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Chapter 230: Evidence

Seven Coldness Poison!

Quite a few peoples faces changed when they heard these three words.

Cheng Han was stunned for a moment.

Seven Coldness Poison was a very strong poison.

Once someone made contact with it, it would rapidly spread through the persons body, and they would freeze to death after seven days.

Is… Heng Jingchuo affected by Seven Coldness Poison Cheng Han hurriedly walked toward Heng Jingchuo.

When he was near Heng Jingchuo, he indeed saw a thin layer of black frost on Heng Jingchuos arm.

It was especially horrifying on top of the badly-mangled wound.

“This…” Cheng Hans heart skipped a beat. Heng Jingchuo has such a huge wound on his body.

The Seven Coldness Poison has most likely entered his organs already, and he cant be saved.

He… is completely ruined.

Cheng Han looked at Chu Liuyue, fuming with anger.

“Chu Liuyue, youre so vicious! How dare you openly poison him in the Qing Jiao Competition”

Chu Liuyue chuckled.

“Director Cheng Han, you should take a closer look.

Heng Jingchuo clearly brought this Seven Coldness Poison himself.

When he attacked just now, his Moon Devour clearly contained the Seven Coldness Poison within.

He wanted to take away my life silently, but my fiend saw through his plan and retaliated.

Hes just suffering from his own actions now.

How can you blame it on me”

She coldly glared at Heng Jingchuo.

“I havent even pursued the sin of him trying to kill me!”

“What nonsense are you saying” A thought popped up in Cheng Hans mind, and he immediately recalled that the blood ferret had indeed spat out a black ball—which hurt Heng Jingchuo.

After recalling this, Cheng Han knew that the black ball had to be the Seven Coldness Poison!

“That thing clearly came out from your fiends mouth.

It must be you…”

“Director Cheng Han, youre a really busy person; hence, you might have forgotten some things.

Do you not remember that my fiend only spat out that thing after it consumed the Moon Devour” Chu Liuyue casually spoke as she patted Tuan Zi.

“Just as youve said earlier, everyone here saw what happened very clearly.”

Cheng Han was stumped.

Actually, he already noticed that something was amiss, so he started to feel guilty.

However, how could he admit this at this point

If Cheng Han admitted to it, not only would Heng Jingchuo be humiliated, but even he and the entire Tai Yan Academy would become the target of others contempt.

After all, it was a major taboo to use poison during the Qing Jiao Competition!

Sun Zhongyan quickly walked forward, and his gaze became cold after taking a closer look at Heng Jingchuo.

“Even though Im not a heavenly doctor, I do know about this Seven Coldness Poison.

Cheng Han, you should give everyone an explanation about this.”

Cheng Hans face flashed green and white, but he didnt know how to defend himself.

“Ah!” At this point, Heng Jingchuo had directly cut off his arm already.

Blood spurted everywhere, and his miserable cry made everyones hearts shudder.

The square was silent.

Even the people who did not know what the Seven Coldness Poison was could not help but feel terrified upon seeing this scene.

They did not dare to utter a word.

Under this awkward and tense atmosphere, a voice suddenly sounded.


Chu, you claim that Jingchuo brought the Seven Coldness Poison himself, but what evidence do you have”

Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes. Why is this Situ Xingchen so nosy What has this got to do with her

Situ Xingchen stepped up and said, “Even though your blood ferret spat out the Seven Coldness Poison after it ate the Moon Devour, what if there was no poison in the Moon Devour What if the poison came from your blood ferret”

An unknown dim light flashed across her eyes.

“If theres no problem between you and that blood ferret, why did you still risk your life to leave the crystal barrier when you know that the Moon Devour is very formidable”

“Eldest Princess Situ, your question is indeed very interesting.

Im clearly the victim, yet you want me to produce evidence and prove my innocence” Chu Liuyue knitted her brows.

Situ Xingchen lightly said, “Jingchuo is very strong, and hes more than one cultivation stage ahead of you.

He can win against you no matter what.

Why would he use such a despicable move”

This sentence made Chu Liuyue burst out into laughter directly.

“It seems like Eldest Princess Situ doesnt want to admit the fact that I won against Situ Ziyue earlier on If Im not wrong, hes still resting at the back, and he even has difficulty standing up.”

Situ Xingchens face changed.

It was okay to bring up any other thing, but Chu Liuyue clearly wanted to shame her by bringing up her brother.

“Thats just…”

“If I can win against Situ Ziyue, why cant I win against Heng Jingchuo As for why he wants to use such a move, even though hes so strong… Only he himself knows.”

Chu Liuyues lips curved up, and she revealed a meaningful smile.

“After all, he has harmed Rong Jin too.”

This sentence was akin to lightning exploding beside everyones ears.

After a temporary silence, the crowd burst into an uproar. Chu Liuyue clearly means…

“Liuyue, are you speaking the truth” asked Sun Zhongyan anxiously with furrowed brows.

“He also has…”

“If you dont believe me, you can go forward and check on him.

Oh, Director Cheng Han and Eldest Princess Situ should come along too.

If not, you might say that we did something in secret.” Chu Liuyue magnanimously raised her chin.

“Hes still there.”

Sun Zhongyan and the rest quickly walked over.

Zuo Rong—who was looking after Rong Jin—looked dazed. Seven Coldness Poison I didnt notice it.

With a very serious expression, Xuan Cang rushed over and took Rong Jins pulse again.

He had previously taken Rong Jins pulse already, but he did not discover anything.

This time was no different.

Why did Chu Liuyue say… Xuan Cang turned back hesitantly.

Sun Zhongyan hurriedly asked, “How is he”

Xuan Cang and Zuo Rong were silent.

Sun Zhongyans heart sank.

At this point, Cheng Han had already walked over.

He glanced at the unconscious Rong Jin and grunted.

“Isnt he doing okay How is he affected by Seven Coldness Poison Chu Liuyue, even if you want to lie, you should pick something thats not easily exposed, right What else do you have to say now”

Chu Liuyue looked at Zuo Rong.


Zuo Rong, please cut Rong Jins finger.”

Zuo Rong did not understand why, but he still did it.

A silver light flashed across, and blood started coming out of Rong Jins finger.

Very quickly, the blood droplets gathered together and formed a thin layer of black frost.

Zuo Rong was shocked.

“He really is affected by Seven Coldness Poison!”

Everyone was stunned.

Cheng Han was stumped.

Xuan Cang leaned in closer and said after closer inspection, “Its indeed the Seven Coldness Poison, but you cant tell on the surface since its a very tiny dosage.”

As he talked, he could not help but feel guilty and remorseful. We actually couldnt tell earlier on… If this Seven Coldness Poison continues to spread, Im afraid Rong Jin will…

Zuo Rong hurriedly took out a pill and fed it to Rong Jin.

Even though it was not an antidote, it could temporarily suppress the poison.

Even Sun Zhongyan was slightly traumatized.

After all, Rong Jin was the Crown Prince.

If anything happened to him, the academy would have to face the consequences.

Chu Liuyue looked at Cheng Han and Situ Xingchen.

“Heng Jingchuo was the one who fought Rong Jin.

Could it be that I poisoned him with the Seven Coldness Poison over space”


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