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Chapter 256: Fawn

“Haha! Lord Chu Ning previously came to me and told me that Ms.

Liuyue was missing.

I was very anxious and immediately sent people out to find her.

After not obtaining any news for some time, I wanted to go to the woods outside the Imperial City to try my luck.

I didnt expect to meet with Prince Lis assistant—Yan Qing—once I stepped into the woods.

I heard that he was going to look for Prince Li, so I followed him because I thought that Prince Li might be able to help us.”

“I didnt expect for Ms.

Liuyue to be there as well when I followed him! Later on, I asked around and found out that Prince Li had coincidentally met Ms.

Liuyue—who had fainted in the woods—and he saved her.”

He chuckled.

“After I came back, I immediately sent someone to inform Lord Chu Ning.

Look! Chu Ning just arrived not long ago, and we were just about to go to Jia Nan Square together! I didnt expect Ms.

Liuyue and the rest to come back!”

Yan Ges words were half-true.

Chu Liuyue indeed came back with Yan Ge and Yan Qing, but Yan Ge had added the part about Rong Xiu saving her.

As they were rushing, they did not even have the time to talk in detail.

Yan Ge winked.

Chu Liuyue immediately understood that this was purposely said to assure Chu Ning.

She did not expose him on the spot and nodded in agreement.

To Chu Ning, Rong Xiu had already helped Chu Liuyue out quite a few times, so this time was nothing much too.

Chu Ning sighed and said, “It seems like we owe Your Highness a lot more now.”

Rong Xiu smiled and said, “Lord Chu Ning, youre being too kind.

It was just a convenient matter.”

Seeing his humble manner, Chu Ning felt even more grateful and admired Rong Xiu even more. This Prince Li is the kindest person amongst all of His Highnesss sons.

Its a pity that Prince Lis body is weak, so he has to stay in bed most of the time.

“Your Highness, have you been feeling better lately”

“Thank you, Lord Chu Ning, for your concern.

Im much better than before.”

“Thats good…” Chu Ning saw Rong Xius appearance and felt that Rong Xiu seemed better than before.

But I heard that none of Country Yao Chens heavenly doctors could help with Rong Xius illness, I wonder…

He suddenly thought of something, and he silently looked at his daughter. Oh yes! Maybe Yueer has a way! Didnt she cure her Yuan meridian and my old injury previously If she can help Prince Li recover his health, we can repay a part of his favor!

Thinking of this, he increasingly felt that it was a great idea and planned to talk to Yueer when he had the chance.

They were father and daughter after all, so their hearts were telepathic.

With Chu Nings single gaze, Chu Liuyue could guess what he was thinking, and she was caught between laughter and tears.

I wonder what Fathers reaction would be like if he knew that the Rong Xiu in front of him is not sick at all and is very strong instead—almost one of the top few experts in Country Yao Chen…

Chu Ning worriedly glanced at Chu Liuyue again.

“Yueer, what exactly happened yesterday Why did you leave the schools campus Who—”

Chu Liuyue coughed.

“Father, this situation is a little complicated, and I havent clearly understood it yet.

Ill tell you about it in detail later on.

However, theres something else I havent gotten the chance to tell you yet—I took first place in todays Xuan Master competition.”

Chu Ning originally still felt very uneasy, but shock filled his face when he heard the latter half of the sentence.

“What did you say Top Xuan Master”

He knew that Yueer had signed up for both the Xuan Master competition and the warrior competition.

However, he was already very happy when she took first place in the warrior competition the day before.

He did not expect her to even—


“Can I even lie to you about this” Chu Liuyue smiled happily.

“Even though its a pity that you didnt get to watch me compete personally, I didnt disappoint you with this result, right”

Upon seeing Chu Liuyues delighted smile, Chu Ning was in disbelief for quite some time. Top warrior! Top Xuan Master! The Qing Jiao Competition has three competitions in total, and she took first place in two of them.

Yan Ge—who was at the side—was the first to react.

He clapped his hands and excitedly said, “Ms.

Liuyue, youre really amazing!”

Masters taste is truly very good! Even Madam is a rare talent!

“When you took first place in the warrior competition yesterday, I instructed someone to book the entire Phoenix Restaurant.

I wanted to bring you there directly after the competition ended, but I didnt expect you to participate in another competition again.

It seems like booking the restaurant for only one day is far from enough! Hahaha!”

Chu Liuyue immediately shook her head.

“How can I let you do this Ive already greatly troubled you the previous time, now—”

“Aish… Your status is now different from before! In the past few years, the people who attained good results during the Qing Jiao Competition would be greatly supported, and they would excel in life! Ms.

Liuyue, youve taken first place in two competitions, so youll definitely become a popular character amongst the crowd! If you dont agree to this, youre not giving Zhen Bao Pavilion face!”

Chu Liuyue knew that Yan Ge seemed like he wanted to get closer to her and use her.

But with Zhen Bao Pavilions current status, there didnt seem to be a need to do so…

However, Chu Liuyue did not express this on her face.

She smiled and agreed instead.

“Okay! Then, Ill thank Second Master Yan first! However, why dont we postpone this and wait until the entire Qing Jiao Competition is over”

Yan Ge laughed out loud.

“No problem!”

The few of them talked for a while longer before Chu Ning planned to leave with Chu Liuyue.

Before they left, Chu Ning did not forget to thank Rong Xiu yet again.

“Your Highness, youve helped us so many times, and I really dont know how else to thank you.

If you have the time, why dont you come and visit our humble house”

Chu Ning tried to invite him to their house. If Rong Xiu comes, itll be more convenient for Yueer to take his pulse.

Rong Xiu smiled genuinely.

“Lord Chu Ning, youre really kind, and I dont have any reason to reject you.

After this matter ends, Ill definitely go and visit you.”

Chu Liuyue coughed. The next time he goes, hes probably going to ask for my hand in marriage.

Rong Xiu has always been someone who lives up to his words.

She also bowed and bade farewell to Rong Xiu and Yan Ge before leaving with Chu Ning.

When the father-daughter duos figures disappeared, Rong Xiu turned around.

Yan Ge instinctively wanted to bend down, but he curbed his urge when he remembered that outsiders were around.

He chuckled and asked, “Your Highness, do you want to buy anything”

Rong Xiu slightly nodded.

“I should buy something… Do you know what Lord Chu Ning likes”

He only knew what Chu Liuyue liked, but he did not understand much about Chu Ning.

“Ah” Yan Ge was taken aback.

Rong Xiu lightly glanced at him.

Yan Ge almost slapped his own forehead. Stupid! Master is clearly starting to target his father-in-law!

“Ah! T-this… Lord Chu Ning used to open a weapon shop, and he seems to be pretty interested in this.

He also appreciates things like pottery… Theyre all inside.

Why dont you personally go up to take a look”

Rong Xiu then lifted his legs and walked in.

Without turning his head, Rong Xiu lazily said, “Yan Qing, immediately go and complete the tasks I told you about earlier.”

Yan Qing instantly nodded and respectfully said, “Okay!”


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