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Mu Qinghe felt that he had fallen into a deep dream, and he felt displaced and distant as he couldnt wake up no matter what.

For a moment, an idea flashed across his mind. Itll be great if I can sleep forever and not wake up to face everything.

But this thought only flashed across his mind.

He tried many times and finally forced his eyes open.

The bright light shone down, and it was a little sharp, causing him to close his eyes again.

He had to wait for a while to adjust to the brightness.

The blurry scene gradually became clearer.

This seems to be… a forest Mu Qinghe moved, and he immediately felt sharp pains all over his body, which made him frown.

He lowered his head and realized that his body was badly mangled with blood and that he was filled with injuries, without a good spot anywhere.

However, it was lucky that most of them were superficial injuries, and he could recover after cultivating for a while.

Mu Qinghe felt assured, but he suddenly realized something, and his expression gravely changed. Thats not right! I was clearly in the imperial mausoleum previously.

How did I appear here

He immediately turned around to look.

Golden Inheritance Peak—which looked like a sharp sword—was standing not far away.

I-Im already outside of Golden Inheritance Peak Mu Qinghe became even more doubtful, but no matter how hard he tried to recall, he couldnt remember what had happened.

His last memory was of the wilting vines.

He almost barged out back then, but… But he couldnt recall what happened after that.

Suddenly, he saw a figure lying on the nearby ground from the corner of his eyes.

Its Chu Liuyue! He focused on her, endured the pain in his body, and slowly walked over.

Chu Liuyue seemed to have fainted as her eyes were tightly shut, and her lips were pale.

But compared to his unkempt appearance, Chu Liuyue seemed much better since she didnt have many bloodstains or injuries.

Mu Qinghe stared at Chu Liuyue for some time with an investigative look. Was that voice my imagination or…

As if she had felt his gaze, Chu Liuyue gradually woke up.

She instinctively used her hands to block the sharp sunlight as she finally opened her eyes.

At the same time, she saw Mu Qinghe standing in front of her.

“…Lieutenant Mu”

After a temporary pause, she suddenly seemed to realize something as she stood up and scanned her surroundings.

“This is… Where are we”

Looking at her eyes filled with shock and confusion, Mu Qinghe said expressionlessly, “Outside Golden Inheritance Peak.”

Chu Liuyue stared at him in shock.

“Youre saying that… were already out”

Mu Qinghe looked at her with a deep gaze as if he wanted to see through her.

“You dont know what happened”

Chu Liuyue shook her head.

“Didnt you pass through the obstacle and enter the middle of the imperial mausoleum Why wouldnt you know” Mu Qinghe suddenly lowered his body, stared straight into Chu Liuyues eyes, and interrogated her.

Chu Liuyue was stunned by his actions as she instinctively moved backward and frowned with a confused expression.

“Lieutenant Mu, what exactly are you saying I-I just remember that I seemed to be stuck in this weird room with golden sand everywhere… I… I cant remember anything else…”

Suddenly, her gaze landed on him, and she gasped.

“How did you get so severely injured”

Mu Qinghe pressed his lips against each other tightly. Chu Liuyues behavior doesnt seem like shes acting… However, I still feel that theres something wrong.

“You really cant remember”

Chu Liuyue looked helpless and was about to stand up.

The moment she stood up, she yelled, “Si!” and held her head.

“My head hurts!”

Mu Qinghes gaze wavered. Actually, the back of my head hurts too… Did Chu Liuyue not lie Were we sent out together

Seeing her rubbing her head and baring her teeth, Mu Qinghe believed in her more and suppressed his dangerous aura.

He turned around and stared at Golden Inheritance Peak again. If Chu Liuyue really took it, she didnt need to come out with me.

Besides… there isnt that things movement on her.

Considering this, a third person shouldve obtained it.

“Did you see anyone else in the imperial mausoleum” asked Mu Qinghe suddenly.

Chu Liuyue denied it similarly.

Other than that mysterious Master, she did see everyone else that entered very clearly.

However, she naturally couldnt tell Mu Qinghe this.

Mu Qinghe didnt hope to get any clues from Chu Liuyue.

After much thinking, he raised his legs and walked forward.

Chu Liuyue was shocked.

“Lieutenant Mu, what are you doing! Do you still want to go back”

Mu Qinghe coldly said, “You can stay here or go back yourself.”

Chu Liuyue said, “…But youre so severely injured! It isnt good if you go back now, right Besides, I think we were discovered by the people around Golden Inheritance Peak when we entered.

If you go back now…”

Anyone with a brain knows that they cant go back in these circumstances.

Whats wrong with Mu Qinghe

Mu Qinghe seemed to ignore her words as he continued to walk forward.

“That girl is right.

Why are you so anxious to send yourself to your grave” A teasing voice lazily sounded.

Mu Qinghe stood still.

Chu Liuyue was slightly taken aback as she looked up.

A big figure gradually walked over from the neighboring trees as it leaned against a trunk.

He hugged his arms and looked at the duo in a seemingly smiling manner.

It was Jian Fengchi!

Something flashed in Chu Liuyues eyes as she politely greeted him.

As if nonchalant, she also asked, “I wonder when you came, Young Master Jian.

Lieutenant Mu and I actually didnt notice you.”

Jian Fengchi seemed to remember something upsetting, and his face turned cold.

“I planned to come earlier on, but I didnt expect to meet with some trouble on the way… Hence, I walked a huge round around Golden Inheritance Peak and came here when I felt Mu Qinghes aura.

When I came here, he just woke up.”

Then, he looked at Mu Qinghe and sized him up with contempt.

“It looks like you were beaten silly.

You actually didnt notice that I had come here after so long.

Youve only been here for a while, but your standards have gone down by so much.”

Chu Liuyue felt slightly more assured as it seemed like Jian Fengchi didnt know what had happened earlier.

Mu Qinghe was too lazy to care about Jian Fengchi as he continued walking forward.

Jian Fengchi raised his brows and looked at Chu Liuyue.

“If he doesnt want to talk about it, you can do so.

Why did the two of you come here”

“Jian Fengchi!” Mu Qinghe shot him a look of warning.

Jian Fengchi shrugged his shoulders and sensibly drew a line across his mouth, indicating that he would keep quiet.

However, he walked over to Chu Liuyue while smiling.


Chu, it seems like youre injured too.

Why dont I send you back Dont worry.

Even if hes dead, Ill help to send you back to the Tianling Dynasty!”


A longsword cut through the air.

Jian Fengchi easily evaded it.

Mu Qinghe closed his eyes and finally turned around.

“You better not land in my hands next time!”

Jian Fengchi raised his brows at Chu Liuyue delightedly.

Chu Liuyue was speechless. Why dont I know when the two of us become this close!


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