say this.

Didnt you also burn Blessing Palace just now”

We needed to use so much effort to completely extinguish such a huge fire! Some of the other palaces were also affected.

Elder Zong Ye was so angry that his beard was in a mess.

“I didnt set that fire!”

Elder Ye was stunned.

“How is it not you Didnt you plan to bring her away amidst the chaos”

“Do I need to use such unscrupulous methods If it werent for that fire, I wouldve brought Xingchen to leave a long time ago! Why will I still be talking to you here”

Upon seeing the agitated Elder Zong Ye, Ye Zhiting was doubtful, and he glanced at Emperor Jiawen. Is it… really not him

“Let me tell you: someone was ahead of me and entered Blessing Palace today.

Besides, she even attacked Xingchen and destroyed her shoulder and leg.”

Upon hearing this, Elder Ye immediately knitted his brows and took a closer look at Situ Xingchen on the floor. Wasnt this injury made by Emperor Jiawen

Emperor Jiawen also noticed something wrong as he stepped forward and stared at Elder Zong Ye.

“Who is it”

Elder Zong Ye sneered.

“You all know this person—Chu Liuyue!”

“Impossible!” Elder Ye denied without thinking. How can this be done by my precious disciple!

“How is this impossible Xingchen told me herself! Ye Zhiting, Chu Liuyue is your disciple, right She came and left so smoothly today… Could you be helping her in secret”

“My a*s!” Vulgarities spilled out of Ye Zhitings mouth.

“How can Situ Xingchens words be believable! She and my disciple have a grudge, so she mustve used this chance to smear her!”

Elder Zong Ye didnt smile as he looked at Emperor Jiawen.

“Xingchen even said that Chu Liuyue had stolen something from her.

You decide if you want to believe it.”

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