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Chapter 277: How are you worthy of that character

It was a young girl; she looked about fourteen or fifteen.

She was slender, but she stood up straight.

This girl had a beautiful face, and she was still young.

However, it wasnt hard to imagine how attractive she would be when she grew older.

But this was not what Mu Qinghe cared about.

He just felt that the expression in the girls eyes was a little familiar.

It was like… that person…

Mu Qinghes heart beat faster, and he froze a little.

Their eyes met, and the young girl seemed shocked as she looked down.

Mu Qinghes faint anticipation disappeared. How can such a timid and cowardly girl possibly be similar to her They are worlds apart; nobody can be compared to her in this world.

Upon thinking this, Mu Qinghe recollected his emotions, and his expression turned colder.

Emperor Jiawen was standing next to Mu Qinghe.

He noticed the latters reaction and followed his gaze.

He paused when he realized that Mu Qinghe was looking at Chu Liuyue, but he understood why.

Chu Liuyue could be considered a beauty.

Her just standing there was enough to attract everyones gaze.

Her face was enough to capture the hearts of countless men.

Could it be that… Mu Qinghe has his eyes on Chu Liuyue Emperor Jiawens expression was a little strange.

“Lieutenant Mu”

Mu Qinghe narrowed his eyes.

His scar shifted with this movement, and he looked even more intimidating than before.

“You, come forward.”

This was clearly directed at Chu Liuyue.

Everyone was instantly silenced.

Everyones gaze landed on Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue clenched her fists under the guise of her sleeves.

She then stepped forward.

Chu Liuyue walked extremely slowly, and her head hung low, seeming as if she was nervous.

She stopped when she was three steps away from Mu Qinghe.

With her head hung low, all she could see was a pair of snow deer boots with a black base.

Snow deer were sixth-grade fiends.

Even though they werent advanced fiends, they usually only appeared in places of extreme cold.

They also had trouble reproducing, so they were really rare.

Boots made from their fur would adjust their temperature according to the environment, making them extremely comfortable.

More importantly, they were good for defense.

For a while, boots made from snow deer were very popular with Tianling Dynastys elites.

But after Shangguan Yue was rescued by a snow deer during an accident, she prohibited the killing of snow deer.

From that day on, such items disappeared from the Tianling Dynasty.

Shangguan Yue brought the snow deer back with her.

The snow deer was gentle by nature.

Mu Qinghe really liked it, so he would take care of it when she was busy.

Chu Liuyue looked closer, and she saw a faint scratch at the edge of the boots.

She suddenly widened her eyes!

That was not a scratch—it was a scar left behind from being stabbed by a sword!

That snow deer had many injuries from saving her, and that scar…

A terrifying thought flashed across Chu Liuyues mind!

Snow deer were clever and gentle.

Their coat of fur was their most prized possession.

No matter what applications, most would request to use a perfect coat of fur.

As the Black Guards lieutenant, Mu Qinghe didnt have to resort to using flawed fur.


Chu Liuyue felt like her heart was being squeezed tightly! It was so painful that she could barely stand!

“Look up,” Mu Qinghe ordered.

Chu Liuyue had never heard Mu Qinghe speak to herself like this—high and mighty, cold to his core.

Mu Qinghe was quiet and cold.

Sometimes, he wouldnt utter a single word the whole day, but he would remove his mask of coldness when dealing with her.

His voice would always be clear and gentle.

She still remembered that he had a light dimple on his left cheek when he smiled.

Chu Liuyue looked up gradually.

It was only then that she could take a good look at the face that she couldnt be any more familiar with.

A year had passed, and Mu Qinghe didnt look very different from before.

However, his aura was colder and more unapproachable than before.

Previously, Mu Qinghe was just cold on the surface.

However, Chu Liuyue was almost certain that he was more ruthless and cold than before.

She seemed to be familiar and unfamiliar with this person at the same time.

“Tian Lu Academys Chu Liuyue greets Lieutenant Mu.” Chu Liuyue took a glance and quickly retracted her gaze as she bowed.

Mu Qinghe looked at the young girl before him.

Up close, Chu Liuyue could be considered a rare beauty, but she didnt look anything like that person.

Even though her voice was deep and calm, her body was trembling slightly—probably out of fear.

Mu Qinghe frowned. That instant from earlier must have been an illusion!

Disdain rose in him.

He didnt say anything as he turned and left.

Emperor Jiawen looked at Chu Liuyue in shock. What… just happened

He had thought that Mu Qinghe had his eyes on Chu Liuyue, but there were no signs of interest in his eyes.

Instead… he seemed disgusted

However, Chu Liuyue did not do anything the whole time.

How did she offend him

Seeing that Mu Qinghe had left, Emperor Jiawen couldnt be bothered and tried to catch up.

But Mu Qinghe stopped after a few steps, and he turned to look at Chu Liuyue.

As if sensing something, Chu Liuyue looked up.

“Which character is your Yue” Mu Qinghe asked coldly.

Chu Liuyues heart paused, and she tried to keep herself calm.

“The heavenly pearls Yue.”

Legend had it that there was a pearl that originated from the heavens, and it was also calledYue.

Mu Qinghes heart froze.


Chu Liuyue smiled.

“It also means bright and glorious.”

A scene from many years ago appeared in Mu Qinghes mind.

A girl had told him the same thing back then.

“Do you know whichYue is myYue”

At that time, Mu Qinghe had only been around her for a while.

He didnt know what to do, so he just shook his head.

“Princess is of noble birth.

How dare Qinghe speak of your name”

The girl asked him to stretch out his hand.

With a smile, she then wrote the character on his palm with her fingers.

The girl was noble and unparalleled, but she didnt look down on his rough and ugly hands.

“My Yue is the heavenly pearls Yue.

Father said that it also means bright and glorious.”

Back then, Mu Qinghe thought that the girl was indeed brighter and more eye-catching than the sun.

“…I heard that you havent gone to school before.

How about I teach you to write from today onwards”

Therefore, the first character he learned wasYue.

The image in his mind gradually dissipated.

Mu Qinghe looked at the young girl before him again, and he scoffed.

“How are you worthy of this character”


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