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Chapter 432: Qi Han

Chu Liuyue instantly became alert. Did he appear at this time to attack me

The wide hat and robe covered his entire figure, and even his face had a black handkerchief.

From head to toe, he only revealed his narrow, black eyes.

Chu Liuyue looked at that pair of eyes, and an intense familiarity overwhelmed her heart.

Chu Liuyues eyes shrunk.

A name was stuck in her throat as if it was going to jump out at any time.

He looked at her with eyes that were as calm as dead water, without any ripples.

However, Chu Liuyue instantly understood what he meant.

She looked at him and slowly extended her hand.

Her fingertips were still trembling, but she slowly and determinedly showed a gesture in the end.

That mans gaze finally changed.

The next moment, something flew out of his sleeves.

A silver light flashed across Chu Liuyues eyes.

The next moment, she felt that her entire figure seemed to be dragged into a strange space.

Her surroundings were pitch black, and the strong oppression overwhelmed her, but Chu Liuyue did not panic.

She knew that this was a transportation Yuan instrument—Tianying Ring.

This item was very precious.

Even in the Tianling Dynasty, it was also a priceless treasure.

One just had to inject some force into the Tianying Ring, and they could instantly transport from one place to another.

According to the traveling distance, the ring was differentiated into various grades.

The higher the grade, the rarer it was.

Its relative safeness would also be higher.

Chu Liuyue had one before, so she knew it rather well.

After feeling it, she confirmed this was a superior-grade Tianying Ring.

Even though the disruptions in the space made one feel uncomfortable, there was no need to worry.

Besides, she could feel the person standing near her.

Even though she couldnt see anything, Chu Liuyue did not worry.

The pair of narrow eyes kept replaying in her mind.

She took a deep breath in and suppressed her inner questions and emotions.

Not long later, the surrounding suppression suddenly disappeared.

Chu Liuyue was relaxed.

She looked up and realized that she was at home again.

The candle in her room was still burning, emitting a faint light, as if she had never left before.

Looking at the moon hanging high in the night sky, Chu Liuyue roughly estimated that the entire process didnt even take two hours.

A hard gaze landed on her.

Chu Liuyues heart tingled as she took a deep breath and finally turned around.

The two of them stared straight into each others eyes.

The hand in Chu Liuyues sleeves curled slightly as she finally said, “You… You came here today to help me take something from Situ Xingchen”

That man didnt say anything, but his gaze changed.

Chu Liuyue couldnt describe her emotions.

Her heart seemed to be stuffed with thick, soft, and wet cotton, which caused her to be unable to breathe.

However, there seemed to be a vague light that pierced through the mist in front of her, letting her have some hope and expectations…

The two of them fell silent.

Chu Liuyue knew what she was waiting for.

She even knew what the other party was waiting for.

The clear moonlight shone down, dragging the duos shadows.

Chu Liuyue clenched her hands and relaxed.

She repeated the actions again as she started sweating on this slightly cold night.

After a while, she opened her mouth.

Due to her nervousness, her throat was dry.

“Below the Southern Mountain.”

Her every word and sentence was pronounced very clearly.

Together with faint bitterness and deep longing, the originally clear voice became slightly hoarse.

The opposite mans gaze finally became very affected.

He finally opened his mouth and said his first sentence of the night.

“The Thirteen Yue Guard returns!”

The next moment, he waved his sleeves and knelt down on one knee as his right hand was tightly pressed to the left side of his chest.

“Princess, allow Qi Han[1] to bow to you!”

Its him! Its really him! Even though Chu Liuyue had already guessed his identity earlier, her heart still started beating wildly when she heard and confirmed it personally.

It was like a fire had expanded from her heart, burning her entire person.

Everything in the surroundings became blurred; only the figure in front of her became increasingly clear.

Chu Liuyue had imagined this many times as she wondered if anyone could see her true identity through this facade.

She thought of many people, but she didnt expect it to be the Thirteen Yue Guard.

Besides, it was actually at this time and at this place!

Below the Northern mountain, the Thirteen Yue Guard returns!

This was the secret code between her and the Thirteen Yue Guard.

Other than them, nobody else knew about it.

Therefore, when Chu Liuyue said the former sentence, it was akin to admitting her identity.

She closed her eyes and turned to walk to the house.

“Come in and talk.”


Chu Liuyue walked into the room, and Qi Han followed her in.

After locking all the windows and ensuring that nobody would find something wrong, Chu Liuyue sat down on the stool.

She looked up, and Qi Han stood at the side with his back straight, but his eyes turned toward her from time to time.

It was obvious that Qi Han was still as shocked and confused as she was toward this situation.

Chu Liuyue raised her chin.


Qi Han immediately said, “Thank you, Your Highness! Ill just stand!”

Chu Liuyue couldnt help but laugh out loud. After not seeing each other for so long, everything has changed, but Qi Hans personality didnt change at all.


Im no longer your master now.

You dont have to be so restrained.”

Qi Han immediately knelt down again.

“The Thirteen Yue Guard only have you as our master!”

He paused and lowered his voice.

“Or… do you not want us again”

Chu Liuyues nose turned sour.

“Since when did I not want you Get up first.”

However, Qi Han was very stubborn.

“You havent returned in so long.

Allow me to kneel some more to make up for the past few times.”

Chu Liuyue laughed, but her eyes turned red.

“If you dont get up, you can go back now.”

Qi Han hesitated for a while before standing up straight at the side.

After a slight pause, he said, “After you left, I didnt have anywhere to return to.”

Chu Liuyue turned around and held back her tears.

After a while, she calmed the turmoil in her heart.

“Tell me.

How did you spend the past year How did you find me here”

Qi Han said, “…Actually, before you got into trouble, we already noticed that something was wrong and planned to go back.

However, we met with many people that ambushed us on the way.

When we got back, you… More than half of the cave was burned…”

Chu Liuyue was dazed.

“So, it means that you went back on that day”

Qi Han nodded.

“Its all because were useless and went back too late!”

Chu Liuyue suddenly thought of something.

“Whats with the burns on your hand”

Qi Han paused.

“You burned it that day, right” asked Chu Liuyue.

Upon seeing Qi Hans silent look, her heart jumped.

“Take down your mask!”

[1] TheQi is written as seven in Chinese, meaning he is seventh in line out of the 13 guards.

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