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Si Ye had long guessed that Si Ting would reject him, so he wasnt shocked and patiently advised, “Si Ting, I know you and Si Yang are friends with Chu Liuyue.

This thing shouldnt be difficult for you.


“Master, please forgive me for my inability to follow your orders,” interrupted Si Ting in a rare moment.

Si Ye was dazed for a while before he realized that Si Ting wasnt resisting this matter at a normal level.

“But it doesnt only involve Rong Zhen this time; it will even implicate the Empress and Rong Jin! After all, the Empress is from our Si family.

If something happens to them, it will just spell trouble for our entire family.”

Si Ting glanced at Si Ye and coldly said, “Rong Zhen is the Fourth Princess.

If she goes missing, they should inform His Majesty immediately to get the imperial guards to search for her.

Why would the Empress secretly instruct the Si family to investigate this matter Besides, it even involves Chu Liuyue for some reason.”

Si Ting remembered that Rong Zhen and Chu Liuyue had never interacted much; the only time they did was at Crown Prince Rong Jins birthday banquet. At the time, Rong Zhen publicly shamed Chu Liuyue, but she was taught a lesson by Chu Liuyue in the end.

Perhaps Rong Zhen started hating Chu Liuyue from then.

According to her personality, it isnt a surprise if she secretly attacked Chu Liuyue after that.

However, what has Chu Liuyue got to do with her being missing now

Si Ye couldnt express himself properly.

He couldnt tell Si Ting about Elder Mengs existence, but Si Ting was stubborn.

If Si Ting decided to investigate the matter thoroughly, then…

“This matter is very complicated.

Anyway, what would happen to you if you just ask her Do it for the Si family.” Si Yes head was aching.

“As long as Chu Liuyue doesnt know that youre asking about Rong Zhen…”

“Shell definitely know,” said Si Ting simply.

Chu Liuyues intelligence was beyond ones expectations, and there were many times when he couldnt guess what she was thinking.

“Master, Ive been studying with Chu Liuyue for a few months, and I understand her quite well.

If this thing is really related to her, she will definitely be alerted the moment I open my mouth.

On the other hand, if its not related to her, this sudden question will attract her curiosity and suspicions.”

So, no matter what, it didnt help to pry out information from Chu Liuyue.

Si Ye leaned against the chair and was deep in thought. I know that Si Ting is right, but what else can I do Get someone else to do it Ill be worried.

Si Ting looked at him with deep meaning.

“Master, Chu Liuyue has already been chosen by Lieutenant Mu.

Do you really want to place the entire Si family in danger just because of the Empress and the Crown Prince”

Si Ye was stunned.

Mu Qinghe was resting in the house.

Hong Yao perched at the window in boredom as it brushed its feathers from time to time.

The wound left behind after the fight had already recovered, but Hong Yao felt that it affected its image.

Hence, it had obediently stayed at home obediently and only wanted to go out after it fully recovered.

“A fall in the pit, a gain in your wit.

Ive taught you this many times, but you never listen.

The person who suffers in the end is always you.” Mu Qinghe nonchalantly looked at Hong Yao and poured himself a cup of tea.

Upon hearing this, Hong Yao ignored it.

Looking at the rising white vapor, Mu Qinghe didnt have much of an expression.

“Youre just a seventh-grade fiend.

How dare you fight with a legendary fiend”

Hong Yao froze. I didnt reveal anything from start to end! How does Mu Qinghe know

Upon seeing its reaction, Mu Qinghe squinted his eyes.

“It looks like Im right.”

I was tricked! Hong Yao instantly understood the situation and felt extremely regretful. Mu Qinghe was only guessing previously, and he tricked me!

Hong Yao harshly glared at Mu Qinghe. This happens every time.

Sooner or later, Ill betray my master.

However, Mu Qinghe picked up the teacup and held it in his hands.

“Legendary fiend… This place is indeed…” His voice was very low and barely audible.

Suddenly, Hong Yao felt a familiar aura, and its eyes lit up.

It flung its wings and flew toward the outside.

Mu Qinghe looked up and glanced at the door with deep meaning.

Chu Liuyue raised her head slightly and looked at the residence in front of her.

This was Mu Qinghes residence in the Imperial City.

There were no guards outside, and even the neighboring streets were quiet and cold.

She didnt see a single person during the journey here.

Ignorant people would probably find it weird when they came here, but everything made sense if the person living inside was Mu Qinghe.

In the Imperial City, countless people wanted to visit Mu Qinghe and get into his good books.

However, nobody really dared to do so.

Even Emperor Jiawen didnt dare to disturb him, let alone the rest.

They heard that Emperor Jiawen initially wanted to send a few people to serve Mu Qinghe, but they were all rejected.

Hence, there were no subordinates in this entire mansion.

Mu Qinghe stayed here by himself.

However, there was an invisible transparent barrier outside the door.

One wouldnt detect anything weird if they looked from afar, but when they were near it, they would immediately feel the formidable suppression coming from it.

Chu Liuyue was just thinking of knocking on the door when a green figure suddenly flew out from the wall and went straight for her.

“Hong Yao” Chu Liuyue looked shocked on the surface, but she thought to herself: Hong Yaos sensitive nose is still as good as in the past! I was so far away, yet it still knew that it was me!

Hong Yao happily flew in front of Chu Liuyue. I was going to be bored to death after these two days.

I didnt expect Chu Liuyue to come today.

“Hong Yao, your Master—”


Before Chu Liuyue could finish her question, the door suddenly opened from inside.

An entrance appeared in the barrier.

Hong Yao rapidly waved its wings, urging Chu Liuyue to enter.

Chu Liuyues lips curved up, and she walked in.

Chu Liuyue finally arrived in front of a room after walking through the yard and a corridor.

The room door was open, and Mu Qinghe was sipping on tea inside.

Chu Liuyue was hesitating on whether she should speak up when Mu Qinghe spoke without even looking up.

“Just come in.”

Chu Liuyue then went in behind Hong Yao.

“Greetings, Lieutenant Mu.”

After the first time, it was much easier to bow to Mu Qinghe.

Mu Qinghe looked up.

“If you think this place is boring, you can go and cultivate.”

Chu Liuyue was dazed before she realized that this statement was meant for Hong Yao.

Hong Yao rolled its eyes in indignance. Ive already heard this countless times.

If I were in a good mood, perhaps I might heed your advice, but—shes here now! How can I just go away like that

Hong Yao landed beside Mu Qinghes hand and sipped tea from his cup.

Half of its head was almost buried in the cup.

After Hong Yao finished drinking, it looked up and suddenly shook its head, causing tea to spurt everywhere.

Mu Qinghe shot it a look of warning.

Chu Liuyue suddenly said, “Lieutenant Mu, I came here today to discuss something with you.”


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