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Chapter 285: Throwing a Tantrum

Hong Yao tilted to its side, not wanting to deal with Mu Qinghe.

Mu Qinghe stared at it.

“Your temper has grown.”

Hong Yao glared at him, and it actually had tears in its eyes. Mu Qinghe never had the guts to treat me like this when she was around in the past! It hasnt even been that long, and my treatment is getting worse! Ive suffered enough in this one year! Mu Qinghe, this stupid master…

Hong Yao got more upset as it thought about it.

It wanted to go back and look for Chu Liuyue badly.

However, Hong Yao knew that Mu Qinghe would never agree.

Besides… that fellow was there…

I have lost a few feathers!


In a pique of anger, Hong Yao flopped to the floor. Im not leaving! I cannot go on living like this anymore!

Mu Qinghe felt the corners of his eyes twitch.

“Its useless for you to throw a tantrum.”

Hong Yao didnt move an inch, dead set on not leaving with him. Just let me die!

Hong Yao felt embarrassed when it thought about how it was injured by a beast that had been imprisoned for so many years when it went out yesterday!

And Mu Qinghe treated me like this… I cannot go on living like this anymore!

Mu Qinghe shut his eyes tight and tried to control his emotions to prevent himself from murdering his fiend.

“If you tell me who hurt you, I can take revenge for you.”

Hong Yao moved its eyes, but its body was still tense.

Hong Yao thought about it, but it was conflicted.

“To be able to get injured in a place like this, it seems that you have not been diligently cultivating recently.”

Mu Qinghes words successfully dashed all of Hong Yaos thoughts of asking him for help.

A blue flame covered Hong Yaos body and burned away the remnant blood.

Mu Qinghe raised his eyebrows, a little surprised.

Hong Yao had the habit of getting into trouble outside and having him clean up after it; he didnt expect it to be so stubborn today.

“Since you dont want to say anything, heres a different question.” Mu Qinghe stared intently at Hong Yao as if he wanted to see right through it.

“In the main hall earlier, you…”

“Lieutenant Mu.” Before Mu Qinghe could finish, he was interrupted by a clear female voice.

He turned and saw that it was Chu Liuyue.

It was such a coincidence.

Mu Qinghes expression changed, and he glanced at Hong Yao.

The bird on the floor froze instantly. Oh no! She saw me.

This is too embarrassing!

Without thinking, Hong Yao got up and flew around Mu Qinghe, dipping up and down as it pretended that it was playing with him.

From afar, it looked like a happy butterfly.

Mu Qinghe: …

“Lieutenant Mu, your fiend is so energetic.” Chu Liuyue walked over and spoke in a surprised tone. En, its just as good at throwing tantrums as before.

Mu Qinghe: …

Hong Yao instantly felt awkward.

It didnt know if it should continue flying around.

It suddenly faltered and almost fell to the ground.

Hong Yao could only look down with resignation, full of regret.

“Can I help you” Mu Qinghe coughed, but he remained expressionless.

Chu Liuyue smiled lightly.

“Theres a matter that I would like to ask for your help with.

I wonder if youre willing to agree to it.”

“Speak.” Given Mu Qinghes personality, he would never be interested in such matters.

Before today, he wouldnt have uttered a single word if Chu Liuyue spoke to him in this manner.

But after thinking about Hong Yaos reaction toward her, Mu Qinghe felt a need to get to know Chu Liuyue better.

Chu Liuyue bowed.

“My friends mother has been unwell for years, and her condition worsened recently.

I wonder… I wonder if Lieutenant Mu would be willing to help I would be eternally grateful.”

Mu Qinghe frowned.

“Your friend”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Mu Hongyu, who is also Country Yao Chens Princess Yong Ping.

Mu Qinghe didnt care if Mu Hongyu was a princess; he might not even be willing to help Emperor Jiawen.


“Hong Yao seems to have an affinity for you.

On account of this, I can help you.”

Chu Liuyue was a little surprised.

and she looked toward Hong Yao.

“Then, I guess… thank you Hong Yao”

She parted her lips and gently called out the name.

She was the one who gave Hong Yao its name.

Back then, she had been hunting for fiends with Mu Qinghe.

They got Hong Yao by chance, but they didnt know what to call it.

Chu Liuyue thought that they shared some affinity since it was a green sparrow that shared a character with Mu Qinghes[1] name.

She then deliberately gave it the name Hong Yao [2.

Hong means red] to contrast.

Now that she called out this name again, everything had changed.

Hong Yao paused and instinctively wanted to fly toward Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue glanced at Hong Yao.

Their eyes met.

Hong Yao suddenly paused. It seems like she doesnt want to… now.

It looked at Chu Liuyue pitifully, wanting to fly over and tell on Mu Qinghe.

Tuan Zi stood on Chu Liuyues shoulder, staring at Hong Yao warily.

Hong Yao felt the spot where it had lost a few feathers throb.

After a moment of conflict, it did not go over.

Instead, it buried its head in its wings.

Nobody saw its tears landing among its fear.

After a while, Hong Yaos wings were drenched.

Chu Liuyue felt her heart ache as she looked at it.

Hong Yao had always been arrogant and had always created trouble.

But when it was tired, it would bury its head in its wings and cry like it was doing now.

Chu Liuyue really wanted to hug Hong Yao.

Since she had been reborn, everything from her previous life seemed like an illusion.

All her relationships were false pretenses, and loyalty turned to betrayal.

Only Hong Yao remembered her in the end.

After seeing Hong Yaos reaction, the pain deep in her core was soothed a little.

However, now was not a good time.

Mu Qinghe said: “Ill be staying here for a while.

Ask her to come, and Ill send for a heavenly doctor to treat her.”

As the Black Guards lieutenant, he had a lot of power.

Activating a few heavenly doctors was easy.

Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze and smiled.

“Then, thank you Lieutenant Mu.”

She then asked a little hesitantly, “But Lieutenant Mu youre saying that… youre not leaving immediately”

Wasnt he here to find someone with the Dijing Yuan meridian Does he have other things to attend to

“En,” replied Mu Qinghe, but he didnt say much.

Chu Liuyue knew that she was currently not in the position to ask any further, so she remained silent and bowed.

“If thats the case, I wont take up any more of your time.

Ill take my leave.”

With that, she backed away and turned.

“Hold it right there,” Mu Qinghe said suddenly.

Chu Liuyue paused and turned around with a smile.

“Lieutenant Mu, is there anything else”

[1] Qing means green


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