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Chu Liuyue kept her Cosmic Bag calmly and smiled.

“Oh I didnt know about this.”

With his eyes on her hand, Jian Fengchi smiled as he raised his chin haughtily.

“Well, thats not important; it was in the past anyway.

Can you show me the gift you brought for Hong Yao”

Chu Liuyue kept the gift hidden in the bag.

“Young Master Jian, its just a small trinket.

Im sure it wouldnt interest you.

Since you said Hong Yao is only allowed to accept presents from one specific person, I prefer not to embarrass myself.

Please forgive me if I have offended you.”

Hong Yao lowered its head in disappointment and swung around to glare at Jian Fengchi, clearly blaming him. If he hadnt shown himself, I would be playing with my gift now.

Hong Yao had been looking forward to it for the past two weeks.

A sinister smile appeared on Jian Fengchis lips, making him look especially foppish.


Chu, relax.

I can see that Mu Qinghe likes you a lot.

Perhaps he will make an exception for you.”

This womans eyes are so similar to that persons.

Chu Liuyue wasnt keen on continuing this discussion with Jian Fengchi, so she changed the topic subtly.

“Youre too kind, Young Master Jian.

Actually, I came today to see if Lieutenant Mu is back.

When I was here a few days ago, all of you were out.”

She had guessed that something mustve happened to Mu Qinghe because he was a man who always kept his word.

If he said he would be away for ten days, he would come back unless something serious happened.

Jian Fengchi was deep in his thoughts as he stared at Chu Liuyue. For some reason, I have the feeling that she doesnt want to speak to me.

The feeling of being ignored is back; how strange.

Im a popular man among women, but I mustve done something to offend Chu Liuyue for her to treat me like this.

“I think women from Country Yao Chen must really hate me,” he said with an exaggerated sigh.

Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes with a polite smile.

“Young Master Jian, please dont take this the wrong way.

Its nothing personal; Im just worried about Lieutenant Mu.

Has anyone else made you unhappy”

Jian Fengchi was behaving as though he had suffered a grievance elsewhere.

His behavior piqued Chu Liuyues curiosity.

Few people could tame Jian Fengchi.

His usual soulless eyes looked sad as he struggled to speak.

Finally, he swallowed whatever he was going to say and headed into the house.


I am not one to bear a grudge on such things.”

As he walked away from her, he drawled loudly, “Mu Qinghe, the girl is here for you.”

Chu Liuyue shuddered.

G-girl He must be out of his mind.

How dare he call megirl Chu Liuyue ground her teeth while she made a mental note to teach him a lesson next time.

She suppressed her unhappiness and ran after him.

Jian Fengchi didnt slow down.

Instead, he waved his hand casually.

“Hes in the backyard.

Go look for him yourself.”

He strode away in the opposite direction as though he couldnt be bothered with her.

Chu Liuyue muttered her gratitude and headed for the backyard.

After Jian Fengchi was gone, Hong Yao returned and flew around Chu Liuyue.

It fluttered its wings and batted its eyes relentlessly.

The hateful man was gone, so it was time for her to give Hong Yao its gift.

Chu Liuyue looked at the fiend and shook her head.

“No, Hong Yao.”

She knew who Jian Fengchi was talking about earlier.

Hong Yao could only accept gifts from one person—Shangguan Yue.

In the past, she was unaware of this fact, so she gave Hong Yao presents without a thought.

Naturally, she couldnt do so anymore.

Mu Qinghe was suspicious of her.

It was vital for her to be cautious.

Hong Yao looked at her determined expression.

It flapped its wings in disappointment and flew away.

Chu Liuyue pursed her lips, willing herself not to give in.

Initially, bringing presents for Hong Yao was her way of cheering up the fiend.

Soon after, it became her habit.

She didnt expect Mu Qinghe to bar the fiend from accepting presents from others except her.

What is going through Mu Qinghes mind

Suddenly, Hong Yao stopped.

Chu Liuyue looked up and saw Mu Qinghe practicing with his sword in the spacious backyard.

To be more accurate, he was holding a three-inch-long wooden blade.

Even though it was a wooden blade, it was a weapon that could kill a man when Mu Qinghe was wielding it.

Chu Liuyue could feel the aggressiveness in each strike as she stood from a distance.

“Lieutenant Mu.” Chu Liuyue curtsied.

Mu Qinghe didnt stop.

His movements were smooth like a flowing river.

She could even see a flash of black every time the blade slashed in the air.

This only proved that Mu Qinghe had gotten more powerful.


His movements were so swift that she could only catch fragments of him in the yard.

Suddenly, he reached out to strike, and the wooden dagger flew out of his hand, slicing through his fragmented shadows.

Choo! Choo! Choo!

They vanished!

Chu Liuyue couldnt stop herself from frowning. Mu Qinghe seems to be in a foul mood.

To put it nicely, one cant tell if he is happy or upset.

On the other hand, one wouldnt want to antagonize him.

Chu Liuyue had never seen Mu Qinghe express his feelings like this before, but from the way he was behaving, something was obviously troubling him.

She stood at the side and patiently waited, without a word.

When the last fragmented shadow finally vanished, Mu Qinghe recalled the wooden dagger back to his hand.

Then, he exhaled and turned his attention to Chu Liuyue.

His eyes regained their usual aloofness and had no sign of his agitation from earlier.

“Lieutenant Mu, you werent home when I came the last time.


“I know,” interjected Mu Qinghe before she could finish.

He suddenly started to scrutinize Chu Liuyue, who blinked and smiled in return.

“Lieutenant, why are you looking at me like this”

There was a moment of silence before Mu Qinghe said, “It looks like you havent made a wasted trip this time.”

His words shocked Chu Liuyue. I havent made any breakthroughs this time.

What does he mean

Without waiting for her clarification, Mu Qinghe thrust the dagger at Chu Liuyue.


It sped toward her at such amazing speed that it would stun anyone.

Chu Liuyue didnt have time to evade. The only way is to deflect it head-on!

Chu Liuyue slanted her body subconsciously and reached out with her right hand at the same time.

It suddenly hit Mu Qinghe. This is…


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