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The streak of gold rapidly disappeared as if it had never appeared.

However, Yu Mo was certain that he wasnt mistaken.

His heart trembled, and he hurriedly looked down.

“Master, you—”

Rong Xiu closed his eyes.

A moment later, he opened them again, and they had recovered their previous calm composure.

“Continue.” Rong Xius thin lips lightly spat out that word.

Yu Mo took the gray bottle and evenly poured out the powder contents onto Rong Xius wound.

The bitter medicinal taste then permeated throughout the air.

While Yu Mo was carefully bandaging Rong Xius wound, he was conflicted in his heart.

After he had treated Rong Xius wounds and was going to put away all those bottles, he finally couldnt help but say, “Master, y-you havent gone back in a while… Do you want to take this chance to go back and recuperate”

Rong Xiu looked calm and didnt say a word.

Yu Mo knew that this was a sign of rejection, so he could only back away respectfully.

But when he reached the entrance, he thought of the golden fire that flashed across Rong Xius eyes.

He couldnt help but turn around and plead, “Master, do you really not want to reconsider If Ms.

Liuyue finds out—”

“What has Mu Qinghe been doing in the past two days” asked Rong Xiu suddenly.

Yu Mo thought for a while, shook his head, and answered as he furrowed his brows.

“Nothing much.

Other than the big fire that broke out in Jiuyou Tower at Tian Lu Academy that day, he stayed in his residence at other times and didnt come out.

He did not see anyone either.”

“Master, do you want to stay here personally and watch over Mu Qinghe”

Who knows how long Mu Qinghe is going to stay here However, Masters condition cant be delayed any longer.

Rong Xiu thought for a while.

“Youre dismissed; everything will go as usual.”

“Okay,” acknowledged Yu Mo, but he was still hesitant.

“Then… Do you want to make arrangements for you to return”

Rong Xiu shook his head.

“I have my own plans.”


Liao Zhongshu didnt wait for long before he saw Chu Liuyue walking out of the room.

He asked in shock, “So fast”

Chu Liuyue smiled.

“Mm, I found a small clue, and Ill go back to think about it.

You should go back as well.”

Liao Zhongshu was then relieved and bid Chu Liuyue farewell.

Chu Liuyue returned to her lodgings alone.

She went up to the second floor, entered her room, and locked her door and windows before taking out that letter.

At first glance, this letter had no differences from an ordinary letter.

However, the half-completed Xuan formation on it made Chu Liuyue realize that this was a letter the other party had purposely prepared for her.

She took a deep breath in. This Xuan formation should be a fifth-grade Xuan formation, but its difficulty is rather high.

Even a true fifth-grade Xuan Master might not be able to fill in the remaining half of the Xuan formation smoothly.

The abilities she had shown to the outside world at this point definitely didnt reach such a standard, but the other party still sent her such a letter.

The only explanation was that the other party deeply believed that she could solve this Xuan formation and open the letter.

Chu Liuyue clutched the letter tightly. In this world, very few people know my capabilities.

Then, who is the one who knows me so deeply yet is targeting me

Chu Liuyue had an intuition in her heart—Perhaps the answer lies within this letter!

She gathered all her focus and started to investigate the Xuan formation on top.

After a while, she took out a pen from her drawer, dipped it in ink, and gently drew on the envelope as she started to fill in the Xuan formation.

Minutes and seconds passed, and the Xuan formation on the envelope started to become clearer.

As there was no force involved, it was relatively easier for Chu Liuyue to draw out the Xuan formation.

But even so, the complicated Xuan formation still wasted quite a bit of her brain energy.

About an hour later, she had finally finished drawing the entire Xuan formation.

When she finished her last stroke, the Xuan formation on the envelope suddenly lit up.

It then formed countless light rays, which dispersed in all directions.

Chu Liuyue waited for everything to disperse before she opened the envelope and was going to take the letter out.

When she touched the paper, her heart skipped a beat.

Then, she took out the letter anxiously and in disbelief.

This was superior rice paper—it was soft, smooth, and very delicate to the touch.

However, Chu Liuyue widened her eyes in shock.

That was because… She was too familiar with this sensation!

Her fingers started to tremble slightly as she held the letter.

The sunlight poured in from the windows, going through the letter and leaving a moonlight shaying view on the ground.

Chu Liuyues heart seemed to be hit hard. This is… This is the moon rice paper that Tianling Dynastys imperial court uses!

It was very precious.

Not to mention the palace maids, but even normal concubines, princes, or princesses that werent doted on had no right to use them!

The reason why she was so familiar with it was that she was very loved in the past.

No matter if it were her books, her drawings, or anything else, she used this moon rice paper the most!

Countless guesses and conjectures started emerging in Chu Liuyues heart. This type of moon rice paper is very delicate, and it is specifically supplied by the Tianling Dynasty.

Hence, it is impossible for an average person to lay their hands on it.

To be able to get this moon rice paper and to specifically send it to me…

Chu Liuyue harshly shut her eyes as she tried hard to calm herself; then, she slowly opened the letter.

Only a line of words appeared on the soft paper: “Shangguan Yue, long time no see.”


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