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Jian Fengchi didnt know why he had such a thought himself.

He could confirm that he had never seen Rong Xius appearance before, but… The moment Rong Xiu spoke, his distinguished yet somewhat lazy appearance felt familiar to him.

Hence, that question escaped from his mouth.

A warm and distant smile appeared on Rong Xius face.

“Why would you say that, Young Master Jian I have always been recuperating at Mingyue Tianshan and only returned to the Imperial City in these few months.

However, I rarely go out of my house.

In my memory, I dont think Ive seen you before, Young Master Jian.”

Upon hearing this, Jian Fengchi felt quite hesitant. Is it really just a wrong guess However, Ive never felt this way before.

No matter who it was, Jian Fengchi could always remember that person without fail and clearly recall all the details about that person.

No, there was also another person who previously made him feel a similar way—Chu Liuyue!

But at least Chu Liuyues eyes look very similar to that person, so its normal for me to find her familiar.

Doesnt Mu Qinghe think the same way too Even Hong Yao treats Chu Liuyue differently.

However, Rong Xiu isnt.

This face is clearly foreign, but the aura…

“Haha! It seems like I remembered it wrongly, but we do have some fate, right Prince Li” said Jian Fengchi as he secretly felt emotional. Theres such a legendary character in the Imperial City, yet I completely didnt know about this before.

Its obvious that not only me but even the people in Country Yao Chen still think that Rong Xiu is a frail person who cant even walk out of his residence.

This Prince Li truly hid himself very well.

“I came here today, not for anything else.

I just heard Mu Hongyu mention you unwittingly, so I got curious and came here to take a look.

Also… I wanted to see what kind of person Chu Liuyues fiancé was.” Jian Fengchis words were too frank, and they even sounded a little challenging.

However, saying this didnt seem problematic with his status and identity.

After all, even Emperor Jiawen had to be polite to him.

When Rong Xiu heard him mention Chu Liuyue, his gaze faltered.

“Yueer went to Lieutenant Mus today.

If you want to see me, you can just let Yueer know, and Ill invite you to come in as a guest.

If you come here like this, I wont be able to treat you in a hospitable manner.”

Jian Fengchi laughed.

“Ive never liked troubling people.

I can do this small matter myself.

Besides, she might not have the time today.”

Rong Xius heart tingled.


Jian Fengchi suddenly realized something and looked at Rong Xiu with much focus.

Then, he smiled with even deeper meaning and a little more sinisterly.

“So this is what you wanted to hear from me.”

Rong Xius expression didnt change.

Jian Fengchi was a smart person, and some superficial acting couldnt escape his eyes.

Hence, there was no need to put up a pretense.

“Young Master Jian, may I know where Yueer is now”

Rong Jiu returned to the Imperial Study and passed the ink pearl to Emperor Jiawen.

Emperor Jiawen looked at the ink pearl for a while before furrowing his brows as he asked, “Do you know how to unlock this item”

Rong Jiu paused for a while and said, “Theres generally two ways to unlock the ink pearl.

However, I tried both of them earlier, and they didnt work.”

One just had to think to know that the ink pearl contained the Empresss shocking secret.

Once they unlocked it, they could figure out what the Empress was planning to do.

However, Rong Jiu quickly discovered that this ink pearl was different from average ink pearls.

Based on his own strength, it was impossible for him to unlock its contents.

“There seems to be a special lock on this ink pearl.

Im useless, and I cant recognize it.”

Emperor Jiawen stared closely at the ink pearl and fell into deep thought.

“If even you dont have a way… Im afraid it will be rather troublesome…”

Not to mention others, but Rong Jiu had spent many years training in the military.

Thus, he should be an expert in dealing with such things.

However, even he couldnt do anything about this, let alone others.

Looking at Emperor Jiawens worried expression, Rong Jiu thought for a while and said, “Tian Lu Academys Elder Ye is very experienced.

Perhaps he can help”

Emperor Jiawen paused for a while and shook his head.

“This matter is of utmost importance, and we should treat it with much care.

You must also be careful on your side and not let any news get out.”

“…Yes!” Suspicion flashed across Rong Jius heart. It isnt wrong for Father to be careful as this involves the Empress and the Crown Prince, but isnt he too careful What kind of person is Elder Ye How can Father not even tell him Its as if… hes afraid of something.

But Rong Jiu was a smart person.

Since he could guess Emperor Jiawens intentions, he would just go with the flow.

“You are dismissed.” Emperor Jiawen kept the ink pearl, leaned against his chair, and waved his hand with exhaustion.

Rong Jiu had something to say but was hesitant.

He wanted to bring the ink pearl back and investigate it, but he swallowed his words in the end.

“Ill get going first.”

After leaving the palace, Rong Jiu was still thinking about the ink pearl. Father seems to think that the item is very important, but wont it be as useless if he cant solve it Perhaps… Father has another way

The more Rong Jiu thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt. Starting from Heptagon Alley, Fathers reactions have always been weird.

He seems to know something, but he is very mysterious about it as he just keeps telling us to check on the Empress.

With this ink pearl matter now exposed, it seems even more obvious.

Rong Jiu continued walking and suddenly felt someone walking toward him, so he instinctively looked up.

The incoming person was a woman with a thin figure, but a large part of her face was hidden by a white veil.

Rong Jiu secretly knitted his brows. Its Chu Xianmin She came to look for me

As expected, Chu Xianmin stopped three steps away from him and bent her knees to greet him.

“Greetings, Third Prince.”

“Chu Xianmin What are you doing here” Even though Rong Jiu wasnt very familiar with Chu Xianmin, he had heard quite a bit of news about her when he came back to the Imperial City, especially because… she was still Rong Jins concubine.

“I have some things I want to discuss with you, Third Prince.”

What can Chu Xianmin talk to me about Could it be… Rong Jiu knitted his brows.

“If youre here to put in a good word for the Crown Prince, you can go back now.”

Chu Xianmin gently shook her head.

“Third Prince, youve misunderstood.

Even though Im the Crown Princes person, I also know the severity of the matter.

The reason why I came here today is that I want to tell you about something Ive been conflicted about for quite some time.

After much thinking, I still think its better to tell you about it.”

Rong Jius instincts became stronger.

“But I have a request—I hope you wont tell anyone that I told you about this.” Chu Xianmin clutched the handkerchief tightly in a very nervous and worried manner.

Rong Jiu said, “Okay! Just say whatever you want to say!”

Chu Xianmin hesitated for a while and lowered her voice to say, “Previously, I heard the Crown Prince and Eldest Princess Situ talking.

He said he wanted her to help him think of a way to go to the palace and see Her Majesty… I think it should be these few days…”

Rong Jiu felt a pang in his heart as he suddenly recalled the strange sound in the Empresss bedroom.


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