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Chapter 238: Is this Answer, Right

Rong Xiu retracted the golden fire, and the black space started returning to normal slowly.

Only when the space completely returned to normal did the golden glow in Rong Xius eyes disappear.

His previous dark gaze then returned.

Almost immediately, he lightly patted Chu Liuyues back.

“Its over.”

Chu Liuyue slowly lifted her head and looked at him.

Rong Xiu did not look any different from before.

However, she vaguely felt that this Rong Xiu was different from the one she saw before.

Maybe its because of thatYour Grace identity… Suppressing her doubts, Chu Liuyue turned back to look.

The vast ocean had already recovered its peacefulness.

The previous two burning water curtains had totally disappeared without a trace, and that man in black was also gone.

“Is he dead”

Rong Xiu lightly acknowledged it as if he did not care.

But Chu Liuyues heart skipped a beat. That man in black was actually an advanced stage-six warrior, yet he died just like that! Not even his corpse is left behind! How exactly did Rong Xiu do it

Even though she was in Rong Xius arms earlier and did not see anything, she had heard the commotion very clearly.

She could roughly guess what had happened, but she really could not imagine how Rong Xiu had killed the man in black.

Rong Xiu had stood here the entire time and hugged her, not moving a single step.

Her heart was filled with too many questions, but she suddenly could not voice them out when they were at the tip of her tongue.

Rong Xiu suddenly produced a white handkerchief and carefully wiped away the bloodstains on his hands.

Chu Liuyue took a look at the handkerchief and realized it was the one Rong Xiu had lent her previously.

The two of them suddenly fell silent.

Chu Liuyue then realized that her hands were still tightly clutching on to the clothes in front of Rong Xius chest and that her entire body was leaning into his arms.

A flirtish and strange aura began to spread around.

After Chu Liuyue calmed down, she recovered her senses and gradually recalled what she had done previously.

Her entire person was instantly dazed. Did I lunge forward because of Rong Xiu It seems like I didnt even care about my life or death at that point and just acted decisively.

Her fingers curled up a little, and she did not know if she should back away first.

Being so close to Rong Xiu made her face burn slightly.

“What are you thinking about” asked Rong Xiu slowly when he looked down at her and guessed her thoughts.

“Thinking about you and me—” blurted Chu Liuyue, but she stopped halfway through her sentence. This seems a little weird… This sentence doesnt seem right.

Rong Xiu lightly smiled and put away his handkerchief.

After ensuring that his hands were no longer stained with blood, he nodded in satisfaction and looked at Chu Liuyue.

“Me and you Why”

Chu Liuyue coughed and pushed him away, but she gave up after realizing that she could not do so.


I was just thinking about what the person said.

He said summoning Your Graces Golden Body outside Heavens Canopy will cause you to be punished… What does that mean”

Rong Xiu paused and suddenly reached out to hold her face.

Chu Liuyue could only look up to him.

“I also have a question too.

When I was in danger just now, you stood in front of me and told me to leave first.

What does that mean” His tone was light and slow, but his gaze was deep and very serious.

Chu Liuyue was dazed.

In actual fact, even she did not know why she acted that way at that moment.

There was a vague guess in her heart, but she could not say it out loud.

“You havent answered my question.

Once you tell me the answer to my question, I will answer every single question that you have with all my knowledge.”

“Rong Xiu!”


Chu Liuyue glared at him. Hes doing it on purpose!

Upon seeing her shy expression, Rong Xiu really could not love her more.

He leaned in closer.

The two of them were so close that they could breathe in each others breaths.

He softly laughed and said, “I actually have an answer, but Im not sure if its correct.

Why dont I tell you what it is, and you just have to tell me if its right or not”

Chu Liuyue blinked her eyes dazedly and saw that his gaze became even darker.

Her heart suddenly skipped a beat.

Rong Xius fingers gently caressed her cheeks the next moment, and he held her chin, forcing her to look up.

He looked down and leaned in.

Chu Liuyue felt something soft on her lips, and it was slightly cold.

The familiar cold fragrance suddenly intensified and spread around her mouth.

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes as if her heart was caressed by something.

It was incredibly soft and sweet. Rong Xiu is… kissing me

The sea breeze blew gently, and the moon was high in the sky.

She could even see Rong Xius dense lashes casting faint shadows on his face.

Rong Xiu wanted to kiss her lightly, but something suddenly crushed his heart once he touched those incredibly soft lips.

Almost instinctively, he bit her lips.

He then started to investigate her teeth and suck on her lips.

The scorching heat spread from her lips.

Chu Liuyue felt like her entire body was on fire, and her limbs were going numb.

She recovered her senses with much difficulty and pushed Rong Xiu.

However, she was not his match, especially when her limbs were numb.

Her push felt like she was tickling him.

Not only did she not push Rong Xiu away, but it had even seduced his heart and made him even more agitated.

Rong Xiu tightly held her waist with his arms as if her entire body was going to merge with his.

A few unclear syllables escaped through Chu Liuyues teeth.

Then, Rong Xiu slowly released her and looked at her with deep meaning.

“What do you think of this answer”

Once he spoke, Chu Liuyue realized that his voice was hoarse as if he was controlling something.

Her face turned even redder, and she glared at him. Hes really as shameless as usual!

Nobody knew how numb Rong Xius lower body was when Chu Liuyue glared at him with her watery and peach blossom-like eyes.

The other half of his body was the exact opposite.

His fingers caressed her cheeks gently with a flirtish burn as he softly muttered, “It seems like that answer was wrong.

Then… What about this”

Rong Xiu then leaned down again and held her lips.

This time, his actions were very fast, and he attacked her before she could even react.

Chu Liuyue was frustrated and decisively started to attack him back out of anger.

She released her hands—which were originally clutching the shirt in front of Rong Xius chest—and they went up his body.

They then hooked onto his neck, making her lean in even closer.

At the same time, she learned from Rong Xiu and bit his lips, followed by a light lick.

Rong Xius body froze. Does she know what shes doing

Chu Liuyue noticed that Rong Xiu had suddenly stopped and felt even more indignant.

Hence, she made her lips go even further in.

The two of them touched in an intertwining and hard to separate manner.

Rong Xiu gasped.


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