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Chapter 220: Her Cultivation Level

Chu Liuyue only realized that something seemed to be amiss with her dantian after Situ Ziyue used his Ling Xiao Broadsword to cut the Xuan formation.

At that time, she did not think of it much.

However, the water droplet in her dantian seemed to be agitated, and it quickly stirred when the black Xuan formation crystals strength was released.

In the blink of an eye, the water droplet started to consume the large amount of force saved up in Chu Liuyues dantian.

It had no intentions of stopping!

Chu Liuyue then realized that she was going to break through during a critical moment in the battle between Situ Ziyue and her! Previously, she had waited for a long time and tried all sorts of methods to break through and become a stage-two warrior, but they were all to no avail.

Who would have imagined that at this time…

Chu Liuyue herself was speechless.

This was a really rare chance… But luckily, she had Rong Xius crystal barrier, which could temporarily buy some time for her.

If not, she wouldve had to surrender directly and leave the arena.

Removing all her unnecessary thoughts, Chu Liuyue closed her eyes as she started to absorb the Heaven and Earth Force from her surroundings as she tried to break through.

Very quickly, the intense Heaven and Earth Force came straight for her and entered her body through the crystal barrier.

Upon seeing this, the square was deadly silent.

Some people even rubbed their eyes to ensure that they werent seeing things.

Chu Liuyue… is actually trying to break through in the middle of the Qing Jiao Competition What exactly does this mean

Situ Ziyue was embarrassed and furious. Chu Liuyue doesnt even care about me by doing this.

He brandished his broadsword to attack once again, but the crystal barrier was very strong.

Hence, it didnt even break.

Chu Liuyue sat inside like a mountain—motionless—as she focused her energy on breaking through.

Situ Ziyue was greatly humiliated.

He held the broadsword handle tightly and wanted to slash the crystal barrier into two directly, conveniently teaching Chu Liuyue a lesson in the process.

Upon seeing this, Cheng Han could not stand it anymore.

“Brother Zhongyan, isnt Chu Liuyue overboard for doing this Shes completely ignoring Ziyue and even disregarding the Qing Jiao Competition!”

Sun Zhongyan was also shocked by Chu Liuyues actions.

However, she was his student, so he had to protect her.

He said, “Oh Liuyue is just about to break through.

Shes not cheating or doing anything else.

Brother Cheng Han, arent you being too harsh on her”

“Im not being harsh at all!” Cheng Han pointed at Chu Liuyue—who was in the arena—with a terrible expression.

“The Qing Jiao Competition is a competition, not a place for her to cultivate! If it wasnt on purpose, why didnt she do it earlier or later Why did she choose this time to break through Who knows how long she is going to take I dont think theres any need in continuing with this battle!”

“Hah, all sorts of situations will happen during cultivation.

Not to mention the young girl, but even I cant control when I break through.

How can it be that she calculated her breakthrough timing on purpose Besides, Ziyue can also use this time to cultivate, so hes not at a disadvantage, right If we stop the competition now, then… who wins”

“Of course, Chu Liuyue loses!”

“Hey… She hasnt lost yet, so why should she surrender Besides, there might be an alternative ending to this match after she breaks through.

At the very least, it might end in a tie!”

Cheng Han ground his teeth and cursed Sun Zhongyan for being shameless. Tie Based on Chu Liuyue alone, she doesnt deserve to tie with Situ Ziyue.

Sun Zhongyan laughed and asked, “Why Brother Cheng Han, are you worried that Liuyue will win after she breaks through”

“You really think very highly of her!” Cheng Han chuckled. Win She must have that ability first!

Situ Ziyue suddenly said, “Since the battle hasnt ended, Ill just wait for her.” He really wanted to see how much Chu Liuyue would improve after breaking through in such an ostentatious manner.

Since Situ Ziyue had already said this, the others could not intervene.

Hence, all quietened down.

Time passed bit by bit.

Cheng Han gradually became frustrated from waiting as he sized up Chu Liuyues crystal barrier.

“This Chu Liuyue really has many tricks up her sleeves, and she has so many treasures with her.

No wonder she was so arrogant previously.

It seems like she could avoid Ziyues Icy Flame Finger with this thing as well.”

His voice was filled with displeasure and jealousy.

This was because even he could not find this precious crystal barrier.

Chu Liuyue was also not of very distinguished status, yet she had quite a few good items with her.

“I wonder where she got these items from.

She must have used some methods…”

Situ Xingchen heard him and did not say a word, but she was very upset.

She had only seen one person with this thing.

Also, that crystal barrier was clearly that persons if she didnt see wrongly.

If not, the intricate engravings on the barrier wouldnt be exactly the same.

How can Chu Liuyue have such a precious item Of course, someone gave it to her.

However, what is that persons relationship with Chu Liuyue How can he just give her the crystal barrier Situ Xingchen could not think of anything that Chu Liuyue had which was worth exchanging for the crystal barrier.

Furthermore, based on that persons character, who could steal his things if he isnt willing to give

Once she thought of this, Situ Xingchens heart felt like it was being scratched, and she felt very comfortable.

She had arrived at the Imperial City for quite a few days, yet she did not see that person at all.

To avoid any gossip, she also purposely didnt send anyone to find out about his news.

However, she couldnt take it lying down anymore.

Chu Liuyue blocked out the surrounding noises as she gathered her focus and prepared to break through.

But she quickly discovered that she did not need to do anything else.

The water droplet in her dantian rapidly spun as ripples started spreading on it.

Even the line on the water droplet started moving about.

The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force kept entering and flowing into Chu Liuyues dantian through her limbs, eventually being absorbed by the water droplet.

The ripples made very big movements.

Chu Liuyue started becoming nervous unknowingly.

She did not know that a force spiral had appeared at the top of her head following this movement.

The spectators could clearly feel her force moving.

Some people started to whisper.

“Isnt Chu Liuyue just a stage-one warrior Even if she breaks through, shell just become a stage-two warrior, right But why does she have so many energy waves”

“You felt it too I even think that there werent so many energy waves when I broke through and became a stage-three warrior.

However, shes pretty strong, so perhaps this is normal…”

Bai Chen glanced at Sun Zhongyan and whispered, “Elder Sun, what do you think”

Sun Zhongyan looked serious.

“The energy waves are indeed unusual.

Normally, a force spiral will only appear when one is breaking through to become a stage-four warrior…”

Bai Chen was shocked.

“Do you mean that she will continuously break through a few stages”

Sun Zhongyan shook his head.

“Thats not very possible.

Continuously breaking through is just a rumor.

In actual fact, normal cultivators cant even do it.

But it seems like theres another reason behind her behavior…”

“What is it”

Sun Zhongyan pressed his lips against each other tightly.

After seeing Chu Liuyues actions in the arena, a vague thought flashed across his mind.

As this thought was too shocking, he did not dare to believe it immediately.

After a long while, he finally looked at Bai Chen seriously.

“When this girl entered the academy, what was her tested Yuan meridian level”

Bai Chen paused.

“Yuan meridian level She didnt test for that! We didnt do any testing since she entered the academy halfway through the semester, and there wasnt enough time to prepare for her examinations.”

He felt guilty when he said the latter half of the sentence.

Actually, it wasnt that the preparations were not enough, but he felt that Chu Liuyue had no way of entering the academy.

Hence, he did not even think about preparing it.

Sun Zhongyan could tell what Bai Chen was thinking with one look, but Sun Zhongyan did not expose him.

In actual fact, it wasnt not only Bai Chen who thought in such a way.

Everyone had thought in a similar fashion as well.

Who would have predicted that Chu Liuyue would actually become one of the academys stronger students in just a few months

“Why Do you think that theres a problem with her Yuan meridian…” asked Bai Chen.

He suddenly realized something, and he widened his eyes in shock.

Hang on! Elder Sun is asking about Chu Liuyues Yuan meridian level! Could it be that he thinks Chu Liuyue has a… Dijing Yuan meridian

“… Impossible!” muttered Bai Chen.

One had to know that not a single Dijing Yuan meridian had appeared in the entire Country Yao Chen for 100 years.

Sun Zhongyan was very focused, but his heart started rapidly beating uncontrollably.

“Nobody can tell for certain without a test.”

It didnt matter if he did not think of this.

However, he could not dismiss it once this thought popped up in his head.

This is the only explanation why Chu Liuyues cultivation speed is so high right after she recovered her Yuan meridian and started cultivating.

If not, how can she win against so many warriors with higher cultivation just based on her stage-one warrior abilities

When he was thoroughly confused by all of this, an uproar could be heard from the arena.

Chu Liuyue broke through!


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