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Everyones jaw dropped.

What did she say

She really dared to fight that Golden Python

Shes not being bold; she must be crazy!

Even a stage-three martial artist could not subdue a third-grade Golden Python on their own, much less her.

She must be courting her own death.

“Yueer!” Chu Ning was also taken aback, and he tugged at Chu Liuyues sleeve.

“This Golden Python is fierce and much more powerful than any ordinary third-grade fiend.


Chu Liuyue merely looked at him and smiled.

“Father, dont worry.”

Miraculously, these words soothed Chu Nings troubled and worried heart.

It was as if she had a magical power within her.

Subconsciously, it made people believe in her.

If she said not to worry, then all would be fine.

Chu Ning moved his lips.

He had already guessed that her Yuan meridian was fully repaired, and she had most likely started cultivating.

However, how could she be a match for a third-grade fiend within such a short period of time

After repeatedly struggling with himself, Chu Ning finally swallowed his words and nodded gravely.

“I believe in you.”

This warmed Chu Liuyues heart.

This feeling of being trusted unconditionally was most reassuring.

Rong Zhen naturally wouldnt let go of this opportunity.

She immediately declared, “You agreed on your own accord.

I have nothing to do with this, regardless of the outcome.”

Chu Liuyue mocked Rong Zhen in her heart. No ordinary person can display such shameless behavior in public.

Emperor Jiawen hesitated as he exchanged a look with his empress.

The Empress nodded her head and whispered, “Your Majesty, this concerns the royal family after all.

Wouldnt it be enough to teach her a lesson in person and have her protected”

Emperor Jiawen was deeply impressed, so he specially sent a few guards to rescue Chu Liuyue immediately if something did go wrong.

Nevertheless, the crowd wasnt as optimistic.

They all thought Chu Liuyue was courting death.

Rong Zhen smiled proudly as she turned to reclaim her seat.

However, Chu Liuyue stopped her.

“Fourth Princess, please wait.”

Rong Zhen turned back impatiently.

“What else”

“The Fourth Princess has given me such a great gift.

I am deeply touched, so I have also prepared a gift in return for your kindness.

It will be sent to you later.

Please kindly accept it.”

Rong Zhen sneered contemptuously.

“Youre only a… Fine.

Just deliver it later.” A loser who has been disregarded by her waning aristocratic family.

What good can she do Its ridiculous!

She walked over to Rong Jin and winked complacently.

The corners of Rong Jins lips curled ever so slightly.

He gave her an affirmative look and quickly restrained himself.

In the center of the palace, there was only Chu Liuyue and the Golden Python that was trapped in the huge black cage.

Chu Liuyue slowly walked toward the Golden Python until she was in front of it.

A woman and a beast faced off.


“Audacious fool.” Chu Xianmin was relieved by what she saw.

There were plenty of people that would deal with Chu Liuyue without her having to do anything!

Everyone quieted down unconsciously.

The Golden Python was inherently fierce.

On top of that, Rong Zhen hadnt subdued the beast on her own.

Instead, she rounded it up and used every trick in her sleeve to capture it.

Moreover, Rong Zhen had deliberately starved it for the past few days.

The python was on the verge of extreme violence, waiting to explode.

This was even more dangerous than an ordinary python!

Initially, Rong Zhen wanted to tame this Golden Python and have some fun with it.

However, today she heard about what happened with Rong Jin, and she knew Chu Liuyue would be present.

Thus, she ordered the python to be brought here specifically for this occasion to teach Chu Liuyue a lesson.

Chu Liuyue took one glance and surmised that they were trying to give her a hard time.


The Golden Python, with its hostile eyes, turned more manic once it sensed Chu Liuyues scent.

She headed straight for the guard beside her and cupped her hands together.

“May I borrow your sword”

The stunned guard subconsciously looked towards Emperor Jiawen.

Emperor Jiawen nodded.

“Give it to her.”

Only then did the guard remove the sword at his waist and hand it to Chu Liuyue.

“Thank you.” She took the sword and waved it around with fluid motions. The blade is too heavy and not sharp enough; the materials used for forging the sword are also not good enough.

Nevertheless, the sword is sufficient.

“Seems like she has some skills.”

“Its just a charade! Her Yuan meridian is crippled, and she cant even absorb force.

What can she do”



Maybe she asked for a sword to give herself some courage.”

Chu Liuyue ignored them.

She took half a step back with one foot, gripped the hilt of her sword with both hands, and raised it over her head.

She whirled it and struck down hard.


A spark ignited.

The chain to the cage actually snapped in response!

Everyone was horrified!

What… is she trying to do

Without waiting for anyone to understand, Chu Liuyue had already tipped the sword.

The cage opened wide instantly.

The Golden Python realized that the cage imprisoning it had been unlocked.

It dashed out immediately.

Its gigantic head lunged at Chu Liuyue without hesitation.

It opened its mouth, revealing the sharp fangs.

A mouth like that could kill, if not inflict some serious damage.

In contrast to its huge size, Chu Liuyue looked extraordinarily small and delicate, as if the python could swallow her whole in a second.

Right at this moment, Chu Liuyue advanced instead of retreating.

She pointed her toes and leaped forward using that momentum.

At the same time, the sword stabbed quickly.

It went straight at the pythons belly.

The pythons scales were extremely tough and couldnt be pierced by an ordinary sword.

The only entry point of attack would be its abdomen, a softer area.

The Golden Python also sensed Chu Liuyues intentions; it immediately flicked its tail and slapped Chu Liuyue hard!

It was too strong physically.

If it smacked Chu Liuyue, she would die on the spot.

However, Chu Liuyue was so swift on her feet that she somehow narrowly avoided the blow and circled to the side of the Golden Python.

She stabbed at it without hesitation.


The longsword sliced along the hard scales, making a piercing sound.

Yet, there was only a light, white scratch.

There wasnt even a trace of blood!

Rong Zhen sneered.

“Brother, Chu Liuyue is really stupid to think… What”

Before she had even finished her taunting words, the situation changed dramatically.

That attack from Chu Liuyue had completely enraged the Golden Python.

It flicked its tail frantically in an attempt to entangle Chu Liuyue.

But she suddenly released the swords hilt and leaped onto it.

By using this leverage, Chu Liuyue actually went straight for the pythons head!

She wrapped one arm around the pythons neck and swiftly removed the hairpin in her hair with the other and thrust it into the snakes eye.

Its eyes were its greatest weakness!


Blood splattered everywhere.

The Golden Python let out an angry and painful shriek, but Chu Liuyue plucked out its eyeball without hesitation.

The python shifted its body violently.

There was nothing it could do to Chu Liuyue.

In the blink of an eye, the second eyeball was picked out too!

The python gradually went limp.

Finally, Chu Liuyue jumped down, picked up her sword, and thrust it straight into the bloody hole.

One harsh stroke!

Just like that, she cut the snake open and beheaded it.

“Ah!” Some of the dainty noble ladies screamed at this bloody scene.

Chu Liuyue, however, didnt even flinch.

She reached in and probed with her hand before pulling out a turquoise pearl—the Golden Pythons essence! Chu Liuyue then walked towards Rong Zhen—who had already stiffened—stretched out her bloodied hand, and presented the pearl.

“Fourth Princess, this is my gift in return.

Take a look.

Do you like it



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