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Rong Jin was stunned.

He only recovered his senses after some time and understood the persons words.

The face that was usually emotionless actually revealed an unimaginable expression.

I-is… this person asking me for the title deed Just as he was about to holler, a blurry memory flashed in his brain. Thats not right I really dont have the title deed to this hunting ground.

Even though it was gifted by Father back then, it… was actually a gift for Chu Liuyue.

The title deed… is with Chu Liuyue! 

“Crown Prince, the hunting ground belongs to whoevers name is written on the title deed, right If Im not wrong, it seems like this hunting ground was never yours.” Even though the guard looked ordinary, he did not mince his words in front of the prince and even had a harsh tone.


Rong Jin instantly felt his stomach flip around; his chest felt like it was blocked by a ball of cotton, suffocating him and making it hard to breathe.

This was because he had no way of refuting the other partys words.


The crowd following behind Rong Jin was also dazed upon seeing the situation.

What kind of situation was this

Why did the Crown Princes hunting ground suddenly become someone elses

What kind of people are they, to be so daring enough to ask the Crown Prince for the title deed

One of them suddenly remembered an incident long ago.

If he did not remember wrongly, the title deed should be with Chu Liuyue.

However, how can a good-for-nothing like her have the ability to go head-on with the Crown Prince

Some people silently looked at Chu Xianmin.

Chu Xianmin was also in a daze for quite some time.

She only remembered Chu Liuyue when she noticed that many people were looking at her intentionally and subconsciously.

Rong Jin tightly clenched his hands into fists in his sleeves to contain the anger raging in his heart.

He asked coldly, “Did Chu Liuyue send you over”

The guards shook their heads.

“We have nothing to do with Big Chu Missy.”

Rong Jin sneered in his heart. Nothing to do with her They are even calling herBig Chu Missy.

In the entire Imperial City, close to nobody would call that good-for-nothing in that manner.

He would never believe that Chu Liuyue had nothing to do with this.

“Do you mean that the hunting ground is currently yours”

The guard said politely, “It belongs to our master.”

“How dare you” hollered Song Yuan as he stepped forward.

“The Emperor was the one who gifted the hunting ground to the Crown Prince.

He has taken care of it diligently all these years.

How did it suddenly become your masters I think youre just looking for a fight!”

As he was talking, he circulated the force in his body as he turned his palm into a fist and punched one of them harshly.

“Dragon Tiger Punch!”

Song Yuan was around 27 or 28 years old, but he had already surpassed a stage four warrior.

This punch used his manly force and enormous strength.

One could seemingly hear the punch cut through the air like a tigers whistle.

At this time, one of the guards put on a stance and threw a punch calmly.

He actually chose to fight with him head-on!


The boring impact noise started sounding in the quiet forest.

The immense force made the leaves gathered on the ground fly up.

Song Yuan did not even think of the other party as an opponent, but once he met with the other partys fist, he could feel immense strength surging toward him.

He could even seemingly feel that the other party was much stronger than him.

As expected, his body uncontrollably staggered backward in the next moment.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

He actually moved back three steps from the impact.

Stabilizing his body with much difficulty, he wanted to curse at them at the top of his lungs, but he felt something coming up his throat; his mouth was suddenly filled with the taste of blood.

Song Yuan pressed this breath down forcefully and swallowed the blood with much difficulty.

In no time, the atmosphere became stiff.

The duo attacked again, and Song Yuan staggered backward once again, while the guards were still standing stably.

Judging from Song Yuans face that was as white as a sheet, anyone could tell that he was no match for the other opponent.

He was a stage four warrior, but was actually beaten so easily.

Rong Jins face was as dark as coal.

He had completely lost his reputation in front of so many people; first, he was robbed of his hunting ground.

His personal guard was then taught a lesson.

The guard took a step back and bowed toward Rong Jin.

“Crown Prince, my master has ordered me to guard the hunting ground closely.

I dont dare to defy his orders.

I seek your understanding in this matter.”

It sounded like he was seeking forgiveness, but in actual fact, he had just ripped off the Crown Princes face and stepped on it mercilessly.

In the entire Country Yao Chen, the Crown Prince had the highest status, other than the Emperor himself.

Only a few people dared to do this, even if he did not have the title deed.

Rong Jin asked solemnly, “Who on earth is your master”

The guards lowered their heads.

“Were from Zhen Bao Pavilion.”

In the Chu family estate…

Chu Liuyue took a look at the sky and finally stopped her training, as she took off the sandbags tied to her limbs.

She muttered to herself, “Its almost time…”

As expected, hurried footsteps were heard in no time.

It was the First Elders pageboy.

His face was filled with happiness as he watched her misery without any attempt to hide it.

“Chu Liuyue, First Elder is looking for you.” When he came, he saw how terrible First Elder looked.

This time, Chu Liuyue was doomed.

Chu Liuyue looked at him lightly.

“Who were you calling previously”

A chill went down the pageboys spine as he inevitably thought of Chu Liansheng.

He heard that Chu Liansheng was cut by Chu Liuyue because he said the wrong things.

He actually forgot that the current Chu Liuyue was different from the past.

The pageboys voice became guilty and his arrogance from before disappeared.

“Y-you… Big Missy, First Elder is looking for you.”

Chu Liuyue then walked over at a normal pace.

“If you dont know how to call people properly, there would be no use for your tongue.

Do you understand”

Chu Liuyue said her words nonchalantly, but it made the pageboy shiver in horror as he hurriedly nodded.

Chu Liuyue then followed him to the living room calmly.

The place she was living in was very isolated, so it took some time to walk over.

The pageboy started to become anxious, but he did not dare to rush her and could only hold it in.

After some time, Chu Liuyue then asked casually, “Whos here”

“Its the Cro…” The pageboy answered subconsciously, only realizing that something was not right when he opened his mouth.

However, the invisible pressure given off by Chu Liuyue made him explain himself obediently.

“Its the Crown Princes people.”

Chu Liuyue did not say anything but sneered in her heart.

At this point in time, Rong Jin was still not willing to show himself.

It was clear that he did not lose much.

In the living room of the Chu family…

First Elder was sitting opposite a middle-aged man.

Chu Xianmin sat beside First Elder.

The middle-aged man had a square face and looked ordinary, but the half-inch long scar on his face made him look ferocious.

He held his broadsword and sat there without saying a word, but it made First Elder very uneasy.

This person was the Crown Princes capable assistant.

His presence was already worrying, and in addition to his words previously…

This Chu Liuyue is too daring!

“Big Missy is here…”

The few people in the living room raised their heads and saw Chu Liuyue walking in.

First Elder could not take her behavior lying down; he slammed the table and hollered, “Chu Liuyue! Are you crazy Kneel immediately.

Kowtow to admit your wrongs in front of Officer Zhao!”



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