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“Get in! Search the whole place! We must leave no corner untouched!”

“Yes!” At Lu Yuns order, countless guards immediately gathered forward to combine their efforts to break through the Chu familys door.

Chu Ning came in the nick of time and witnessed the scene.

“Lu Yun!” He called out sternly, “How dare you!”

Lu Yun turned around.

When he saw Chu Ning approaching with his men, the former revealed a gleeful smile instead of panicking.

“Oh, isnt it Lord Chu Ning You must be busy with official matters.

Why have you returned so early”

A hostile Chu Ning stepped forward.

“This is my house.

You dare to trespass my home” As he spoke, he exuded a powerful aura befitting a stage-five warrior, instantly causing Lu Yun to gasp for air.

The guards at the entrance stopped and exchanged looks of fear among each other.

Lu Yun was annoyed, and the smile on his face vanished.

“Lord Chu Ning, what are you doing Im here today by His Majestys decree.

If you obstruct me, you will be going against His Majesty!”

Chu Ning shot him a deadly glare.

“Naturally, I dont dare to disobey His Majestys decree.

Nevertheless, I have the right to know why.

At the very least, I am still the imperial guards Commander-in-Chief.”

“Im sorry, my lord.

We are only following orders.

If you want to know why, you should seek an audience with His Majesty.”

Lu Yun snorted and waved his hand.



Chu Ning was about to step forward when Zhao Ming whispered from behind, “My lord, please calm down.

They are here because of His Majestys decree.

It wont do you any good to worsen the situation.”

Doing so might even create the impression that Chu Ning was disrespecting the Emperors decree.

Chu Ning took a deep breath in and suppressed his anger.

“Very well, I shall see what you are searching for!”

He had never done anything against his conscience, so he had nothing to fear. Why did His Majesty suddenly do this

When Chu Ning bowed down, Lu Yun was immensely pleased with himself.

All this time, Lu Yao had been victimized by the Chus.

The most outrageous of them all were Chu Ning and Chu Liuyue.

If they hadnt provoked things deliberately, Lu Yao would still be in control of the Chu family.

Because of the father-daughter duo, she was subjected to all kinds of humiliation on a daily basis!

His relationship with Lu Yao wasnt great, but she was still a Lu.

Now that her reputation was in tatters, it would also implicate the entire Lu family.

More importantly, she had to turn to her maiden family for help to top-up the money she had embezzled from the Chus.

Lu Yun was unhappy with her predicament, but he resented Chu Ning and his daughter.

He now had the opportunity to return the favor, and he certainly wouldnt miss it.


The main door slammed open, and numerous guards swarmed in.

Lu Yun flashed a taunting smile at Chu Ning before he entered the Chu residence.

The latter followed with furrowed brows.

The guards dispersed quickly and searched the rooms and courtyard without a care.

Lu Yun stood in the yard with folded arms, constantly issuing orders to his men.

“That room—go in and search it quickly! The one next to it as well; search carefully.

Has anyone searched the backyard If you find anything unusual, report to me immediately!”

Chu Ning stood from a distance and watched as the men tossed his belongings out from his room.

Mattresses, bookshelves, clothes, etc.

Even tea sets, pens, and ink—among other things—were callously thrown on the ground.

Many things were broken; it was a mess.

Lu Yun turned and looked at Chu Ning.

He saw the commanders anger, and he couldnt help himself from advising the latter smugly.

“Lord Chu Ning, dont be angry.

We are acting according to His Majestys orders.

Why dont you try to recall what your baby daughter has done to incur his wrath”

Chu Nings eyes were stern and deadly.

“What are you talking about”

Lu Yun shrugged his shoulders aloofly.

Chu Nings frown deepened. How did I not expect that this involved my daughter What exactly did she do to make His Majesty give such an order

As he was thinking, he could vaguely see the guards planning to enter Chu Liuyues room.

“Dont you dare!” In a flash, Chu Ning stood in front of the guards to stop them.

Lu Yun raised his eyebrows.

“Oh my.

My lord, are you planning to go against His Majesty”

Chu Ning swept his gaze over the group of men.

“You can search all you want, but if you break anything in here… Dont blame me for not showing you any mercy!”

His domineering aura, coupled with his stern warning, shocked everyone.

Even Lu Yun shuddered as he said reluctantly, “Didnt you hear Be careful!”

Chu Ning finally stepped aside after he said that.

Having lost their excitement, the men trod carefully.

Chu Ning stood by the door and watched them like a hawk.

Lu Yun had nowhere to vent his frustration.

He knew nothing good would come out of it if he offended Chu Ning.

He just had to swallow his pride.

Once they found something, he would ask the Emperor to punish Chu Ning severely.

The commander watched the men while he kept thinking of the reason for His Majestys reaction. Chu Liuyue went to Tai Yan Academy ten days ago and hasnt been home during this period of time.

What exactly are they looking for

Just as he was mulling over it, a guard suddenly shouted from outside.

“Lord Lu, we found something!”

Stunned, Chu Ning immediately turned around.

He saw one guard running to Lu Yun from the backyard and presented the object in his hand.

“My lord, please look!”

Lu Yun took the hairpin and inspected it.

His expression changed drastically, and he sneered at Chu Ning.

“Lord Chu Ning, we have concrete evidence.

What do you have to say for yourself”

Chu Ning walked over quickly.

“What are you talking about”

“My lord, theres no point in playing dumb.” Lu Yun held the hairpin up and laughed.

“This belongs to Her Highness, the Fourth Princess.

We found it in your backyard.

What is your defense”

Chu Ning froze for a moment, and he suddenly understood.

The Fourth Princess, Rong Zhen, was missing.

For this reason, the Emperor had placed the Empress under house arrest.

Few knew about this, but as the imperial guards Commander-in-Chief, Chu Ning knew the full picture.

Now, the missing Princesss jewelry was found in the Chu residence.

“Are you suspecting that Yueer hid the Fourth Princess” Chu Ning blurted.

“Its not a suspicion.

Now that theres evidence, its a fact.” Lu Yun put away the hairpin with mocking eyes.

“Lord Chu Ning, would you please come with us”

Prince Li Mansion.

Rong Xiu was taking a nap in his wicker chair when Yu Mo barged in.

“Your Highness, Lord Chu Ning has been arrested!”


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