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Chapter 435: Doubt

Elder Zong Ye knitted his brows.

“She came out But I didnt see anyones figure just now.”

An inauspicious feeling rose in Situ Xingchens heart.

“You really didnt see her T-then what about now Is she hiding in some corner here”

The entire place was an ocean of fire.

With Chu Liuyues abilities, how could she escape smoothly and quietly

As Situ Xingchen Spoke, she agitatedly clutched Elder Zong Yes arm.

Upon seeing her anxious and maniacal face, Elder Zong Yes heart ached. I dont know what Xingchen has suffered for her to become like this!

He comforted, “Xingchen! Xingchen, dont be anxious! We can leave first and talk about the rest later—”

“Impossible!” Situ Xingchen shrieked at the top of her voice.

“She took that wooden box away!”

I spent so much effort to take it from the Empress.

How can Chu Liuyue just snatch it away like that Ill be very indignant!

Elder Zong Ye furrowed his brows and asked, “What wooden box Is it very important”

Situ Xingchen took a deep breath in. I didnt tell anyone about the wooden box and kept it meticulously.

Even when I invited Father and Elder Zong Ye to come over, I just said that Rong Jin was the fake Heavens Chosen Son and that I was implicated.

Facing Elder Zong Yes questioning, she immediately felt guilty.

“…It is quite important.

You must help me!”

Elder Zong Ye surveyed his surroundings, and his gaze turned tense.

“But… Emperor Jiawen and the rest have already come, and the people outside will just increase in number.

The longer we delay, the harder it is for us to leave! Besides, I dont know who purposely set this fire! We must leave here as soon as possible! If not, your body wont be able to take it!”

He was very strong, but it wasnt that easy to bring Situ Xingchen out in her current state.

Besides, he hid his identity this time.

If Emperor Jiawen and the rest knew who he was and the news got back to Mingyue Tianshan, he would definitely be in trouble.

“Xingchen, dont worry.

Since you know that Chu Liuyue stole your item, well have chances to snatch it back in the future!” Then, he carried Situ Xingchen and planned to rush out.

Situ Xingchen had a lot of difficulties that she couldnt voice out, but she knew that this was the best option in such a scenario.

Thus, she could only accept it.

A silver barrier instantly covered the duo.

The light dazzled and covered more than half of the duos figures.

From outside, one couldnt see who was inside.

Elder Zong Ye went on his toes and instantly rushed out of the greenish-white fire and into the sky.

“Theyre out!” The surrounding crowd suddenly gasped.

Countless figures immediately surrounded and chased them.

Emperor Jiawen stared closely at the barrier.

Even if he couldnt see their faces, he could vaguely see that there were two people inside.

His heart sank. One of them must be Situ Xingchen!

“No matter what, you have to stop them!” commanded Emperor Jiawen.

Choo! Choo! Choo!

Countless sharp arrows shot out, but they were all blocked by the silver barrier.

But just as the duo was about to escape, a figure suddenly appeared and blocked their escape route.

Elder Zong Ye saw that persons face and immediately became solemn. Its actually Ye Zhiting!

The next moment, the other partys sentence stunned him.

“Long time no see, how have you been”

Ye Zhiting actually recognized me! A thought popped up in Elder Zong Yes mind. Ye Zhiting and I have only met each other a few times.

The other party hasnt even seen my face, so how could Ye Zhiting confirm my identity now

Ye Zhiting smiled as he waved the fan in his hands.

“Since youre here, why dont we sit down and have some tea”

Elder Zong Ye guessed that Ye Zhiting was just bluffing him.

He didnt even bother to reply as he crazily circulated his inner force.

The suppression on the barrier instantly became stronger, and it flew toward the sides.

Elder Yes smile didnt change as he waved his wrist and flung his fan out.


The moment it flew out, the fan immediately dropped and became countless white feathers that went toward Elder Zong Ye and Situ Xingchen in unison.

The sound of the feathers piercing through the air could be heard.

In the blink of an eye, those white feathers had already flown to the barrier and enveloped it.

Elder Zong Ye immediately felt a formidable suppression.

The surrounding space gradually seemed to become heavy and tense, and even their speed started to decrease.

Elder Zong Ye was shocked. Ye Zhitings fan is actually so strong!

At this moment, one of the feathers suddenly rushed forward.


A cracking sound was heard.

Then, Elder Zong Ye shockingly discovered that a crack appeared on his surrounding barrier as a white feather gradually pierced through.

He immediately wanted to repair it, but it was too late.

The next moment, that white feather suddenly disappeared.

The entire barrier immediately became countless rays of light and dispersed in all directions.

The hat on his head was also crushed by this terrifying force.

But just as the two of them were about to be exposed in front of so many people, Elder Ye suddenly hollered, “Keep!”

The moment he said this, the white feathers instantly multiplied and overlapped each other as they completely covered the duos figures.

Such a big commotion that occurred in the palace naturally couldnt be hidden.

Very quickly, countless pairs of eyes in the Imperial City looked in that direction.

In the dark night, only the skyrocketing fire was eye-catching.

Many people started to guess if something happened in the palace.

During this period of time, the Imperial City was not very peaceful.

It had only been a few days, but the Empress had passed away, Rong Jin was removed from his Crown Prince position, and even the palace was burning now.

The entire atmosphere in the Imperial City seemed to be much heavier than before.

There seemed to be something brewing in the dark, making one extremely uneasy.

But in Chu Liuyues room, everything was quiet.

Once she asked that, Qi Han fell silent.

Chu Liuyue looked at him quietly.

She wasnt doubting Qi Han.

If not, she wouldnt directly admit her identity.

However, it was obvious that Qi Han didnt explain some things clearly.

Even if he had logically explained himself earlier, saying that he had coincidentally followed Mu Qinghe over and conveniently found me… However, if he didnt know something, how could he confirm that a young girl born in a desolated family in Country Yao Chen could be the once distinguished, high and mighty princess back then

Besides, very few people knew that I wanted to snatch something from Situ Xingchen.

Could all of this be solely discovered by Qi Han alone

Mu Qinghe doubted me, and the two of us had some history.

It was just because of my completely different appearance and body and the unexplainable identity that made him unable to confirm.

So… how did Qi Han know

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