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The crowd looked over and realized that the incoming person was the Crown Prince, Rong Jin.

Ever since Rong Jin was openly humiliated by Mu Qinghe at the palace banquet, he had been staying at Crown Prince Mansion the whole time.

He had planned to wait for a while until the incident was over.

Hence, he didnt make any moves, even when he had heard about the strange happenings in Jiuyou Tower.

He only rushed over when he heard that even his father and mother were was there.

However, he didnt expect to hear Rong Xiu asking his father to grant him a marriage the moment he reached the place.

Also, it was for him and Chu Liuyue!

Rong Jin couldnt care about anything else as he stopped them without thinking.

Rong Jin hastened his steps and rushed to Emperor Jiawen under everyones gazes.

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and opened his mouth with much difficulty.

“Father! You cant agree to this!”

“Crown Prince, youre too rude!” Emperor Jiawen knitted his brows. Who does he think he is How dare he suddenly pop out at this timing and talk to me with such a tone

Rong Jin was stunned and then realized that his actions were really unsuitable.

However, the situation was tense, and he had no other way.

When the Empress saw Rong Jin, she immediately recalled that he had stupidly said that he wanted to remarry Chu Liuyue as his Crown Princess, and her heart skipped a beat. Is Rong Jin crazy to pop out at such a time!

“Crown Prince, theres nothing for you to do here.

Dismiss yourself first,” said the Empress with determination and a hint of warning in her voice.

However, Rong Jin wouldnt heed any advice at this time.

Ive finally realized that I like Chu Liuyue with much difficulty.

How can I just let this slip by It is impossible if they want me to just give her to someone else. Thinking of this, Rong Jin clenched his teeth and directly knelt down.

“Father, granting a marriage is a very serious matter.

I hope youll reconsider your decision.”

Emperor Jiawen knitted his brows even tighter. It is a good thing to grant a marriage.

Why does it sound like something evil when coming from Rong Jins mouth

“You object Rong Jin, even though youre the Crown Prince, youre in no position to butt in for the marriages I want to grant.” Due to the incident at the palace banquet, Emperor Jiawen was still upset with Rong Jin.

In addition to todays series of events, Emperor Jiawen had lost all patience.

Thus, he didnt give Rong Jin any face at all.

The Empress noticed that Emperor Jiawen was about to rage, so she hurriedly went forward and helped Rong Jin up.

“Didnt you hear what your father said Get up quickly! Prince Li and Ms.

Chu are in love with each other, and theyre a good couple.

If you say any more nonsense, dont blame me for punishing you!”

The Empress pinched Rong Jins arm harshly and shot him a threatening gaze from an angle that the crowd couldnt see.

Rong Jins image in Emperor Jiawens heart had already been damaged.

If this continued, his position as the Crown Prince would definitely be in danger.

Rong Jin felt the pain, but he felt even more conflicted.

Of course, he knew the consequences of his actions, but…

He couldnt help but look at Chu Liuyue at the side.

She stood there prettily.

Even though her body was stained with messy blood, it didnt spoil her glamor.

In the past, this woman was clearly mine! Even though I canceled the marriage agreement between us in a moment of folly, I cant accept watching Chu Liuyue being married to someone else, especially if the person is Rong Xiu!

Rong Jin grabbed the Empresss hands and pushed them away with determination.

The Empresss heart sank, and she heard Rong Jin say, “Father, Im serious.

This is because… I like Liuyue too!”

Gasps could be heard from the crowd.

“Did I hear wrongly The Crown Prince actually said that he was interested in Chu Liuyue”

“…I really dont get it.

When he had a marriage agreement with Chu Liuyue in the past, he was the one who wanted to dissolve it.

Only a short period of time has passed, and now hes regretting it”

“Hehe, isnt it normal to regret The current Chu Liuyue is a very outstanding character.

I would definitely regret it if I missed out on such a fiancée!”

“Even so, as the Crown Prince, its not good to go back on your words.

Besides, Prince Li was clearly the one who asked for her hand first, yet the Crown Prince is interfering with it… No matter what, its still overboard…”

“I wonder what His Majesty is thinking… Prince Li and the Crown Prince fighting for a woman in public is really…”

Chu Xianmin—who had rushed over with Rong Jin—watched the scene coldly.

Her lips underneath the mesh veil couldnt help but curve up into a mocking smile.

Chu Xianmin originally thought she would be heartbroken, but when she saw Rong Jin saying all of that in public, she shockingly discovered that she only wanted to laugh.

He has always been such a person, right In the past, when Chu Liuyue was a good-for-nothing and was miserable from being constantly bullied, Rong Jin felt that this fiancée humiliated him.

He didnt want to spend an extra moment with her.

Now, Chu Xianmins appearance was disfigured, and her reputation tarnished.

Hence, Rong Jin also gave up on her.

The Crown Prince was constantly pursuing better things as if everything good in the world should be his.

What a joke.

I accompanied him and served him day and night, but I didnt get any form of love in exchange.

Instead, I have to stand here and watch him go crazy over another woman. Chu Xianmin looked down and hid the ripple in her eyes.

Emperor Jiawen was shocked.

“What did you say”

Rong Jin took a deep breath in and said, “In the past, I was immature and didnt cherish Liuyue.

Ive now awoken, and I hope that you can restore the marriage agreement between the two of us, Father.

I will definitely treat her well! I hope you can agree to this, Father!”

Emperor Jiawen almost thought that Rong Jin had a screw loose. He was the one who wanted to dissolve the marriage agreement, yet he is also the one who wants to restore it.

Does he think this is childs play

“Rong Jin! Do you know what youre talking about” hollered Emperor Jiawen.

Rong Jins heart trembled, and he knew that Emperor Jiawen was getting angry.

He was very clear that his doings would tarnish Emperor Jiawens reputation.

However, he was already caught between a rock and a hard place at this moment.

He had already knelt down and said all that he had to say.

Wouldnt it be more ridiculous if he just gave up now Besides, he really didnt want to give up on Chu Liuyue!

He straightened his back, looked at Emperor Jiawen, and said, “I have already made up my mind.”

“So what if youve already made up your mind How can you be so unruly about this”

Rong Jin was stumped for a moment.

“Im the Crown Prince, and Liuyue is the only choice for the Crown Princess.”

Emperor Jiawen was enraged, and his chest kept rising and falling intensely.

If there werent so many people around, he wouldve kicked Rong Jin long ago.

In the past, he felt that Rong Jin was good at everything and that he was the only choice for the position of Crown Prince.

But starting from a certain point, Rong Jin became petty and calculative.

He would use all sorts of despicable methods to achieve his goals.

Emperor Jiawen forgave him again and again and felt that Rong Jin would change.

However, he now knew that he was utterly wrong—Rong Jins personality wouldnt change at all!

Rong Xiu asked for Chu Liuyues hand in marriage in public due to the gratitude and admiration he had for her.

What about Rong Jin He was publicly fighting with his brother for a woman! Moreover, this woman was the one he had previously dissolved a marriage agreement with.

The entire royal familys face was thrown away by him!

Emperor Jiawen pointed at Rong Jins face and sneered.

“It seems like youre getting very annoyed at being the Crown Prince.

Today, I will remove you as the Crown Prince!”


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